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Home, Sweet Home!

Home Sweet Home!

Rather a quick post as I’m high as a kite on morphine after the operation.  I only just got back.   Probably shouldn’t be spaced out and in charge of a keyboard, might be dangerous! I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for their lovely messages and their kindness.

When I walked in the door I found this waiting for me:



My parents bought me a rubber ring to sit on, rich tea biscuits, shortbread, marshmallows, two bottles of wine, a mega packet of crisps and a beautiful bunch of tulips.  Horace’s parents made me a really sweet chocolate easter cake complete with chocolate bunny and mini eggs.  Last but not least I won ParcelHero’s Easter competition which consists of 423 (precisely!) easter eggs, and they arrived today too.  I feel spoilt rotten and very blessed today.  I’ve had phone calls and messages of support and I’m so touched.  Thanks Muriel for calling that was so sweet of you!

The easter bunny has been very busy laying eggs! Don't ask me how that works because biologically speaking, i don't have a clue.

The easter bunny has been very busy laying eggs! Don’t ask me how that works because biologically speaking, i don’t have a clue.

Right, I’m off to watch crap telly and feel floatylight.  I’m not looking forward to the heavy painkillers wearing off, but it’s gonna happen some time.

The nurses and the surgeon today, all looked after me so well today.  NHS you are simply wonderful.  Thank you.

When I get drunk I always do the ‘I love you, you’re my best friend’ thing.  So this is me slurring ‘I love you, you’re my best friends!’ at you all in a daft kind of way, even though I’ve not met a lot of you, I feel like I know you regardless. You’re all such stars and brighten my life in more ways than you know. x

* I’m writing this bit of  the post a couple of hours after publishing the original one that got emailed out. This post is what I call ‘Drogging’ rather than ‘Blogging’.  Basically it’s drugged up blogging.  Please feel free to snigger.


A Lovely Chocolate Egg! Second Time Lucky!

A Lovely Chocolate Egg!  Second Time Lucky! 

The paper nestled around the egg is designed to stop it from being smashed in transit. I thought it looked like Lord Dark Toffius was wearing a huge fluffy white wig.

A while ago, you might remember I blogged about a manky egg.  A truly horrid thing to behold and an even nastier thing to take a bite out of.  After a lot of exchanges that were almost as horrid as the egg itself – Luckys of London and I have reached a truce.  IE, they have sent me another replacement egg, and the PR Agent for the aforementioned company was very apologetic in the end, so I’ve given up ranting about it.  Life’s too short to hold grudges, I’m sure you’ll agree!

‘Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall!’

Their PR agent has assured me that appropriate action was taken in regards to the dodgy egg I received before and I’ve been reassured that it won’t happen again to other customers.   So….now the hatchet has been buried, here’s my thoughts on one of their other, much nicer easter eggs.   It’s up to you whether you buy them or not….

This is the Lord Dark Toffius!  He is from their Humpty Dumpty Easter Egg range, so it only seemed appropriate to balance him precariously on our garden wall.  He didn’t fall off, I carefully took him down off the wall and  bit a chunk out of him before he had chance to. He didn’t suffer, honest.  If ‘All the King’s horses and all the King’s men’ had tried to put this egg back together again they’d have had a difficult job on their hands.

Please do not contact the ‘Royal Society for the Protection of Easter Eggs.’ He did not suffer unnecessarily.

Right onto the important stuff – ‘What does this egg taste like and what’s in it?’ (and is it a racist egg?)  Lord Dark Toffius?  Hmmmm…..

This Cadbury’s Cream egg sized easter egg is is 60% cocoa dark chocolate (so this is the reason for the name, it is not in fact racist, it’s just what it’s made of! Like you hadn’t guessed!) The filling is dulce de leche which is in layman’s terms caramel, toffee, fudgy, gooey stuff.

When I bit into it, it reminded me of Vienetta style chocolate, not in regards to taste, but in regards to the delicate crunch.  One bite reveals two thin layers of dark chocolate with ‘dulce de leche’ sandwiched in between.  I found the taste very, very sweet – teeth-meltingly sweet if I’m being honest.   The trend seems to be to add salt to caramel and I think this would have suited me a little better in this instance. That’s just me and my tastebuds though.  Others more experienced chocolate conessieurs would probably say that the dark chocolate perfectly balances with the sweetness of the filling.  Each to their own!

