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Green Science – Windmill Generator!

Green Science –

Windmill Generator

I don’t often say this, in fact I don’t think I ever have done before – but I hated this project / toy / windmill thingumajig with a passion!  Having said that, Darlek loved it and she and her father had great fun making it so they have a completely different opinion.

Bits n' Bobs n' Whirly Thingies

For me, the main problem was that it needed a lot of adult intervention: even though I am an adult, I was completely incompetent and could not do it.  At one point I simply stood in the kitchen with Darlek eating chocolate digestives and shouted rude things at it.  Not too rude, obviously Darlek is only 7 and I’d not want to pollute her delicate ears with swearing.  It was more like:

‘You stupid, annoying, blasted, whizzy, fiddly, aaaargh…*takes bite of biscuit*….windmill!  I hate you!’

I was rubbish at science,  seems nothing much has changed. Anyway!  I gave up after Darlek rolled around laughing at me being befuddled by a craft project designed for an 8 year old – and her dad took over the next day.

These are the diagrams that you use and there are written instructions too –

I couldn't make head nor tail of them, but Horace understood it all perfectly!

In addition to the items you find in the kit, you have to source a couple of things yourself – a plastic bottle and a small cross hair / hare screwdriver.  (I couldn’t find any bad tempered bunny rabbits with screwdrivers so we just made do with a screwdriver from the cupboard)

No cross hares here!

Darlek and Horace spent a while putting it together and Darlek screwed all the tiny screws in herself which she was very proud of!

Darlek: 'Mum...can you help me?'
Me: 'Nope, I'm too busy eating biscuits'

I ate biscuits and cheered her on, but was otherwise completely useless.

You screw this bit in here, and that bit in there, and wire this bit into that bit, and then you undo it and start again, and then you get annoyed and eat more biscuits.

That’s what I did anyway.  I got through half a packet of chocolate digestives in pure frustration.  Horace and Darlek finished the project in about half an hour and were very pleased with the results!   Here’s Darlek with her Windmill Generator, displaying it very proudly!  It flashed a light when the whirly bit whirled so I think that meant it generated electricity or something?

The question is.....can it power the telly? No? Aw....

Horace said it was a success anyway, so I’ll take his word for that.  If you would like your own Green Science Windmill Generator you can find them here for £9.05!

Many thanks to Evolution PR for sending me the kit and for giving me a reason to eat a lot of biscuits and rope my husband into a blogging project.   No other financial reward was given.


Zhu-Zhu ZhuFari – Lion’s Park Playset

Zhu-Zhu ZhuFari –

Lion’s Park Playset

*sings* ‘We’re all going to the Zhu tomorrow, the Zhu tomorrow, the Zhu tomorrow, we’re all going to the Zhu tomorrow, and we can stay all day!’

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

(There’s a competition at the bottom too if you scroll down….)

My daughter is completely and utterly obsessed with Zhu Zhu pets, they were top of her Christmas list in fact.  With this in mind I pounced on the chance to review the Lion’s Park Playset which is part of the ZhuFari range.  Darlek was equally quick to pounce on the package when it dropped through the door.

Still caged, but ready to be released into the Lion's playset.

So, what is it?  Well, summarized briefly the Lion’s Park Playset is a jungle style playground for Zhu-Zhu pets and  Zhu-Zhu babies.  For the Zhu-Zhu babies we have a hamster tube for dashing down, a huge fairground monkey spinny thing to whizz around on, and for the Zhu-Zhu hamsters there’s a pretty pink bridge to cross and a free play area where they can go forwards and backwards and jabber a lot.

I didn’t even know you could get Zhu-Zhu babies until this set arrived, they do look very cute pictured on the box.  Unfortunately you don’t get any of those with this which is a shame, I would have loved to have seen how they ‘play’ on the playset.  I did however have a Zebra-Zhu-Zhu hamster sent, and my daughter owns two other Zhu-Zhu hamsters so they socialized happily in the free play area and bombed in and out of the ZhuFari set up via the Barbie-esque bridge.  To be honest, I do think you need at least one Zhu-Zhu baby to really appreciate this.  The Zhu-Zhu Hamsters don’t fit down the tube, and they don’t fit on the monkey either, although that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy spending time in each others company in a jungle setting I suppose?

