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And So….

And So….

Unlikely to become famous or influential….ie can be written about for cheap laughs with no adverse consequences.

Kay: Unlikely to become famous or influential….ie can be written about for cheap laughs with no adverse consequences.

And so it continues, being on the Brink of Bedlam that is….literally.  I’ve been a bit up and down recently and not in a good ‘Let’s have a laugh mucking about on a see-saw’ kind of way either.  I’m rather prone to depression and have been suffering a little recently so,

‘Hi-ho, Hi-Ho

It’s off to the GP I go!’  *sing in a 7 Dwarves cheerful fashion*

I think a change of meds and a change of lifestyle will help.  I also think writing down my goals, plans and thoughts will make me feel more positive and braver as a result.  I can face challenges and I can come out of this a better person.

And so…Plan A – go to my lovely friendly danish gp and ask for a change of meds.  I still trust her even though she said, and I quote: ‘I stab everyone’ before she gave me my flu jab.

Plan B – Go to my local charity shop and see if they’ll let me help out.  This will give me work experience, enable me to have conversations with people instead of pets and there’s a 6ft transvestite who works there who I think might be nice.  I see him/her in the mornings walking down the hill and he/she always smiles and looks friendly.  He/She’s always impeccably dressed and I’m always curious about people who dare to be different.

Plan C – Visit the job centre and stare hopefully at the computers.  I shall ask the computers to tell me about local jobs and I will absolutely not swear at the screens when they tell me there’s loads of jobs out there…..in Hertfordshire, or at the North Pole and only for people who can speak Japanese and can drive their own car etc etc.

Plan D – Raid google for local groups I can get to.  I can’t knit, but I’m planning on finding out about the local Knit and Natter posse.  I’m hoping they will have a space in their heart for someone who has only ever knitted 6 inch squares from scraps that are then sewn into patchwork style blankets.  I did this about 30 years ago with Guides and I was never very good at it, but as long as they have coffee and biscuits there I’ll be fine.  I’ll just clatter the knitting needles together a bit and have awkward conversations with OAPs – anything is better than sitting in this bl**dy house on my own any more.

Plan E – Tidy the house.  This will make me happier.  Falling over stuff may be funny in slapstick comedies, but I’m going to break my neck if I don’t move the bookalanche at the top of the stairs.  Gawd they’re slippery if you get a load of the shiny backed ones in a sliding stack and stand on them.

Plan F – Eat sensibly.  I have to feed the kids properly so I do organise one decent meal a day so that’s good at least.  During the day though, I have been known to massacre a jar of Nutella with a teaspoon, and just drink tea, which is stupid.  Plus if you drink too much tea, you spend all day thinking that you need the loo…again.

Plan G – Stop sleeping all the time!  I have heard it said that the hallmark of depression is sleeplessness or insommnia.  For me, it is the opposite.  I can’t keep my eyes open.  After having dropped the kids off at school I have been known to sleep for hours and hours because I feel there is no point being awake.  This is no way to live.  For the sake of my kids, my husband, my dog and my cat, changes must be made.

Plan H – Be positive and be confident.  It’s all alright really and I’m alright really.  I should stop telling myself that it’s not and that I’m not.

Plan I – Do the above.  Write about the little victories. Seize the day, or the knitting needles, or the new meds, or the pile of washing.  Seize it all.  Get my life back . And write more. Because writing means I’m mentally putting myself ‘out there’ again which is a therapy of sorts for me, and because I love the written word as much as I hate housework: and I mean that with a passion.

And so…..wish me luck  🙂




Housework and a bit of Unique Interior Design

Housework and a bit of Unique Interior Design

(Sorry for swearing, ‘Housework’ is not always a word that people take kindly to)

I pride myself on my housekeeping and interior design skills.  I’m ace at it.  In fact, I’m so good at it, I  feel I should share my expertise with you…..so you too can be as accomplished as I am.

Tip Number 1:

I recommend keeping a fully stocked bookcase next to the bathroom.  That way you'll never be short of something to read, even if that does mean the ocassional dash with your pants around your ankles.

I recommend keeping a fully stocked bookcase next to the bathroom. That way you’ll never be short of something to read, even if that does mean the occasional foray onto the landing with your jeans around your ankles.