You can’t have it, I’ve eaten it all. So there!

The Lord Dark Toffius can be found at easter on the Luckys of London website for around £6.99 if I remember correctly.  This seems a hell of a cost for a small, hollow egg, but this is a grown up egg, with a grown up price, for grown up tastebuds I suspect.  I’m a child at heart so maybe that’s why it didn’t quite do it for me.  Don’t let that stop you from indulging though.  You might love it!

This egg was reviewed out of the kindness of my heart, considering it was, in all truth, a replacement for a prize that didn’t quite work out – although Luckys of London did send it to me for review purposes.  No other financial reward was given.

Eggscellent Eggs From Chocolate Madness!

Eggscellent Eggs From

Chocolate Madness!

Beautifully packaged and decorated!

After all my ranting about manky eggs, I thought I should really write about nice Easter Eggs too.  Just so you’re not put off them for life.  Chocolate Madness are a completely different company to the one I featured the other day by the way!

You see, Eunice at Chocolate Madness contacted me to say she was sorry I’d had such a bad experience with the mouldy egg, and she very kindly offered me two eggs for my kids to help make up for all the disappointment.  This is not a sponsored post by the way, this is just me writing about a really generous thoughtful lady who obviously makes quality chocolate, as opposed to the other company who made rather less appealing chocolate.

Nice eggs made here!

These Easter eggs arrived packaged in rouched cellophane tied with curly yellow ribbon, and they were neatly decorated with each child’s nick-name in swirly white chocolate icing.

These belong to my daughter, not to Dr Who's nemesis.

White chocolate smiley faces fell out of the egg after Darlek gnawed the end off it.     They were very quickly eaten!

Cheery chocolate!

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m used to chocolate eggs that you can snap fairly easily with your fingers – they’re usually not amazingly thick…..but Chocolate Madness have obviously gone completely mad and have made mega thick chocolate.  This is what happened when Darlek decided that she wanted to smash the egg so she could eat it in little pieces to make it last longer.  Watch this!

(Sorry, I can’t use the slideshow option properly on here because I’m an idiot!  I just wanted you to see the photos of Darlek whacking the top of the egg with a wooden spoon, it took ages to smash!  This was an indestructi-egg!!  Very luxurious thick bomb-proof chocolate! Eunice said that her eggs were made with thick chocolate to make sure they survived the Royal Mail experience.  50 delivered and none smashed apparently!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, Chocolate Madness sent beautifully presented, immaculately decorated, luxurious thick chocolate Easter eggs that tasted delicious!  And I know this because I nicked a piece when they weren’t looking.  Bad me.

If you’d like a look around Chocolate Madness, here’s the website! Chocolate Madness!  They make cake toppers, wedding favours, novelty lollipops and far more, all at what I’d call sensible prices.

Many, many thanks to Chocolate Madness! The kids say thanks very much too and send chocolate smudged kisses.

Not So Lucky!

Not So Lucky!

The other day I was lucky enough to win an Easter Egg from a company running a competition on Twitter.  I’m not naming the company because I’ve yet to communicate with them about this so we shall see how that goes first.

They sent me a creme egg sized Easter Egg, which was beautifully packaged, complete with a chocolate bow on the front of it, it looked delicious and I decided to save it for a special occasion.  Today my husband finished work and so we have a full week together, it’s the Easter hols so we get to spend time with relatives, and generally have a lovely relaxed time.  So I thought this evening I’d celebrate by eating my delicious, luxury easter egg.

I unpacked it, cradled it in my hands and bit the top off.  I peered in to see what was inside, it was supposed to be a milk Valrhona chocolate egg with chai tea ganache filling – and I saw this:

Two fluffy caterpillars?

Please do click on the picture to enlarge it.  The piece I’m holding has a very slightly green centre, and there are two ‘things’ inside the egg that look like fluffy caterpillars, and a third patch of white fluff too.  I’m presuming they’re mould and not wildlife.  Well I hope not anyway, as I bit the top off the egg and tasted something funny.  If I’ve just eaten a caterpillar I will be even unhappier than if it’s just mould – which is bad enough!