Are lions bright yellow? Do hamsters dress up as zebras? Oh yes they do! Welcome to the wierd and wonderful world of ZhuFari!

As for quality, it’s not bad at all. The sturdy plastic  fits together reasonably easily  (we found it a bit tricky at first, the top bit of the bright yellow lion didn’t attach very easily) and it didn’t randomly fall in bits whilst being played with which is always a good thing.  The colours are nice and the kids and I liked the striking african style design too.  It does seem a little expensive though I have to say.

Do not, repeat, do not, DO NOT look at the crappy gas fire in the background.

I really do have to take issue with one of the statements on the box too: ‘Zhu-Fari animals prance and play in the magical Lion’s Park Playset.’  Right, let’s get this straight, what Zhu-Zhu pets do is gibber strange snatches of music and make odd electronic sneezing noises at each other, whilst going backwards and forwards and backwards and forwards a lot.  As for Zhu-Zhu Babies, I haven’t a clue, although I strongly suspect they don’t prance very much.

A Punk Zebra Hamster! Darwin would have been baffled

So, would I recommend the Lion’s Park Playset from the Zhuniverse of Zhu-Fari?  I think so, I can’t say for sure without seeing the Zhu-Zhu babies in it as I think it’s primarily designed for them. It certainly looks fun, but I think the full size Zhu-Zhu Hamsters got a little bored of making wierd noises and bumping into each other in the middle bit after a while.  If you’d like your very own Baako the Zebra Zhu-Zhu Hamster you can find him HERE for £11.99 and if you want to invest in a Lion’s Park Playset there’s one HERE too for £20  I’d definitely advise buying a couple of Zhu-Zhu babies if you want your kids to make the most of the playset, you can find these little bundles of joy HERE at various prices.

And a quick note from this blog sponsor: “We’ve Just learned that with Zhu-Fari you can even win a break for all the family at the Safari Hotel at Chessington World of Adventures. It’s a great competition, you can enter HERE!

We were sent a Baako the Zebra Zhu-Zhu pet to release into the wild by Evolution PR, who also sent us the Lions Park Playset.  If anyone reading this can translate Zhu-Zhu please feel free to contact me, I’d love to know what the little blighters are waffling on about. Thank you :O)

No other financial reward was given.

Trash Pack Dump Truck and Trashies! – A review!

Trash Pack Dump Truck

and Trashies! – A review for UKMumsTV

Trash and the Trash Pack Dump Truck! Making rubbish even more disgusting than you already thought it was!

(There’s a comp for £1000 worth of outdoors equipment for your school at the bottom of this blog  if you scroll down by the way….)

‘Trashies’ are a motley selection of frankly disgusting characters that live in their very own luminious green plastic trash bins.  They are about 2cm tall, 1 cm wide, rubbery, squidgy and in fairly bad taste.  They all have their little faces, and the Trashies I was sent to review ranged from scrawny, half mouldy looking brocolli, to a very poorly looking trash bin being sick on itself (nope, I’m not joking).  Pictures are included here.



Kids, and possibly mainly boys (if you buy into that sort of thing), will love them!  I didn’t expect my two to really appreciate these at all, but they have played with them for quite some time, and have shown real enthusiasm for the little repulsive creatures and their mode of transport.

From experience, young kids often find really ‘orrible things really funny.  Any talk of burping, farting, being sick, poo, etc is the height of humour for a 4 year old.  My lad is no exception, and my daughter is the same too if I’m being honest.  This particular range of toys really does tap into that sort of humour, and despite my ‘Ew!’ reaction, Sausage happily made pretend retching noises and bounced the puking trash bin up and down a lot.  He loves it!  As a grown up with a more sensitive stomach and slightly more refined tastes in toys, I really can’t see the attraction.  But I can’t argue it; both kids have played with this loads.

