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ToyBoxLive! The UK’s Largest Online Toy Library!

ToyBoxLive!  The UK’s Largest Online Toy Library!

ToyBoxLive contacted me a while ago and asked if I’d be interested in reviewing their toy rental service.  Having never heard of such a thing before, I was very curious.  I’ve taken part in Surestart and nursery toy swaps, but nothing like this.  After looking at their very comprehensive website, and after debating whether or not my kids would wreck the toys before they were returned, I decided to jump in with both feet and try their service!  Here’s what I thought!

If you decide to rent from ToyBoxLive, this is basically what happens:

1) You browse their toy library and if you like what you see, you can sign up for just £24.99 per month.

2) Then you select three items from their toy library and they are delivered directly to your door. 

3)  You can keep the toys for as long as you like.

4)  Then you return the toys and you can have new ones delivered. 

That in a nutshell is that!  

 The Brink of Bedlam household chose three toys which were delivered including Edublocks, Giant Snakes and Ladders, and Giant Connect Four.

I have to admit I chose really massive toys because I thought they’d be harder to break, and because we wouldn’t lose the pieces as easily.

There were a few complications surrounding delivery, but that was mainly because I didn’t have a mobile number to supply so they couldn’t text me the delivery slot.  I did try tracking via the Interlink delivery website but couldn’t find my hourly delivery slot, only an allocated day.  Having said this, ToyBoxLive were always contactable and did keep me updated with the delivery and what was going on.  So 10/10 for great communication from ToyBoxLive, and 8/10 for Interlink.

The toys were delivered in a huge cardboard box which was immediately jumped in and played with. Toys are ace, but cardboard boxes are almost unbeatable!

Sausage loved the Edublocks! They’re more rubbery than plasticky, and make huge towers. They were the most popular toy by far!

Setting up the Giant Connect Four! Worked nicely as a rattly suitcase too.

Giant Snakes and Ladders is perfect for outdoor play, unfortunately the great outdoors decided to rain and rain and rain so we didn’t really get to play with this as much as we would have liked. It would be perfect for perfect summer garden days though.

After about a month ToyBoxLive recontacted me and politely asked when I’d like to return the toys, I happily said that they’d been played with and loved and arranged for them to be picked up.  Alison from ToyBoxLive personally picked up the toys (we live and work in a similar area) exactly at the time arranged and it was a very smooth transaction all in all.

If I had lived in a different area, the pick up would have been again organised with Interlink and completely free too – no charge for pick ups on Monday to Friday although a small charge is incurred if a weekend is preferable for the customer.  You can specify if you’d prefer the toys to be collected in the morning or the afternoon of your chosen pick up day which is convenient too.

So what did I make of the whole experience?  I think that toy rental is fabulous, honestly!  As a mum I’ve ended up with piles of toys that the kids have grown out of, many of which get passed on to other parents or charity shops once they’ve fallen out of favour with the kids.  If that doesn’t happen, then the toys are often broken beyond repair and end up in the bin, which just seems a complete waste to me, and very bad for the environment too.

Renting toys means that you get new toys whenever you like for a very reasonable price, they’re all known brands on here too which is reassuring – no pound shop plastic death traps here!  If you lose pieces, they give you time to find them, and if that’s just not possible you pay a small fee for them to be replaced which is only fair.  I was concerned about broken and damaged boxes, but Alison told me that they’d just be repackaged so that was reassuring.  If your child loves the toys so much that they don’t want to give them back ever, they even allow you to buy the toys at a discounted price so it’s a way of trying before you buy so you don’t end up with duff toys you didn’t really want in the first place either.

My only constructive criticisms are that it would have been nice for the toys to have arrived in a sturdy plastic box, so that they could simply have been piled back into it when they were sent back.  This is especially important if you use the Interlink route.  My kids immediately wrecked the cardboard box, but I guess that was my fault really.  Also, if the supplied information from ToyBoxLive had been in a laminated folder it would have been easier to keep safe and to refer to – but all the information is actually on the website so I suspect I’m nitpicking there.

