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How to Really Annoy a Comper – Run a Fake Competition for an iPad

How to Really Annoy a Comper – Run a Fake Competition for an IPad

(This post is for fellow competition enthusiasts, and also for people who might want to be careful about who they do business with.  If these companies run marketing campaigns like this, how do they run their business as a whole?)

Ok…deep breath.

So, how do you really annoy a comper?  Like this:

Step 1, set up a competition for an iPad, asking people to like and share posts on a Facebook page in order to qualify for a chance to win.  A boring but standard request.

Step 2,  announce a winner who has not done either of these things.  Compers love this.  They love it so much they clap their hands together in delight and squeeeeal…well..actually they don’t.  Many begin to take screen shots of pages as evidence of underhand behaviour and tell their friends.  The comping community sticks together and has a very well defined sense of what is right and fair.  Run an unfair comp at your peril!  We have talons!  And some of us have PMT.

Step 3, forget to mention that the winner has the same surname as the person who runs the SEO company, who is in turn running the marketing campaign for the estate agents.  These two are Facebook friends and can be seen to be linked socially.  Again, compers love this and take great pleasure in congratulating the winner…..except again, they don’t.  They post upset status updates on the offending page, they post screen shots and outline evidence to back up what they are saying.  The winner is not genuine, he is a very smug friend of the marketing department who has not been on Facebook since 2012, who suddenly returns on the one day he happens to win an iPad!  Now isn’t that a coincidence?

Step 4, block and delete delete comments from people who challenge the competition’s integrity.  A great way to draw suspicion, intrigue and to really p*ss off people.

Step 5, get all uppity and and then sulkily offer to redraw a winner for the iPad because of all the ‘disgusting and inflammatory’ criticism – not because the original winner was seen to be a fraud or anything….

Step 6 , do a ‘live’ draw which consists of someone picking a small folded up piece of paper out of a small tupperware pot.  The pot should look to have about 60 names in it, despite there being over 400 competition entrants. Just to really annoy the already really annoyed competition entrants.

Step 7, draw the name of someone who is again socially linked by Facebook to someone who works for the SEO marketing company.  Show the name to the camera as proof, the name was randomly drawn.  Honest.  Presume the other competition entrants are all stupid.  Surely they won’t realise that you either substituted the name when your hand went off camera, or that you simply wrote the same name on all 60 pieces of paper.  They’ll fall for that won’t they?

Step 8, when challenged take down your Facebook page and run for cover.

Step 9, when the SEO marketing Facebook page is challenged too, close that page too and stick your fingers in your ears and go ‘la-la-la-la-laaaa.’

Step 10, stare blankly at a very pointed question aimed at your marketing company on Twitter and wonder whether you should close that account too.

I’m presuming Step 11 will involve all parties sitting there sweating and wondering when it’s safe to poke their noses out from behind the social media sofa and start doing business again online.

A fellow friend and comper is in the process of reporting them to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) which is all they deserve.

This was an actual competition run by an actual estate agents on Facebook today in conjunction with an actual SEO marketing company.  Without naming names…

I’ll leave you to do the detective work.  ;O)

I think this blog post from Di Coke will probably do most of the leg work though, both of these companies have been well and truly caught out.  Check out Diane’s fabulous, accurate, well informed comping page for more info: HERE entitled ‘”Hey boss, how about we run a fake competition to win an iPad?’


Babyhuddle Competition!

Babyhuddle Competition!  

Win £300 towards your dream list 

When you become a parent, there are stacks of things you might need to buy – somewhere for baby to sleep, clothes to keep them warm, and lots and lots of cleaning products, for starters!

But what else would you put on your dream shopping list for a new baby?

Here’s your chance to tell Babyhuddle, by creating your own dream shopping list for baby – and thanks to Babyhuddle, if your list is chosen, you could win £300 towards the items on your shopping list. That’s not all – if you share this competition with your readers, you AND one of your readers could both win £100 towards a dream shopping list. How cool is that?

Babyhuddle is the UK’s first baby social commerce site, where parents share their top recommendations on what products to get, when to get them and how to use them. By participating in this competition you are helping new and existing parents learn from your experience, which is really awesome.

How it Works

To enter the competition, just visit the Babyhuddle website to create a profile, including uploading a picture of yourself

Use the Babyhuddle ‘make a list’ feature to create a dream list of products you wish you owned, including at least 7 products with a total value of £300 or more. For each product, tell us briefly why you’d love that product. Remember to give your list a name, like ‘toddlers essentials’ or ‘dream nursery’ – the more creative, the better!

