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Tired as a Very Tired Thing

Tired as a Very Tired Thing

aka: ‘As Wet as a Drowned Rat’

I am as tired as a very tired thing that has just spent all day running around in a giant hamster wheel that has made it very tired.  I’ve even considered simply doing a page of ZZZZzzzzzzz…….  But I think my little finger might go into a spasm and that would make me even more tired.

You know what, I think it’s the weather.  It drains my energy.  The rain has been relentless!  This morning I poked my nose out of the front door to assess whether or not to get us all togged up in waterproofs or not for the school run – and I was nearly drowned in about 30 seconds.  Horrid, horrid, horrid.

Sausage wore his all in one blue waterproof telly tubby outfit, and Darlek wore her pink waterproof with the zip done right up to her nose.  I wore my massive murky green waterproof coat that looks like a tent.  We all got wet anyway.  Dunno why we bothered!  We should really have gone out in shorts and T’shirts and saved on clothes drying time.

There was more water in the air than air today.  Poor Darlek had her gym leggings on when I picked her up from school as her trousers were soaked by the time she got into class.  It really was that bad. When I set off to pick both kids up at the end of the day it was awful.  I found myself walking up the hill and paddling through streams where there are usually pathways. Within 5 minutes of walking out the door the water had soaked through my boots, I felt like I was wearing a wet suit with a leak in both toes.  I even tried to lean forward on the balls of my feet to squeeze the water out a little.  Not nice.

I want a new drought, this one’s all wet.  This is, in fact, the most rubbish drought I have ever lived through.  I thought droughts were supposed to mean lazy days ambling to and fro to the shop for ice-lollies for the kids, sitting on the doorstep tanning my milk bottle white legs, rooting out sunhats from the bottom of cupboards and smelling of sun tan cream all the time. But no!  It seems a drought in this country means everyone digs out their welly boots and umbrellas and spends hours staring out of rain speckled windows whilst the kids try to beat each other to death after being confined to the living room for hours on end.  Not that I’m complaining…..much.

I’ve heard positive thinking can make a difference to this kind of thing.  Apparently I need to embrace the sogginess, and make the best of it. So I’m going to make an effort to appreciate the sepia sort of light that hovers over the area when the sky is striped with rain.  I am going to take notice of the way the rain makes the river a mass of interlocking, ever changing, ever moving circles as it patters on to it.  The puddles are there to be jumped in, never mind soggy socks and jeans that stick to my ankles, it won’t kill me or the kids to get wet feet. When I’m trudging up and down the hill I shall make an effort to pause and listen to the plop of the rain as it hits the leaves and the forlorn pink bunches of cherry blossoms.  Rain clouds can be spectacular and I’ll look out for the ones that I can make shapes out of.  If there is ever a gap between the clouds that is.  When the skies are just plain dull grey, I’ll stop looking up and instead look at the kids as they potter along beside me giggling at the streams running down the hill.

It’s been lovely to see both of  them cupping their hands to catch the rain and throw it at each other.  Every now and then one of them will stop and open their mouth to try and catch the drops, looking like huge baby birds begging for food.  Darlek has been asking about where the rain comes from, and I’ve been trying to explain evaporation and the cycle of rain to river to sea and then back up to the skies again.  It’s rather complicated to get across really, I always was rubbish at geography. (Is it geography where they teach you these things?)  Sausage is still asking why the leaves are falling off the trees when they aren’t any more too.  He’s also been asking if Father Christmas is coming again soon – so as you can imagine, the conversations on our soaked school runs have been quite diverse.

So, yes.  Here, now, this minute, I declare I will not be beaten by crap weather.  I like it really, I do, I do, I do. Do I sound believable? I suspect you can hear my voice cracking even through the medium of the written word. I’m going to do a Gloria Gaynor impression now:

‘I will survive!  I know as long as I know how to live (or put on wellies) I know I’ll stay alive!’

Come on now, sing along with me! Sing it like you mean it!(Kay mutters something about fecking rain, soaked socks and raging athletes foot)

Here’s to surviving an English summer!  And here’s to hoping for sunshine! Cheers! *Raises a welly boot filled with rain instead of a glass of champers*


Grey Skies, Blue Skies

Grey Skies, Blue Skies

and a sub blog about losing the TV remote.

Blue skies ahead! Roll on spring!