'What's up Mr Very-Poorly-Looking Trash bin?' 'I ate yesterday's dinner after the dog had licked it!' *vomits*

Yep, it’s that kind of thing that has the kids rolling around the place laughing, absolutely vile!

Stackable bins can be piled on the back of the Trash Pack Dump Truck.

Free range Trashies, they can drive the truck, travel around on the truck, be tipped into the truck via the bin tipper at the back, and they can be sick on the truck too if they like!

There’s an additional play feature which isn’t immediately obvious too, you can stack the little green bins with the Trashies  inside, on top of each other.   Then you detach the tipper at the back and use it to balance another Trashie on; then you catapult the Trashie as hard and as fast as you can to knock over the pile of bins.  It’s like Trashie skittles.  My two spent quite a while launching Trashies all over the living room.

My only criticism is that the fold up side of the truck is a little flimsy and one panel fell off this morning, but it did click back into place very easily so no harm done there.

Trashies can drive too!

A Trash Pack Dump Truck is £19.99 and it comes with two Trashies to play with too.  Click HERE if you’re want to view these on Amazon (none of these are associate links if you were wondering)

If you’d like a blister pack of 5 Trashies to increase your rubbish family, you can buy them for £5 HERE.

First News, the childrens newspaper, is currently running a competition for schools to design a Trash Pack recycling poster, the prize is a whopping £1000 worth of vouchers to spend on outdoors equipment for your school.

It’s simple to take part…just use the contact details on the website which you can find HERE and if you’re one of the first schools to apply you will be eligible for a Trash Pack Campaign Pack which includes:  A poster template for the pupils to design their poster on, a rules pack, some great lesson notes on recycling, plus a Trash Pack gift for the first 100,000 pupils.

This is a great way for you to teach kids about recycling and to….well…..erm…. tempt them to buy Trashies.  You have been warned.  Mind you any education about recycling can’t be a bad thing – but, Trashies are probably very addictive toys.   My kids already want more of them…..

I was sent a Trash Pack Dump Truck and a pack of 5 Trashies to review, it was all rubbish (c’ept it wasn’t really, it’s actually a really cool toy set!), no other financial reward was given.

Plastic Pies

Plastic Pies

It’s been like hells’ hinges out there today, the wind has been rattling the letterbox, the rain has been pattering on the glass and I’ve been snug inside watching it all. You see I had no school run or nursery run today, I’ve simply been doing the equivalent of hibernating with my two little bundles of energy to keep me company.  Darlek had a cough over the weekend and this morning when she woke up and croaked like a little old lady, I took pity on her and said she didn’t have to go into school.  Half an hour after I rang school and said I was keeping her at home she boinged back to her normal self and was absolutely fine.  It wasn’t as if she was actually skiving really, I think she just felt rubbish in the morning and played on it a little.  I fell for it hook, line and sinker.

When I was a kid (and when I was a working lass) I remember doing the same thing, so I can’t say much really.  I too am blessed with a voice that cracks and sounds awful when I even have the slightest of colds.  It was always an absolute bonus when I was a bit off colour and didn’t want to go into work.  Don’t tell my old boss, but I used to make sure I coughed lots, didn’t have anything to drink, smoked half a fag and then rang up to make my excuses.  Because I sounded so appalling I was usually met with sympathy and ‘come back in when you can’ which I did.  Not that I skived lots, just every now and then. Well, about twice a year.  So shoot me!  I worked my arse off for the rest of the year so you can’t judge me too badly.  (If anyone is thinking of offering me a job at any point, I promise I am now a reformed character)

So for that reason, I cannot feel too annoyed with Darlek.  In fact she’s been lovely company.  She’s been playing with her brother very well, there’s been no tears or scrapping, although a bit of bickering over the TV at times.  But she will be back in tomorrow, no matter how bad the weather is or how croaky she is.