In summary!  It’s environmentally friendly, it’s fun for the kids to have new toys, it’s brilliant value for money, it’s a great concept which is very easy to understand and I’d recommend ToyBoxLive without a shadow of a doubt.

ToyBoxLive sent me the toys to review, all thoughts are my own and no other financial reward was given.  What I do want to know is, (according to picture shown above), when can I expect a monkey?  I want my  monkey! *stamps feet insolently*

ToyBoxLive have a lovely, easy to understand website, which you can find HERE!


Sausage and His Pink Tub of Schleich Dinosaurs!

Sausage and his Pink Tub of Schleich Dinosaurs!

Warning, this is a noisy blog, you  might need earplugs, because……….


This post is about whopping great big dinosaurs that make the ground shake when they thud around their prehistoric environment.  They’re BIG, they’re BOSSY, they’re SCARY, they could even BITE you on the bum.

The Battle of the Chocolate Biscuit – T Rex demands dinner!

Sausage loves his pet dinosaurs, and although they are normally REALLY HUGE and BITEY, they sit tamely in his pink plastic tub as I type.  Schleich have minaturised them, how clever are they!

Aw….ickle….wickly….cutsey…..wutesy dinos! All curled up after a busy day.

These are typical of Schleich toys, detailed, durable, accurate representations of the creatures they portray.  They’re perfect for children aged between 4 – 10, and are an ideal size for a child to play with.  Sausage adores his pink tub of dinosaurs and has played with them regularly ever since they stomped into our living room.

Here we have three nestled in their very own dinosaur nest (maybe not historically accurate surroundings).  My kids want a pet dog, it’s not happening any time soon, this will have to do for the moment.  This is as cute as ferocious dinosaurs get don’t you think?

Jurassic Park is set to be re-released in eye-popping 3D, so dinosaurs will no doubt be very popular this year.   With Schleich’s new dinosaur collection your child can happily re-enact prehistoric worlds and adventures in their very own living room, and in their very own plastic tub, or bucket, or fish tank, or whatever you have to hand – they’re not fussy.  Tyrannosaurus Rex will be quite content to roam the sofa eating biscuit crumbs.  I say yay for mini dinosaurs!  Hopefully the kids will stop hassling me for hamsters and dogs and stick insects for a while and be content with these fantastic beasties instead.  I can but hope!

Swooping over the Basil rainforest!

If you would like more information about the new Schleich Dinosaur collection, please click HERE for further information on their products.  Evolution PR sent me some dinosaurs to review, no other financial reward was given.

Just a casual hint….don’t feed them after midnight.  ;O)

Wild Science Lip Balm Laboratory!

Wild Science

Lip Balm Laboratory!

Pink as a very pink thing.

OK, first impressions….the packaging is pink, very pink and I don’t much care for stereotyped toys aimed for ‘girls’ and ‘boys’ if I’m being honest – but my daughter who is 7 was very impressed with the look of it and couldn’t wait to have a go.  She’s just starting to take an interest in make-up and has borrowed my lip balms a few times, so having her own lip balms to play with was an exciting prospect.

A very well set out kit. A word of advice for Wild Science, get some decent sized gloves!

I thought it might be rather complicated and was prepared for a lot of reading of instructions and mixing and mucking about, but I was pleasantly surprised.  It really is quite an easy process and not one where you have to worry about blowing up your kitchen or anything.  With a name like ‘Wild Science’ I was bound to worry a little you see….

Thankfully nothing blew up!

The steps are outlined here in the very easy to understand instructions, and we had no problems getting to grips with making the lip balm.  Very briefly summarised, you mix the little wax beads with the Soy Ester in the small beaker, add some baby oil and then bob the beaker in the large beaker which is full of water heated up in the  microwave.  Rather like the process you’d use to melt chocolate without burning it, if you’ve ever done that.  Then you add colouring & flavouring.  As the melted mixture gradually cools down it turns into lip balm as we know it and can easily be decanted into the little compact shown here. That’s almost literally it!  The finished product really is as good as the stuff you buy in shops!