Please tag your list ‘dream list’ to ensure your competition entry is recorded.

 Here’s the list I made if you’d like to have a look at an example list!  Very easy to do and a huge prize at stake too:  “Bedroom Decor and Bedding” on Babyhuddle

School Sports Day!

School Sports Day!

Darlek had her school sports day last week, luckily the sun shone, which is a minor miracle considering the weather we’ve had recently.  Sausage and I trekked over there to cheer her on complete with waterproofs just in case.  I took my shouty voice with me too so I could cheer her on, proper overenthusiasic mum stylee.

We shuffled in alongside the other parents who were watching and waving at their kids and once I’d allocated us a space I plonked myself down cross legged on our canvas shopping bag and hoped that the slightly soggy field wouldn’t soak through to my jeans.  Sausage decided I looked like a decent place to sit and perched on my lap until my legs went dead and I thought I’d fall over if I stood up.

It was lovely to see Darlek sat with a group of girls chatting and chanting the names of the kids bombing past me full belt, all legs and flailing ponytails.   Nothing makes me happier than to see her in the thick of things.

I know how important these events are to Darlek, she is extremely competitive. Dunno where she gets it from! (there’s a wry smile for you).  The day before she’d been stood in our living room whirling her arms around, jumping up and down, ‘practising’ and saying how good she was at the hurdles and about how she’d definitely win. Although I do love a positive attitude, I had to remind her that it probably wouldn’t do her any favours to tell her class mates that she was going to win, and that she was really, really good at running.  A little modesty goes a long way!  Anyway, she grinned and said she knew, but that she’d win anyway.  I have to admire her spirit, even if I do cringe at her over-confidence a little sometimes.

So, when she stood at the starting line, poised, little fists clenched, glaring at the finishing line, I wished her speed and that she’d be a gracious winner.  At the very least I hoped she’d just enjoy the thrill of the race and not be heartbroken if she didn’t come first. Either or would be fine.  Then she was off!


Darlek thundered past me, with the other kids, keeping up nicely; throwing herself over the hurdles; balancing the rubber ring on her head, swinging the hula hoop over her head and back to the ground and then headed straight for the finish line – legs all over the place like a panicked giraffe. I yelled ‘Come on Darlek!  Go go go-go-go!  You can do it!’  (obviously I didn’t actually call her a Darlek, I’d never live that one down).

To my shame, I can’t actually remember if she won that race or not, I think she came second.  I know she came first in one of the races, maybe it was the egg and spoon race.  What I do remember is how proud I was of her, giving her all.  She didn’t cheat either as far as I could see.  Totally focused on her goal, running like her life depended on it…..’Go girl!’ I’m grinning as I type.

Sausage and I mucking about with the camera on the sportsfield. I look just a little windswept!

The sun came out behind the muggy clouds and it felt like an oven had been switched on, Sausage complained that he was thirsty and bored so I had to ply him with a bottle of water I’d bought and tickle him to keep him entertained.  It was nice, although it did go on for aaaaages.  By the end of it all the canvas bag wasn’t doing its job very well, and I was looking forward to ambling off, but I did enjoy sitting out in a field for an hour or so.  Some of the kids are so cute, many parents obviously do what I do and buy oversize games kits so that the kids grow into them and they get proper use out of them, so they look tiny in huge pairs of shorts and massive floppy tee shirts.

On the way hone Darlek very proudly displayed her ‘1st ‘and ‘2nd’ stickers on her tee shirt.  She did say that she thought the teachers hadn’t judged one of the races correctly and that she thought she should have come first, but that’s just Darlek.  As she gets older I’m hoping she won’t worry so much about these things.  We lost one of the stickers on the walk and had to backtrack to find it.  Can’t be doing with losing them now can we!  I suspect she’s put them in the treasure box that she hides under her bed.  This treasure box is stuffed with the merit certificates she’s gained over the years, her certificates for fire safety training when the fire brigade visited, drawings she’s proud of and probably Squinkies. She fell out with her actual dedicated Squinkie box after her dad stuck a label on the box that said ‘Stinkies!’ to wind her up.  Bad dad!

As a final thought, I do hope she realises that these treasures and certificates and achievements are worthwhile, but they aren’t everything.  If she doesn’t always win, it’s just the way life is, the way it will always be.  The important thing is to run and live and love like your life depends on it, which it does.  Sometimes it’ll work out and you’ll be a winner, sometimes it won’t.  The trick is to keep trying and put your heart into everything, because that’s what matters.