This is a great interior design idea because it also means that you have to walk slightly sideways at the top of the stairs in order to pass the bookcase without knocking books onto the floor, causing a ‘Bookalanche.’  Bookalanches should be avoided, especially if they involve large hardback slippery books.  Small paperbacks are not as dangerous, although are still to be treated with caution.  Either type can cause you to fall head first down lots of stairs.  *Slippery-slip…Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy ….’OW!’*

Tip Number 2:

This is my jewellery box, I like to keep everything together in one place so I know exactly where to find things.  No separate drawers or boxes here!

This is my jewellery box, I like to keep everything together in one place so I know exactly where to find things. No separate drawers or boxes here!

‘Everything in it’s place!’ as my grandma used to say.  Well, this is the place I keep my jewellery.  I can instantly find whatever I want to wear which is really good. Then again, I can very rarely disentangle whatever it is I want to wear, so perhaps this isn’t actually all that good after all.  Hmm….  Dear potential burglars, this is all worth about £2 and is mostly home-made and charity shop fodder.  Just sayin’

Some of my beads and bracelets have ended up on the floor, not because I’ve put them there though.  They just like it there I think.  As long as I use the vacuum cleaner carefully and don’t disturb them it’s all fine.

Tip Number 3:

Cardboard boxes with old consoles in make wonderful mountain climbing ranges for cats.  Kitties love sitting on very fragile 15 year old consoles.

Cardboard boxes with old consoles in make wonderful mountain climbing ranges for cats. Kitties love sitting on very fragile 15 year old consoles.  They particularly love clawing boxes that have been lovingly preserved by anally retentive husbands who think that they’ll ‘be worth a fortune one day.’

Most people look on cardboard boxes as temporary things, the sort of thing you use when you move house and then chuck out afterwards.  Not us!  My mum used to be a school dinner lady, so we have inherited frozen chip boxes which are mega strong and useful.  My sister used to work in a factory that made biscuits and cakes, so we probably have a few labelled ‘Cake’ too.  These boxes are good and strong and will last for years, so why shouldn’t we have at least 5 of them in our bedroom?  When the ceiling lights aren’t on at night, and we can’t see very well, they’re fabulous for falling over.  Now that’s practical interior design for you!  Don’t throw away boxes!  Just work around them. Like forever.

Tip Number 4:

Keep clutter to a maximum.

Keep clutter to a maximum.

You’ve heard the phrase ‘Tidy house, tidy mind!’   Well, I can go one better.  ‘Cluttered house, cluttered-interesting-but-full-of-really-rather-random things…mind!’  That’d be my house/me.  Oh and dusting is pointless, if you dust it just all floats up into the air and then settles again.  Besides, I like writing in it.

Tip Number 5:

You don't need paint or wallpaper if you just cover a wall with shelves full of stuff.

You don’t need paint or wallpaper if you just cover a wall with shelves full of stuff

We like playing Tetris with things, you should try it.  Really.  Just wear proper shoes if you have a full on game because when stuff falls off the shelf it tends to be heavy and hurt your toes if you’re not wearing shoes.  I know this from experience.

Tip Number 6:


Pile things on your kitchen sides, lots of things, of different shapes and sizes. Just because you can.

Beware of piling things on top of the microwave though, I was once told that it can cause it to blow up.  This interior design style, otherwise known as ‘teetering’ is perfect for really narrow kitchens.  It stops our cat jumping on the sides too, because there are no sides to jump on to.  Clever eh!

We are interior design geniussess, I’m sure you’ll agree.

(This is a sponsored post and this is actually my home.  If there is such an organisation as the ‘House Police,’ I think we may be arrested shortly.)

Revenge is Sweet

Revenge is Sweet.

Actual transcript of conversation.

Me shouting upstairs: Have you finished your bath? 

Horace: ‘Yes, I’m just drying myself very slowly with a tea-towel.’ (Horace is 6ft4 so I imagine this is taking a very long time.  There are no clean towels in the house)

Me: Says nothing, but sniggers quietly.

Horace: ‘I dunno why you’re laughing, I have no clean socks, underpants or trousers for tomorrow.  But don’t worry, I can wander around in just my T’shirt instead all day…….(pause for dramatic effect)…and my swimming shorts I suppose.’

Me: Uncontrollable sniggering.

At this point, Horace ambles downstairs in a pair of summer shorts with no top on.  I am hanging out washing on the clothes rack over the stairs throughout this conversation.