Very easy to follow instructions. You definitely need adult supervision for the younger age range though,

The equipment is really handy, in that when you have finished your lip balm making, you can put everything back in its allocated plastic slot and slide it back into the Wild Science box so it’s ready to slide out and use again the next time you want to make some.  I thought it was great that they even supplied a little stand you could put your large beaker in, so you could safely stand it in the microwave while the water heated up.  It’s a very well thought out kit.

Note the little stand to stop the beaker falling over. Very neat.

My only complaint is that they supply adult sized disposable gloves for children to use.  As you can see from the photos my daughter really struggled to do the quite delicate tasks with huge floppy plastic gloves.  I’m amazed that’s not an issue they’ve considered whilst putting the lip balm laboratory together as a product, they do seem to have thought of everything else.

Plain lip balm, cherry flavoured lip balm and balm with sun screen included. Pretty too!

This Wild Science Lip Balm Laboratory can be bought for £12.99 and if you’re looking for something to inspire your kids to get handy in the science department, this is a great start.  I’d certainly consider getting other kits now I’ve had experience with this one, it’s well explained, simple and very effective.   Both my kids enjoyed applying the lip balm afterwards and my son had at least three coats on at once because his sister insisted on experimenting on him. Darlek said applying lip balm would turn him into a Super Hero, and being the gullible 3 year old he is, he was more than keen to see if it really did or not.   The lip balm is non-toxic which is great too!

I was sent this Wild Science Lip Balm Laboratory by Evolution PR to make my kitchen sides very slippery and for review purposes. No other financial reward was given.

A Fortnight in France – Part 2

A Fortnight in France – Part 2  

Part 1, can be found HERE if you’d like to read that first)

The days as they pass in no particular order and comments passed in passing….whilst in the Perigord region of souther France

….In which I write about wanting to catch lizards, and go on about ham sandwiches in French quite a bit.

30th August

Canoing down the river Dronne! 

I thought it would be a lazy day, casually paddling down the river.  It turned into a marathon of shoulder crunching river mashing.  Having said that, it was very pretty, even if completely knackering.   There seemed to be tons of velvet blue damselflies flickering around the lilypads (or whatever they are), one even hitched a ride on the back of the canoe for a millisecond.

Our 'Room With A View!'

Later that day I momentarily thought Sausage had become interested in nature  – He said: ‘I’ve found a moth!’ and then continued with, ‘I killed it with this!’ and proudly waved a small plastic baseball bat.  I was sadly mistaken.

Relaxed preparations for dinner!

At dinner we had a classic comedy moment:  Sweara, on being told that we were having Coq au Vin, announced ‘I’ve had enough Vin, I want some Coq now’.  Completely innocently as well, which made it all the more amusing.  I hope she won’t mind me writing that down, it was just priceless and I can’t help myself.

Darlek’ swimming skills are coming along nicely, she swims very well, but makes scary ‘I’m drowning!’ gasps which scare the life out of me.  She’s very enthusiastic whilst swimming and attempts to drown any available adult in the pool.  Had a laugh ducking flies, and also an out of hand game of catch with an inflatable ball.  Sausage and Darlek both had hold of the ball and were jokingly yelling to get each other to let go of it, it escalated into a screaming match whereupon I couldn’t shout loud enough over them to tell them to shurrup, and Horace came over to check we weren’t all in some terrible screaming drowning accident.  I was actually laughing too much to stop the screaming and was being irresponsible and worrying fellow guests apparently.

Roses bordered the swimming pool, they were very well watered while we were there. The kids loved splashing about and trying to drown us grown ups.