I suspect I’m writing that as if I’m storing up a little life lesson for her when she’s older and actually reads this stuff.  Can’t help it.  I watch her pegging at full speed through her 7 year old life, and wonder at what she’s learning sometimes.  I hope it’s the character building sort of stuff that will stand her in good stead when she doesn’t have her mum stood on the sidelines cheering her on anymore. Although I’ll always be there in spirit, jumping up and down, waving my arms like an idiot and shouting ‘Go Gettem!!!!’

Olympic Meme!

An Olympic Meme

It is nearly time for the Olympics, the first time they have been hosted in this country since 1948. I have been tagged in an Olympic meme by the lovely Goriami from The Goriami Family!  I have been reliably informed that Goriami’s are not vicious fish, she is in fact a very lovely blogger and not fishy at all.  Please visit her site and say hi from me, so there’s a recommendation to start with!

The Rules
“Here’s how to join in… simply write your own blog post answering the Olympic questions below and then tag other bloggers to join in and share their answers. Don’t forget to share the love with links to the lovely bloggers you are tagging and back to me if you are feeling generous!”
So here we go:

If every day tasks were Olympic events what would you get a gold medal in?

I’d get a gold medal in hill walking, herding kids, and carrying heavy bags – all at the same time.  A school run triathlon thingumajig.

As a child (or now even) did you excel at a particular sport and if so which one?

I wasn’t bad at swimming, but always came second, which annoyed me no end.  I was also nearly the reserve on the school high jump team, because I have quite long legs.  That is absolutely it.  Apart from that I was fairly useless.

Michael Phelps (swimmer) or Michael Johnson (runner) – which sport appeals to you more?
Swimming suits me better.  I was an appalling runner.  I think the time to run is when there’s something bitey running after you, otherwise I’d rather not.

How fast can you get out of bed and ready to go out the door if you miss the alarm and sleep in?
5 mins, if I have to get both kids out the door too, I reckon 20 mins.  This process usually involves olympic screaming matches too. Ie:
Me:  ‘Get yer shoes on NOW!!!!’   Kids: ‘NO! And I can’t find them anyway!!!!’

What fantasy sport would you like to see made into an Olympic event?
Pig racing, with little harnesses and small children in big hats

 Claim to fame time – Have you ever met an Olympian and who was it?
Sharron Davies, she came to our school once and I have a terrible photo of me somewhere looking very sheepish sat next to her.

What event in past Olympics can you remember most vividly?
I don’t really watch the Olympics to be honest.  I like the ribbon twirling athletic thing, cos it’s pretty. I’m not girly or nuffink.  I can remember casually watching that with a cuppa and going ‘Oooh!  That’s clever!’ every now and then in previous years.

Tuning in at home, not for me or tickets clamped ready in sweaty palms?
Not even sure if I’ll tune in at home, I’m just not into sport very much at all.  Sorry.  I’ll definitely watch the opening of the Olympics though, I love all the pomp and ceremony.

Who do you think most deserves a gold medal? (any walk of life not just Olympians)

This is probably rather a random answer, but I’d love to award a joint gold medal to two people who have influenced my life loads, although they won’t realise it –  Jason Dale and Kirsty from Loquax. It is the best competition website on the internet if you ask me.  That site is run like clockwork, is constantly updated, written with a comper’s passion and through their hard work, fair nature, sense of humour and determination it has gone from strength to strength over many years now.  Because of the work they put in, they make a whole community of compers into winners too.  They are the reason I’m still on the internet, still comping, still blogging and still networking my socks off.  I found so many of my friends through that site, and they deserve some recognition.  So there you go!  Essay over.

I am tagging Liz Burton at Me and My Shadow and Emma Jones at 4 Munchkins Plus Mummy

Sorry about the random spacing on this blog, WordPress had a hissy fit.

A Competition to Say Thank You!

A Competition to Say Thank You!

I’m proud and very happy to say that I’m just two followers away from having 150 blog subscribers.

I just need two more people to sign up and then I’ve reached a lovely round number and then I’ll run a random draw for a blog follower to win one of my hand made items of jewellery.

Do you know anyone you could recommend this blog to?  If so, please give them a nudge and once they’ve signed up and I’ve got my 150 followers I’ll run the draw!

Please comment on any other of my other posts if you’d like to be entered into the draw,  (the comments below are entered already btw) just say you’d like to be in the ‘Thank you Comp’.