I shouldn’t laugh, I should hang my head in shame.   But I won’t.  I’ll just do an extra load tomorrow.  Perhaps I’ll forget to wash the bath towels and just do a massive tea-towel wash instead.

This could be revenge for the snoring.  Tread carefully menfolk, ‘Ve hav vays of making you irritated’  (insert german interrogator accent).

Feet of Clay

Feet of Clay

My mum is known to quote that ‘We all have feet of clay’ every now and then.  I love that saying and it is very true.  So why have I chosen it as today’s blog post?  It’s because I have huge clay feet, in fact I think I have concrete feet some days.

A while ago, an acquaintance read one of my posts and said  ‘Aw, you sound like such a good mum!’ which was lovely, but I fear if I’m giving that impression all the time, I’m misleading you all terribly.

On Friday my son came home from nursery and I didn’t know what do with him.  So he played Lego Batman.  ‘There’s nothing wrong with that?!’ I hear you say.  Well……he played Lego Batman from 1pm till 6pm with ocassional loo breaks.  We played the game together at points, but mostly I drifted in and out of the living room with random bits of washing and sat on my puter talking to other people who sound like really good mums, while my son sat in the other room bashing lego men to pieces.  I supplied food and drinks, and cuddles when I ambled through and he threw his arms out shouting ‘Huddle!’  But that was it, for about 5 guilt-ridden hours.

He was happy, I was bored.  Mum was being very lax, make no mistake.  I switched the game off eventually when he padded upstairs to talk to me whilst on the loo, with his eyes wide as saucers he said ‘Found another mini-kit mummy!’ and babbled about Poisonous Ivy or whatever her name is. He looked like his whole world had become lego infested.   That’s not being an exemplary example of a doting mother is it?  That’s someone virtually allowing their child to be adopted by a Playstation 3.

Yesterday I decided to have some quality time with my daughter.  Horace went over to the other house to heft bricks about and hammer stuff, while I stayed with Darlek.  She wanted to have a go on our Xbox Kinect game so I went along with that.  I went ‘Woo!’ at the appropriate bits when it looked like her bounding around the living room was winning her points, and clapped every now and then.  To my shame, my next step was to fall soundly asleep in a heap on the sofa with a blanket.  For about an hour.  I’d had a lie in, I had no excuse.  Darlek had spent quality time with the X box, mum had spent quality time with a snuggly blanket.

I have made lazy meals most of this week for the family as I’m still on this Jenny Craig diet so my enthusiasm for cooking is pretty low.  In fact I have perfected a 3 tin meal, the ultimate in crappy cooking.  Empty one tin of lentil soup into a pan, empty another tin of stewed steak into it. Heat.  Mix.  Feed to kids.  For dessert, tinned peaches.  There was none left for Horace, he had frozen pizza for tea that he cooked himself because I beggared off for a bath.  The perfect wife & domestic goddess?  Nope.

To my shame, this morning I buttered some toast with the wrong end of a fork because I’d forgotten to put the dishwasher on and I couldn’t be bothered to wash a knife.  It didn’t work very well and I have done this many times before.  Moi?  Lazy?

The bathroom needs cleaning. Horace resembles a yeti at times, and when he washes his hair he always leaves strands of long hair in the bath.  Rather than fishing them out, I simply used the shower head to blast them down the plughole.  Our bath isn’t draining very well.  Wonder why?

Half of our bedroom floor in the attic is unnavigable, because after the day is done I can’t be arsed to neatly fold and arrange clothes.  I am cultivating clothes drifts.  Imagine the Artic with all its peaks and troughs & drifts of snow, substitute the snow with twice worn jeans and tops with dinner on them.  Nice.

Next to my bed I have two towers of books, approximately 15 of them I think.  Most half read, many to be read again – all of which lack bookmarks so I never know where I’m up to.  I never get around to putting them back on the bookcase because if I try I’ll undoubtedly fall over the clothes drift and drop them.

It does get worse, and the frustrating thing is I try so hard.  The other weekend Horace went over to his mum’s, and I quite simply stayed home to catch up.  Not meaning to bore you but….I cleaned the bathroom, hoovered the entire house, did about 6 loads of washing, put all the dry washing away, dusted (I never dust!),   tidied rooms, emptied bins, changed all the beds, did all the washing up, gutted the kitchen….and frankly ran round in circles an awful lot.  And now, you’d never know.  I hate housework, it should be banned.  I want to live in a tent.  You don’t need to dust in tents and there’s no room for clothes drifts.  You’ve never heard of ‘Tentwork’ have you now?