Later we went swimming at the top swimming pool whilst a thunderstorm lit up the skies.  The clouds were amazing, one was shaped like a chamelion with a forked tail and an eye; another one looked like a sausage dog with jaws that lit up like fire when the lightening flashed.  Cauliflower white clouds built in the midst of a eggshell blue sky on the other half of the horizon, with dark grey smudgey clouds on the other side.  The sky had gone schitzophrenic as far as we could see.

You can't see too well here in the evening light, but the cloud in the distance actually bubbled and grew almost in front of our eyes! I don't think I've ever seen anything like it.

The quiet, civilised, grown-ups-only swim was completely foiled and Darlek and Sausage swam around too.  Mark dived in fully clothed, Darlek thought this was amazing and may have been disappointed that I didn’t follow suit.   The pool sparkled with underwater lights and little lanterns lit the edges.  So pretty!  I felt like we’d accidentally wandered into a film set where James Bond should be sat at the side drinking martinis, shaken not stirred.

Another fond moment later in the week:  I remember lying on a picnic blanket on the grass in the dark after a late tea – me, Darlek and Horace, with Sausage running around with a ball pretending to be a dog.  Darlek had him sitting, rolling over and playing fetch.  We lay and watched the stars and tracked satellites.  A quick rendition of Billy Bragg’s ‘I saw two shooting stars last night, I wished on them, but they were only satellites, it’s wrong to wish on space hardware….I wish, I wish, I wish you’d care!’ with Sweara.

Darlek with her makeshift beauty treatment, cucumber eye patches!

One thing I loved about this holiday is that I often ended up drinking wine in the afternoon whilst reading bathed in sunshine.  As I typed this I was sat on one white plastic chair, legs propped up on another.  Relaxevous!

Horace gets a loose grip on speaking French.

Horace raided the french dictionary and found the word for Gay Bar which is Gay Box translated literally apparently, then appeared to forget every other french word he’s ever learnt and just remembers that.

Cooking with Lavender

Horace and I made tea for 15 people and chose spag bol.  We made enough spaghetti to feed two armies.  Put two huge bowls of spaghetti on the table and then confessed that we had another left in the communal kitchen, everyone thought we were joking because they didn’t think it possible that anyone in their right mind could actually cook that amount of excess.  We had spaghetti omelette the next day.  Unusual and lovely.  Highly recommended by us, probably scorned by Itallians.  Spag bol was also served for lunch the next day too.  ‘We shall not starve for the lack of spag bol’ I thought to myself.

Dominos, Backgammon and Star Wars Top Trumps with the kids were the games of choice. What a fabulous way to while away an hour or so. I loved the calm way of life, a fortnight was not long enough!

I was nervous about cooking tea, but was determined to prove I could cook, so set about making stock.  Had the usual ingredients, half an onion, bit of courgette, peppercorns odds and ends – and added some ‘herbs’ from the garden that I thought were Rosemary.  Sweara came into the kitchen and  very kindly saved me from a fate worse than cookery death, and told me I had actually made a stock with Lavender in it.  I had lined up a huge wadge of Lavender to add to the main dish too.  If I hadn’t have been stopped in time everyone  have had to have eaten it and been polite, whilst wondering what the hell I’d done to the food to make it taste of flowers.

Little Lizards!

Little lizards everywhere!  Love em!  Skittering up and down walls, between decking, and amongst the gravel mostly.  So cute!  Would love to catch one and hold it in my hand so I can check out the markings, but they are unbelievably quick and nervous of people.  They are a lovely dark olive green / grey with a stripe along the side, dotted with shadings of spots and dashes as far as I can see.  They definitely like the sunshine and are most active when the sun is splitting the flags as they say in Lancs.

Our two were little hoodlums and regularly wrestled anyone and everyone given half a chance.

Playing Hunt The Market!