I know for a fact, being an expert on chocolate an’ all, that chocolate does not ‘go off’ it just loses colour and gets a bit dry and tasteless – it doesn’t go mouldy like this?   So what have I just eaten?  And will I be sick?!  I feel sick just at the thought of it.

Penicillin anyone?

I’m sat here with a glass of homemade rhubarb schnapps, swilling my mouth with it, desperately trying to get rid of the taste.  I have enough tummy problems already and I’m hoping that whatever it is in there is not going to make them any worse.  It’s probably like the sort of mould you get on bread, but I don’t really know.

I looked up a few links on mould and ganache, here’s an interesting link if you’d like a look : HERE – Check post 25 on there…..

The point I’m trying to make is that if you are a company that is aiming to increase your presence on Twitter and on social networks via blogging projects or through competitions…..please…..please…….double please…..check your stock!!!!  My mouldy cheese blogging exploits were bad enough, it puts bloggers in an awfully embarassing position.  It also makes people who enter competitions feel cheated and very negative towards the company itself.  Good news spreads quickly, bad news spreads quicker, and mould appears to spread even quicker than that.

Imagine if you had bought this for a child?

This is not a sponsored post, nor have I mentioned the name of the company.

Mould and Paint Glitter Eggs!

Mould and Paint Glitter Eggs!

Careful the Easter Bunny doesn't steal them!

It’s Easter soon, and along with that comes the Easter Bunny and hunting for eggs and all that malarkey.  Lovely, although slightly confusing for kids I always think.    I can remember Darlek staring at me very suspiciously when I told her about a giant egg collecting / delivering bunny rabbit.  I have not tried to keep up this seasonal myth, I just couldn’t keep a straight face I’m afraid.  One of my nephews (if I remember correctly) got very confused and thought that the Easter Bunny collected all the eggs, even his very own chocolate ones.  The poor love thought they were going to be stolen by a huge rabbit.  He had to be reassured that they were actually safe and the Easter Bunny was far too nice to do something like that.

The kit for making the eggs! Paint, Plaster of Paris, Ribbons,Silver String, Fridge Magnet Sticky Things, Egg Moulds, Glitter, Instructions and a Paintbrush!

Easter waffling aside, I have some Mould and Paint Glitter eggs for review, sent by the lovely Evolution PR.  They are not in fact covered in mould, that is just what you have to do with them before you start painting and glittering them.  The eggs are made from a plaster of paris mixture which is activated by adding a touch of water.  Once the mixture looks vaguely like sloppy concrete you pour it into the moulds, leave them for about half an hour to an hour, and then pop them out of their little plastic casings and……..tah dah!!!!!   Four little half eggs that you can either stick together to make two whole eggs, or four half eggs that can have magnets attached to the back so they work as pretty easter fridge magnets.

Adding the water to the Plaster of Paris. Sausage wanted to lick the bowl at first, but we persuaded him it was a 'Very Bad Idea'.

Slap the Plaster of Paris into the Moulds and scrape off the excess.

There are two plaster of paris sachets so you can make up to eight half eggs.  You have a set of paints to work with, and a paint brush, plus ribbons, glitter, shiny string and ‘here’s one I made earlier’ images to copy on the back of the box.   Darlek and I worked together on this project.  I made my mum a little fridge magnet by copying a tulip design and Darlek made a fantastic Mr Bump inspired egg which had yellow teeth.  Darlek’s definitely had more character than mine!

Very cute! Would it make sense to say they look like Easter Christmas Tree decorations?

Darlek and I spent quality time together making the eggs, it was a great project and one that is easy, rewarding, quite quick (if you discount the waiting for the plaster to dry bit) and they do make adorable easter presents for friends and relatives.  Maybe the moulds could be a little sturdier or perhaps made of that silicone stuff that is used so often in baking equipment these days?  Or maybe the plaster would stick to that, I don’t know.  Either way, that’s only a teeny, tiny suggestion.  I give this kit 9 our of 10, it’s simple, child friendly, not too messy, rewarding, great fun all round Easter craft.

If you’d like a Mould and Paint Glitter Egg kit like this, it costs only £6.39 and you can find one HERE!   I was sent a kit to review, no other financial reward was given.