I think that when the sky is grey, and the birds huddle in the trees it makes me feel cold, inside and outside.  The weather has been pretty crap recently and the slump after Christmas has probably hit me harder than it should have done.  But I’m still here, and the sun shone today.  So I’m tentatively typing again.  A couple of days ago I made up a very short little pseudo poem thing to describe how I feel at the moment.

It goes…. ‘I’m a blogger who isn’t blogging and a writer who isn’t writing, maybe I should take up exercise and not go jogging.

The days have felt full of frustrations and they do say that if you haven’t got anything good to say, don’t say anything at all.  So I haven’t.  Hence radio silence (well so-to-speak, I’m not that much of a techno-idiot that I actually think I’ve been on the radio as opposed to a blog for the last year or so)

I have plenty to catch up with, still stuff from before Christmas if I’m being honest.  But, this is a little blog making little steps towards getting back into the swing of things.  I think I get stage fright sometimes, and think whatever I write is not good enough so I scare myself away from the keyboard.  Daft really.  Introversion aside, here we go!  A sub blog.  Nowt to do with submarines.

The Remote to Rule Them All! A dialogue about losing the TV remote.

Horace (jokingly grand turn of phrase): Where’s the remote to rule the other remotes gone? 

*This remote controls the entire Hi-Fi system and other random games consoles*

Me: ‘Is it like a Lord of the Rings remote then?  Has the search for the remote finally possessed you?’

*Kay giggles in an irritating manner whilst Horace looks annoyed and turns over cushions*

Horace (muttering): ‘At least the Lord of the Rings ring disappeared for a reason and wanted to be found, this fecking thing just fecks off for the hell of it’

Sometimes little snatches of conversation really tickle me.  This one did.  I thought I’d share it, in all it’s inane brilliance.  The next blog is a review.   I’m still clearing the decks.  I want the fun back in my blog and I want more blue skies than grey.  Soon!




Is it Spring Yet?

Is it Spring Yet?

Never in all my parenting life have I called a taxi to get to nursery & school to pick the kids up – but today I’m tempted.  As I type and peer out of the window just in front of me, I’m confronted with what looks like the inside of a washing machine.  It’s so wet and windy it’s unbelievable!

The wind is making roaring noises. the plants in the front garden are whipping to and fro, the rain is scuttering in drifts up and down the road, no-one is out and about apart from cars rushing down the road making noises like a rough sea breaking on a rocky shore.   Sounds poetic, looks downright scary!  I know I have to spend about an hour and a half out walking in it this afternoon and I also know I am going to be soaked to the skin and that the kids will flatly refuse to keep hats on, keep their gloves dry or stop jumping in puddles.

Is it spring yet?  Because it HAS to be soon.  We’ve only just made the tentative steps into Winter and I’m already pig sick of it.  I want sunshine!  I want flowers!  I want swallows scything through the sky!  I want blue skies and fluffy clouds.  In fact I think I want to live in Hawaii.  NOW.

Can someone buy me a plane ticket please?  I’m willing to swap a shed load of old car boot stuff and 20lb of damsons in return?  Save me from the weather!!!


100 Word Challenge!

100 Word Challenge!

This is a challenge that originates from The Head’s Office blog which you can find here if you click!  Basically every week there is a prompt which may be either a photograph, a phrase or even a couple of words.  There is a total of 100 words that can be added to the phrase, and that’s your lot!  Nice & succinct!  There are many other blogs that take part in this challenge and I highly recommend browsing their contributions, just go to the Head’s Office and follow the links! Because they are only 100 words, they are really easy to read.  *note to self, my teacher always told me off for starting sentences with ‘because’, must try harder!

I have decided to write a poem (of sorts) with the phrase that has been set this week, which is……drum roll….’The sun shone but…’  It’s the first poem I’ve written in about 10 years so it’s probably really bad, but fekkit, I’ll post it anyway. I think the rhythm’s wrong, but I cant work out a way to fix it.  Suggestions welcome!  I know sun and man don’t rhyme, but if you say the last bit with a posh southern accent, it’s all fine, ;O)

The sun shone but the rain fell.  

The rain fell and the mist gloomed.

The mist gloomed and the sky greyed

The thunder boomed and the clouds stayed

the day was over, the night began

the lightening flashed over the man

the man with no coat, walking slowly

the light in his eyes gone with 

the rain down the storm drain

the owl looks on from the field in

the weather he flies silently through to sever

the throat of a mouse who scutters by

the prints in the mud of the one

who is lost in the rain, lost to the sun.