Unusual trip out to a market!  Everyone piled into the car, and arrived on scene to find one fish stall in a quiet car park, and a lorry that appeared to be selling something, but I couldn’t work out what.  That was it!  We ended up wandering around an apparently post apocalyptic town with no-one in it, apart from a few posh food shops, bought some meat for the BBQ, postcards and wandered back to the car.  Tried to get a drink in a cafe, but they said they were only serving drinks with meals.  In actual fact it looked more like a couple of the locals were having a good gossip and they couldn’t be arsed.

Mark had a long indepth discussion with an old French lady who apparently began the conversation with ‘Long Live Queen Elizabeth!’ and advised him on tourist friendly bits of this very quiet town.  She told him there was a restaurant (see above), and also somewhere that had a garden with flowers and Rose wine.  Mike said she went on about how she liked the flowers but had no need of the  ? or something (whatever that was).  Found a couple of other tourists with kids sat outside the Syndicat D’Initiative looking a bit lost.  They’d been on an unsucessful market hunt too.  The last one they’d been to had 2 stalls too.  My overall impression is that markets hide from tourists.

Bella! When she's old enough to go finding markets herself, she'll be a danger with a credit card. I have never known a child have such an fixation with shoes in my life! It didn't matter if the shoes were 10 sizes too big - she still wore them with the same panache, style and ocassional shuffle if they were really miles too big.

French Supermarkets

Our visit to a French supermarket was interesting.  They had similar foods, all packaged differently.  I struggled to find Shampoo and Conditioner.  After a while I identified shampoo, as it said something like ‘shampooing’ on the bottle; next to it was something of the same brand in a tub which said something like ‘nutrisse’.  I’m not used to conditioner in a tub, and I’m still not sure if I’ve chosen correctly.  Who knows, maybe I’ve been putting handcream on my hair for the last week.  So far my hair hasn’t stuck together in clumps, so I think I’m ok.

Mucking about with French

We’re all dropping bits of french into the conversation all the time, some more successfully than others.  I am apalling.  I have a terrible habit of joining in with these French speaking mucking about sessions, by simply announcing ‘Je vous drais un sandwich jambon!’ and giggling.  It’s not funny really, but I suppose I just imagine going into every french situation possible and showing off with this particular phrase.  Eg, going to station, instead of asking for ticket, simply say ‘Je vous drais un sanwich jam bon’.  Visiting post office, wandering to till with postcard, proferring it to assistant and saying ‘Je vous drais un sandwich jam bon’ – just because that’s just about the sum total of my french speaking skills so I may as well use them.

Part 3 to follow.  Is anyone actually reading this?  Or am I being a longwinded, boring, waffle-monger?

You can read it on 31st Jan at 9am, set your watch!!!!  Click HERE for more ramblings about ‘The Day France Was Closed’ and a photo of me eating french bread and looking like a hamster.

Making Xmas Decs with Yummy Dough!

Making Xmas Decs

with Yummy Dough!

This little bucket of fun saved me from complete insanity this afternoon.  It was the first day of the Christmas holidays and it was chucking it down.  Sausage kept trying to throw himself off the sofa onto cushions he had thrown onto the floor as a makeshift ‘playground’ and Darlek was pleading for TV every couple of minutes – so Yummy Dough craft it was!  The overall summary of the doughy afternoon is at the end of the post.

When you open the packet, this is what you find!

Four white plastic bags with printed serial numbers and...

...an orange spatula and...

...a syringe?!....

So, it’s very simple!  Each bag needs precisely 15ml of water adding to it; it then needs mixing until it’s like a crumble mixture – then finally kneading until it resembles dough.   Easy peasy.

You can even use the bucket to mix the dough, as long as you rinse it between mixing the different colours.

Mix flour type stuff with an precisely 15ml of water.

The syringe is simply so that you mix only 15ml of water with the dough, no more, no less.  I know this is important because our green dough turned into a horrid sticky mess because I added an extra 2 teaspoons.  See daughter’s hands when she tried to knead it:

Anyone for a hug?

Once you’ve mixed all the bags you get four lovely juggling ball sized lumps of dough to play with!