So, that’s me signing off for the evening.  And before I go let me describe my puter desk to you.  One empty mug, one crumby plate, one free range Spiderman disc, one empty cellotape dispenser, an empty picture frame, paper bills, paper blogging notes, one glove, another glove (different pair), a book to review, an empty notebook case, a half written note book, 2p, a christmas card, my puter notebook (out of case), one sweet wrapper, a pen, a small jewellery box without a lid, an elastic band, an empty bag that used to have cookies in it, and there’s probably more.  I have just enough room on the slide out drawer beneath it to fit my keyboard and my mouse (soon to run out of batteries or cheese or whatever it runs on).

I have no idea why my family don’t just take me to the second hand mum shop and swap me for another better, faster, more efficient new mum.   So you see, I have feet of clay, don’t ever let me kid you otherwise…..

Plastic Pies

Plastic Pies

It’s been like hells’ hinges out there today, the wind has been rattling the letterbox, the rain has been pattering on the glass and I’ve been snug inside watching it all. You see I had no school run or nursery run today, I’ve simply been doing the equivalent of hibernating with my two little bundles of energy to keep me company.  Darlek had a cough over the weekend and this morning when she woke up and croaked like a little old lady, I took pity on her and said she didn’t have to go into school.  Half an hour after I rang school and said I was keeping her at home she boinged back to her normal self and was absolutely fine.  It wasn’t as if she was actually skiving really, I think she just felt rubbish in the morning and played on it a little.  I fell for it hook, line and sinker.

When I was a kid (and when I was a working lass) I remember doing the same thing, so I can’t say much really.  I too am blessed with a voice that cracks and sounds awful when I even have the slightest of colds.  It was always an absolute bonus when I was a bit off colour and didn’t want to go into work.  Don’t tell my old boss, but I used to make sure I coughed lots, didn’t have anything to drink, smoked half a fag and then rang up to make my excuses.  Because I sounded so appalling I was usually met with sympathy and ‘come back in when you can’ which I did.  Not that I skived lots, just every now and then. Well, about twice a year.  So shoot me!  I worked my arse off for the rest of the year so you can’t judge me too badly.  (If anyone is thinking of offering me a job at any point, I promise I am now a reformed character)

So for that reason, I cannot feel too annoyed with Darlek.  In fact she’s been lovely company.  She’s been playing with her brother very well, there’s been no tears or scrapping, although a bit of bickering over the TV at times.  But she will be back in tomorrow, no matter how bad the weather is or how croaky she is.

Pluses - Very clever toy, makes plastic pies rise in the oven! Minuses - You can't eat them!

They’ve been playing at tea parties with a little Disney Princess Magic Rise Oven that Evolution PR sent through.  Darlek initially looked at it and sneered a little, whilst saying that she was ‘too big for it’.  In the same way, Sausage said that it was ‘a girls’ toy’ – but they’ve both been absolutely fixated with it.  They made buns and pies in the oven which sort of cooks (well re-inflates) them at the wave of a bright pink plastic wand that goes ‘Bzzzzing!’ when it goes near the front of the oven.  If only cooking tea was that easy, I’d buy one of these in a flash!  Now there’d be a microwave I’d  give my left arm for!  Having said that, you could not possibly get a frillier, pinker, frothier, girlier, princessier oven even if you asked the Little Mermaid herself to design it.  Even just looking at it makes me feel like I’ve eaten 10 bags of sweet pink sherbert.  Mind you, that’s what these Disney toys are like, and that is apparently what the kids go for.  My kids are no exception, despite the age thing, and despite my youngest being a boy – I can’t believe I just typed that…

This is actually the thing that bugs me.  Why should my 3 year old, who has played with his sister’s toys all his life, who has had me teaching him to hoover and make cakes think that this is a ‘girls’ toy’.  Perhaps all my efforts have been in vain?  Maybe he will grow up and want to be a soldier after all.  I’m hoping that this particular toy might be part of the solution here, he has, after all played with this absolutely loads even if he was initially a bit dismissive.  I’m wondering if I nudge him towards playing with toy ovens, maybe he’ll want to be chef instead?  That way he can cook me, Horace and his sister exotic meals instead of beggaring off to the other side of the world where people can shoot at him?  It’s a thought!  On the other hand, he will do what he wants to do, no matter which way I nudge him in life I suppose – which is the best way for him to be.