Pluses - Very clever toy, makes plastic pies rise in the oven! Minuses - You can't eat them!

They’ve been playing at tea parties with a little Disney Princess Magic Rise Oven that Evolution PR sent through.  Darlek initially looked at it and sneered a little, whilst saying that she was ‘too big for it’.  In the same way, Sausage said that it was ‘a girls’ toy’ – but they’ve both been absolutely fixated with it.  They made buns and pies in the oven which sort of cooks (well re-inflates) them at the wave of a bright pink plastic wand that goes ‘Bzzzzing!’ when it goes near the front of the oven.  If only cooking tea was that easy, I’d buy one of these in a flash!  Now there’d be a microwave I’d  give my left arm for!  Having said that, you could not possibly get a frillier, pinker, frothier, girlier, princessier oven even if you asked the Little Mermaid herself to design it.  Even just looking at it makes me feel like I’ve eaten 10 bags of sweet pink sherbert.  Mind you, that’s what these Disney toys are like, and that is apparently what the kids go for.  My kids are no exception, despite the age thing, and despite my youngest being a boy – I can’t believe I just typed that…

This is actually the thing that bugs me.  Why should my 3 year old, who has played with his sister’s toys all his life, who has had me teaching him to hoover and make cakes think that this is a ‘girls’ toy’.  Perhaps all my efforts have been in vain?  Maybe he will grow up and want to be a soldier after all.  I’m hoping that this particular toy might be part of the solution here, he has, after all played with this absolutely loads even if he was initially a bit dismissive.  I’m wondering if I nudge him towards playing with toy ovens, maybe he’ll want to be chef instead?  That way he can cook me, Horace and his sister exotic meals instead of beggaring off to the other side of the world where people can shoot at him?  It’s a thought!  On the other hand, he will do what he wants to do, no matter which way I nudge him in life I suppose – which is the best way for him to be.

I have two celebrity chefs in training now! :O)

Darlek has thrown herself into the cooking make-believe too.  The cakes were taken out of the oven and placed on a tray on the sofa.  When I tried to move them I was told off and told to ‘leave them outside to cool’.  She’d decorated the cakes with the plastic topping and had added real grapes to decorate them too.  Very cute.  I just wish that they were edible too.  I don’t think you can beat ‘real’ food.  Frankly chewing on fake food just doesn’t cut it with me.  Nothing compares to a real flour-all-over-the-floor cooking afternoon with buns to actually eat at the end of it all.  It’s funny really, Darlek (our little Tom-Boy) became as girly as anything and I saw a side of her I’ve not seen very much.  She told me to pretend to be a princess coming to a tea-party and I obliged, whereupon I was fed grapes, cups of water, and pretended to eat plastic pies – while they giggled and pretended to give me our kitty as a ‘present for the princess’.   The kitty wasn’t playing though and ran off.  Obviously this particular toy is fascinating for children, but is really very boring for kitties.  I think they should re-write the information on the side of the box……’Suitable for ages 3 and up, but not for kitties (they think it’s rubbish)’

That is about as far as today’s activities went.  I also cleaned the bathroom, but that isn’t exactly earth shatteringly important news.  Mind you, it makes me happy!  Another bit of domestic drudgery I hate, out of the way.  Woo Hoo!  There is almost nothing I hate more than cleaning that frigging bathroom.  I’d rather walk miles in the rain than spend 3/4 hour on my hands and knees scrubbing a bathroom.  Even thinking about it makes my invisible hackles rise. So yes, I’m happy to have done that today at least.

You know, I read something the other day about how bloggers should always keep their posts concise and short.  I ignored it.  My own life is often long-winded, goes off topic, get’s confused and goes up and down a bit – so why should my blog not do exactly the same.  Fekkit I say!

PS. I was given the extremely pink & frilly looking Disney Princess Magic Rise Oven from Jakks Pacific to review by Evolution PR, no other financial reward was given.  If you’re interested you can view it here!