Nice vibrant colours! They reminded me of multi-coloured over-sweet scone dough

After squishing them around on a tray for a while, rolling sausages and stamping shapes we came up with these ‘biscuits’ which we decided were destined for our christmas tree. I used a chopstick to make holes in them, so they could be hung on ribbons once they were cooked.

Sausage favoured sausage shapes, Darlek made a bird's nest, I made spots :O)

These were all placed on greaseproof paper and bobbed in the oven at 120 degrees (fan assisted) for the recommended 12 – 15 minutes, and then for another 15 minutes after that.  I think ours took longer because some of them were very thick.

They came out of the oven, cooled down and had ribbon threaded through them. After that we hung them on the tree!  Darlek insisted that the bird shaped one went on the same branch as the bird’s nest one, which I thought was incredibly sweet.

Both Santa and the Yummy Dough biscuit are unlikely to survive beyond Xmas day.

So, what do I make of Yummy dough?  Right, let’s get the negatives out of the way first.  Not that there’s many or anything.

Presentation!  I wish they’d made the individual plastic bags look prettier, and that they’d had the actual colours written on them in child friendly print, rather than serial numbers that would have looked more at home on the side of a tin of paint from B & Q.  And the syringe, oh dear.  It looks medical, it is medical!  I’ve used similar ones myself for administering Calpol.  Surely it would look better if it was in a bright colour at least, and had doses of water marked, rather than numbers of milliletres on the side.  There was something rather disturbing about seeing my daughter in charge of a syringe. The bucket itself looks fun and is packaged so well for kids, the contents just don’t match up I’m afraid.

Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree, how Yummy are your Branches! *sings*

The positives!  It tastes quite nice, rather like very, very sweet scone dough mixture.  It dries up very quickly when it crumbles and falls on the floor so it can easily be hoovered up, much easier than playdough I found.  The dough moulds fairly easily into shapes, rather like the consistency of stout ginger biscuit mixture.  Once baked it felt very sturdy and like the decorations would actually last for quite a while.  I reckon, uneaten, they’d survive until next year if not beyond.  The cooked dough felt as tough as salt dough if you’ve ever come across that.

So, that’s what I thought at least! If you’d like to buy some of this Sarah and Luisa Yummy Dough you can find it HERE!

I also recommend that you have a look at their fabulous, beautifully done Yummy Dough website, it’s really quite adorable and a useful resource if you’re thinking of how to use Yummy Dough with your kids.


I was given some Yummy Dough to review and inadvertently stick in my hair, no other financial reward was given.

Makedo – Find and Make Car!

Makedo – Find and Make Car!

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for joining me at this auspicious occassion: the launch of the Brink of Bedlam’s new and highly innovative Makedo Motormobile, courtesy of the Toytastic Toyjeanius!!!!!    (Cheer please….)


The equipment used to make this consisted of highly sophisticated mode of transport were as follows:

A Cardboard Cutty Saw Thing, Plastic hinges, Plastic nuts n’ bolts and Clips – All mechanics must be 3 yrs or over. 

Younger mechanics are easily distracted. As chief engineer I coped with the chaos by pulling my hair out. Box bedlam!

We did use scissors in addition to the supplied cardboard saw cutty thing, but only with strict supervision.  It’s not essential to use scissors, but it certainly speeded things up a little.

The project manager supervised throughout by checking each individual cardboard box for quality control purposes:

Every part of the process was inspected very carefully.

Here’s how the nuts and bolts were inserted.  Using the end of the cutty saw thingy, jab a hole through the cardboard and push the drawing pin shaped thingy through, secure with the plastic bolt thingy.   The process is shown here:

We found that the older mechanics are more suited to this kind of work.

Go faster stripes are essential!

The kit we used came with some snazzy stickers shown here:

Who needs knobs and dials when you can simply use tons & tons of stickers to control a car!

And this….madam and monsieur……is the finished car!

On your marks......get set.........go!!!!!! (Well, at least pretend to 'Go!)