I have two celebrity chefs in training now! :O)

Darlek has thrown herself into the cooking make-believe too.  The cakes were taken out of the oven and placed on a tray on the sofa.  When I tried to move them I was told off and told to ‘leave them outside to cool’.  She’d decorated the cakes with the plastic topping and had added real grapes to decorate them too.  Very cute.  I just wish that they were edible too.  I don’t think you can beat ‘real’ food.  Frankly chewing on fake food just doesn’t cut it with me.  Nothing compares to a real flour-all-over-the-floor cooking afternoon with buns to actually eat at the end of it all.  It’s funny really, Darlek (our little Tom-Boy) became as girly as anything and I saw a side of her I’ve not seen very much.  She told me to pretend to be a princess coming to a tea-party and I obliged, whereupon I was fed grapes, cups of water, and pretended to eat plastic pies – while they giggled and pretended to give me our kitty as a ‘present for the princess’.   The kitty wasn’t playing though and ran off.  Obviously this particular toy is fascinating for children, but is really very boring for kitties.  I think they should re-write the information on the side of the box……’Suitable for ages 3 and up, but not for kitties (they think it’s rubbish)’

That is about as far as today’s activities went.  I also cleaned the bathroom, but that isn’t exactly earth shatteringly important news.  Mind you, it makes me happy!  Another bit of domestic drudgery I hate, out of the way.  Woo Hoo!  There is almost nothing I hate more than cleaning that frigging bathroom.  I’d rather walk miles in the rain than spend 3/4 hour on my hands and knees scrubbing a bathroom.  Even thinking about it makes my invisible hackles rise. So yes, I’m happy to have done that today at least.

You know, I read something the other day about how bloggers should always keep their posts concise and short.  I ignored it.  My own life is often long-winded, goes off topic, get’s confused and goes up and down a bit – so why should my blog not do exactly the same.  Fekkit I say!

PS. I was given the extremely pink & frilly looking Disney Princess Magic Rise Oven from Jakks Pacific to review by Evolution PR, no other financial reward was given.  If you’re interested you can view it here!

Balancing Precariously

Balancing Precariously

Forgive me for writing in a muffled tone of type, with ocassional sniffs, I have a cold.  I’m rubbish at being ill and I get ‘Man Flu’ every time.  (sniffs enthusiastically and blows nose like a trumpet)

We were also kept awake last night by Sausage wailing for ‘Mummeeee’ about midnight, and then refusing to go back to sleep in his own bed.  After a bit of battling I just gave up and let him sleep with us, so we got kicked lots and woken up at about 6am.  At this point he went downstairs and brought his little Roary phone walkie talkie thing up with him, so we were treated to lots of Peter Kay recordings saying ‘Roary! There’s skateboards on the racetrack!’ or something like that.  I can’t say precisely what the lines were because I had my pillow over my head.

The grand finale this morning was when Darlek finally came upstairs and said Sausage had run riot in her room and had pulled her light down.  You see we put a lovely flower shaped light fitting in her room, and hung from it was one of those twirly bits of material that move in the breeze.  On discussion with the kids, it seems they took turns to try to reach it, probably with the use of chairs and leaping around, which has resulted in disaster.  There’s a very attractive modern art looking mass of wires where her light was now.  Thankfully it’s too high for them to reach so they can’t electrocute themselves.  Another job for Super Dad!!  We’ll have to get that fixed.  Another job for the list!

Speaking of ‘Super Dad’, I’m waiting to be transformed into ‘Super Mum!’  The blog tagline ‘balancing precariously on the edge’ has been all too true recently and the stress of being poorly and generally upset at being at home all the time, has tipped me over the so-called edge.  So I began a course of anti-depressants about a week ago, and am patiently waiting for them to kick in.  I’ve been very sick of hearing myself do the ‘Woe is me!  The school run is too long! I’m bored! I’m tired all the time! The housework is too horrible to attempt’ etc etc.  It’s tedious, self involved and I’ve had enough of it.  So happy pills it is then!

On discussion with other mums I’ve been told that these tablets often just make you feel a bit calmer and more able to cope with stressful situations.  Ie. when your child is swinging his fists and kicking you, you can walk away, close the door and leave them to calm down; rather than standing there screaming your little heart out, whilst bawling like a baby.