If you’re on Twitter, please tweet me too!  Don’t forget to check back on here to see if you’ve won after I’ve randomly drawn a winner.  I will announce the end of the comp on Twitter and Facebook.

And thanks!  I so appreciate all your comments, your feedback and your support!

P.S I’ve got my 150 followers now!  WooHoo!  I’ll just wait 48 hours so that people who get this blog via email have time to respond and then I’ll run a random draw.  And again!  Thank you! :O) xx

A Christmas Competition, Courtesy of Yours Truly!

A Christmas Competition, Courtesy of Yours Truly!

As you may have noticed the Brink of Bedlam has been as chaotic as ever this year – you have been treated to toy reviews, family life rants, photography articles, recipes (sane and insane) and creative writing excerpts.  I once read somewhere that a blog is a direct reflection of the author’s life – well I must be very random and erm…I have a broken link. Now, now, don’t you dare laugh!

I have to admit, the one thing I love more than anything is hearing that you’ve enjoyed the posts, or that they’ve made you think or laugh.  It makes it all worthwhile.  In 2012 I want to carry on writing and making the bloggy journey worthwhile…..so I’m asking you for a little feedback in return for the chance to win £20 worth of Amazon vouchers.  This competition is only for current blog subscribers and UK residents (although I’ll make an exception for my mates @Slightlydoolaly and @Naviguesser)

All you have to do is comment constructively on the last year’s blogging exploits.  What did you enjoy most, what would you like to see more or less of for example?  More comps? More reviews? Less reviews? More creative writing? Less waffling?  More recipes, normal or ridiculous?  More link ups? More or less memes? Topical articles on parenting issues or articles on whatever topic is roaming around my head at the time.  Should the presentation be improved, should I focus on just one topic and do the ‘niche blogging’ thing?  Should I write shorter posts?  What do you think?

I’d particularly like to hear from people who haven’t commented before, there’s 124 of you in total and each and every opinion counts – and of course, every person who comments will be put in the draw which will be drawn randomly on the 12th December.  Obviously any and every comment will be noted, but pretty please don’t just say ‘ I think it’s crap’or ‘I think it’s good’  without saying why.

Without meaning to sound over the top, since having left work six years ago, this blog has been my biggest and most challenging project – apart from raising my two kids of course, that goes without saying.  My little blog means the world to me and I want it to be as good as it can possibly be.  Your help will be invaluable!

My decision is final by the way!  *stands arms folded and looks fierce*
I’ll write names on a piece of paper and get the kids to choose one, so it’ll be completely fair, promise. x

12 Days of Christmas! – Thanks to UKMumsTV!

12 Days of Christmas!  

Thanks to UKMumsTV! 

Win RastaMouse! 

We loved his ziggy-zaggy tail!

Today is the 1st December and if you’re anything like me it’s the beginning of the whirlwind that is Christmas.  I’m tired even thinking about it all.  Presents, cards, food, plays, stockings, decorations, trees – none of which I have organised as yet.  Oops.  Someone throw me a strong length of tinsel will you?  I need to haul myself out of November and swing into December like a festive tarzan.  *Kay yodels like the screen star and frightens the cat*

Thanks to UKMumsTV I’ve been given a bundle of toys to kick start your toy inspiration.  I’ve been particularly stuck for present ideas for our two this year.  Darlek wants a mobile phone – not gonna happen!  Sausage wants a dog, not until hell freezes over!   Apparently Father Christmas is ready and willing to deliver both, but I’m going to intercept him half way down the chimney and refuse him  entry until he puts both mobile phone and puppy back in his sleigh for the next kid on his list.  Oh, I’m such a spoilsport!

The firsts toy on the 12 Days of Christmas inspiration list is ………..Rastamouse!  We thought he was a fabulous mouse when we reviewed him and I’m offering him up as a prize.  If you’d like to read the review, please click HERE!

All you have to do is comment here about your favourite Christmas toy and for an additional entry you can tweet ‘I’ve entered Brink of Bedlam’s Christmas competition for a Rastamouse Plush toy #Rastamouse http://brinkofbedlam.co.uk/’

You could subscribe to the blog too if you like, then you won’t miss out on further competitions in the future?  If you do, you’ll have an extra entry in this giveaway!

Pls comment saying what you have done in regards to entering the comp – ‘tweeted, commented and subscribed’ for example.  Thank you!

What you waiting for man?! (add Rastamouse accent)

This competition ends on the 12 Dec at 24.00, so you’ll have time to wrap him up for your little ‘uns.  UK Residents only.