This car is recycled, emission free, environmentally friendly, contains re-usable parts, has style, panache and above all contains fun.  You’d be mad not to drive it!

If you’d like your very own Cardboard Car it is only £9.95 and you can buy one HERE!  Your model may look vastly different to ours, it all depends on what boxes and props you can find, and your imagination.  Drive one home today!

Toyjeanius sent me this very unusual, quirky, Makedo Car to review, no other financial reward was given.  This is a very safe mode of transport, and there’s  no insurance or license required. Neat! :O)

Sylvanian Families – Motorcycle and Sidecar

Sylvanian Families

– Motorcycle and Sidecar

I want to live in Sylvania! Someone turn me into a fox and shrink me!

George and Mildred Mulberry live in Sylvania, somewhere I have to admit, I would like to live myself.  It is an ‘adorable’ and ‘idyllic’ world  where there many other Sylvanian Families who are all ‘distinctive animal characters’ and live in ‘charming’ and ‘beautifully detailed homes.’   I should think the crime rate there is probably  minimal and I doubt anyone there ever gets sick bugs.  I want to BE a Sylvanian character and live in Sylvania, never mind just muck about with the toys.

*Feel free to do the irritating two wiggly fingers thing on each hand to indicate excessive use of speech marks* or alternatively *quote*.  But you see, I had to include the phrases on the packet, because they do describe these characters and their world perfectly.  These toys are sweeter than a bag of icing sugar, I love them, and I’m in two minds as to whether or not the kids will finally get them for Xmas.  I might just bob them on a shelf somewhere and coo over them occasionally.  I’m a meanie aren’t I!

No assembly necessary, just a few stickers to add (something kids love to do)

Say hello to George and Mildred Mulberry!

George and Mildred are dressed in cute little outfits that can be taken off and put back on again,  these clothes are made with tiny stitching and have velcro or elastic to help keep the toys dressed and decent.  They are lovely to the touch too, with fur that feels like peach skin.  These two both have movable legs, arms and a head that can be turned.  They feel very sturdy and I’m not worried about the kid’s accidentally dismembering them either and all in all, the quality is obvious.  The driving goggles are detachable too which is a fabulous touch.

Even the boot on the bicycle, and the front of the sidecar are well made.  They open and shut and store the other two lovely little acessories – a map for George and Mildred to follow and a manual for the maintenance of the bike and sidecar.

The detail and thought that has gone into them is very evident.  Here’s a photograph of the map and the manual that comes with these two characters.  They’re little press out affairs, that the children can fold themselves, so that George and Mildred don’t get lost on their journeys, and so that they can maintain their motorbike and side-car appropriately.

A manual for the sidecar and directions for George and Mildred. They won't break down or get lost in a hurry!

A map of the world I wish I lived in. It looks nice doesn't it.

There’s even stickers to decorate the bike and the sidecar, so it becomes personalised to the child that owns it.

Sticky stickers!

Anyway!  Here they are on an adventure.  George and Mildred are going on a day trip.  They can’t decide whether to go to the seaside or to go camping in the Lakes.

Decisions, decisions!

They eventually pack up their little tent, bob it in the boot and head out to the seaside.  It’s a bit cold so Mildred wears her scarf, and George wears his goggles to protect his eyes. Both wear helmets in case they have an accident, which surely must be unlikely in such an idyllic place as Sylvania.

A drive out out to the seaside for some bracing sea air!

The Sylvanian Families Motorcycle and Sidecar can be yours for £20.99, and you can find them HERE.  They are from Flair and there’s a whole range of exquisitely made Sylvanian Family toys for you to choose from.

What I want to know now is where can I buy a machine that’ll turn me into a fox and shrink me?   I bet it never drizzles in Sylvania and the school run is always short and sunny.

UKMumsTV sent me this cuter than cute little Sylvanian Family Motorcycle and Sidecar to review and pretend to drive around.  No other financial reward was given.