As I said I’ve been waiting for these tabs to kick in, and have high hopes for climbing out of this stupid metaphorical hole I’ve fallen into.  So, I shall become ‘Super Mum!’ and be able to cope again soon.  I may get some red lycra hot pants, blue tights, a tiara and a white T shirt with ‘Super Mum’ emblazoned across the front of it – just for that day when the tabs finally start working.   I’ll be able to whizz around the house, cleaning bathrooms in the blink of an eye, pairing socks just with the power of my mind, and generally being ‘Super’.

Or maybe I’ll just feel a bit better and manage a day without staring out the window feeling lost.  It’d be more fun to be Super Mum though.

A Cluttery Allegory

A Cluttery Allegory


Horace decided the cupboards needed organising today…..

Today, one too many things fell out of the kitchen cupboard and Horace decided enough was enough, ‘The kitchen needs organisation!’ he announced.  (He has these do’s every now and then, I tend to humour him, grin, bear it and re-disorganise them over a period of weeks afterwards usually).  The thing is, this time, even I had to admit that an invisible line has been crossed – check this lot out!

I am ashamed to say, I was shocked at my bizarre cupboard contents.  I don’t know if you can see, but I had  8 or more bags of random flour – including 4 almost full packets of cornflour (there’s chapati flour on the next picture too – I’ve only ever made chappati’s once, and they were wierd, probably won’t try again, but still, I keep the flour!)   I’d lie and say I bake bread and make gravy and sauces day and night, without sleep or a break EVER, but I suspect you’d look at me sideways and ‘nod’ in a ‘let’s humour the mad middle aged lady having a breakdown’ kind of way. The truth is, some people collect stamps, some people collect coins, I collect bags of flour.  I didn’t even realise how obsessed I’d got until today.  Problem  is, I can’t ever imagine me actually getting through so many bags of the stuff, I don’t use it that often!


Yet more flour and porridge...

There’s also two massive bags of granulated sugar and a glass jar full of the stuff, and at least four other kinds of sugar too (dark brown, demarara, caster sugar, moscovado.  Believe it or not, I try not to use too much sugar because I don’t think it’s healthy and I don’t make many cakes because I have an awful habit of simply eating them immediately afterwards, neither Horace nor I have sugar in our tea or coffee either.  Then there’s a whole jar full porridge oats and another one of jumbo Mornflakes (I think I may temporarily have imagined I’m feeding a ten ton scotsman whilst shopping); an opened bag of prunes that should have been eaten last month, and some healthy nut things that went out of date in Dec 2009.   I’d list more stuff, but I think the excitement might be too much for you. All in all, my chaotic approach to my house, home and life extends to my kitchen cupboards.  I think they’re a great allegory for how I run things around here .

So there you go! I think I need help!!  Which is actually a great introduction to one of my next blogging projects.  Firstly, a lovely lady with the brilliant name ‘The Clutter Fairy’ has agreed to come to my aid.  I think that the temptation to take on a home project with someone nicknamed Chaoskay on a blog called the Brink of Bedlam, was probably too much of an challenge to miss. In the past I’d probably have been too proud to accept help, but as the years have progressed, and the clutter has cluttered every corner of the house, I’ve been driven to distraction – from what I’ve heard the Clutter Fairy works wonders, and I’m thoroughly looking forward to seeing this for myself.  If you’re like me (well, I have to admit, I’m probably one of the worst case scenarios), or a bit like me, you might wonder if this is something worth doing , if it’s worth the cost and the time – couldn’t you just sort things out yourself, you may be wondering?  Well, I’ve tried and failed a million times to bring order to our lives and this sounds like it actually might work to some extent. I’m certainly willing to give it a go.  The process will be blogged and the services thoroughly and honestly reviewed, and I will probably cry when parted from my clutter.  It would be lovely if my readers could be on hand to pass me a sympathetic tissue and a shoulder to weep on when the separation anxiety kicks in.


And this is just one cluttered corner - many more lurk elsewhere...

If you’d like to see what’s in store, feel free to have a look around the Clutter Fairy’s website where everything is explained!  Just click the link below.  The Clutter Fairy can be found on twitter under the username @ClutterFairyUK.  Lesley is friendly, helpful (I harassed her with stupid questions about how long to keep bank statements for a while ago) and obviously very efficient.

This is the Clutter Fairy’s web page address if you’re curious! http://www.clutterfairy.co.uk