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Penguins and Parcels For Delivery!

Penguins and Parcels For Delivery!

Just to get you into the swing of things all Penguiney, this is a visual illustration of how I’ve been over the summer hols.  I’m so thankful for the British Education system and for all the wrong reasons!  Freedom!

Anyway, now to explain why I’m bombarding you with black and white flippery birds again. It’s because I have more news about the Penguins….big news….big, big, BIG news!  Big, massive, Emperor Penguin sized news! (and let me tell you, they’re BIG birds you wouldn’t want to mess with!)

Let me just outline where I’m up to just in case you’re new to the Penguin Amnesty campaign: 

I asked people to donate penguins in all shapes sizes and forms so they could be featured in a vlog  in my lovely kitchen which features a gorgeous american fridge freezer amidst a lot of fake snow, sent to me for review by Appliances Online.  You can see the vlog review  of the freezer HERE if you like.  I say ‘Here’s a shelf’ rather a lot.  (This is the straight review, I’m still working on the one with penguins in by the way)

I did this because I adore my new fridge freezer and I couldn’t believe my luck when it I was chosen to review it. I decided I’d pass on some of my good fortune by running the Penguin Amnesty campaign.

Every single penguin or donation is being sent onto Post Pals after the Penguin Amnesty vlog – coming soon to a puter near you!  Basically the tenuous link between the freezer and the penguins is that penguins like cold things, like erm…freezers… so they show it off quite nicely…and it’s great being able to find lovely new homes for penguins with kids who will love them.  That’s the train of thought anyway.  It makes sense in my head anyway!

Post Pals - Putting a Smile on Childrens Faces

After the vlog they’ll be posted off to Post Pals which is a fabulous charity that aims to cheer up very poorly kids by sending them post to brighten their days. . (also a work in progress)

The Penguin Amnesty galleries can be seen below, the idea is to show the penguins in their unnatural environment (ie, my home) and credit everyone for their generosity.  This is still being updated as penguins are still arriving!  There’s three Penguin Amnesty galleries because the campaign has been so much of a success that I ran out of room on one blog and had to extend it.  Happy days!

Penguin Amnesty Gallery Part 1 – Click HERE!

Penguin Amnesty Gallery Part 2 – Click HERE!

Penguin Amnesty Gallery Part 3 – Click HERE!

‘Twit-Twoooooo Whooo are yoooouu!’ One of my favourite photographs from the Penguin Amnesty gallery donated by the lovely Rhoda from the ‘Ramblings of a Foggy Mind blog.’ Thank you Rhoda!

Please do remember that anyone who has donated a penguin for the vlog or who has sent me a donation is being put in a prize draw for some penguin prizes – this is being drawn after the vlog has been completed.

The absolutely hilarious penguin outfit that was sent to me by my Twitter mate Jo Bean will also be auctioned in aid of PostPals, it’s adult sized so can’t be posted onto PostPals kids, unless I can find a 5ft 7 child.

Does my bum look big in this?

That is just the beginning of it all though! And now for the BIG NEWS I’ve been babbling on about…………

This is the mega, mega MEGA exciting bit.  *Kay jumps about in a room filled with over-excited penguins shouting Noo-Nook!*

P4D, otherwise known as Parcels for Delivery have chosen Post Pals and the Penguin Amnesty project as their nominated charity for the months of November and December.  They’re supporting BBC Children In Need at the moment, but we’re next in line! I’m so excited!  If you want to have a beaky at their current charity sponsorship and how it all works please click HERE!  

So if you have a passion for penguins and Post Pals  you can send penguins to me and I will feature them on yet more Penguin Amnesty GalleriesPost Pals will also receive penguins from P4D customers and in early January, P4D will ship these penguins squawking en masse to me. I’ll post them off individually to Post Pals kids with the names of the people who donated them.  By that time Parcels for Delivery have all the donations in and the penguins will have their postage plus a bit extra hopefully, all accounted for.  Neat!

Sorry if I’ve over-explained things, I just think it’s important that you know what I’m doing considering how generous so many of you have been.

Post Pals, Parcels for Delivery and I will make sure your penguin donations reach the homes and hearts of Post Pals children, many of whom deal with painful and crippling diseases and conditions on a daily basis.   The plan is to bring some smiles to their faces, raise awareness of Post Pals and to pass on some good old Christmas cheer.  The campaign will end in January once the penguins have been posted,  brightening the start of the new year.

Although real penguins are cute, I really don’t expect to find a live one in a box. Please refrain from stealing from zoos, thank you!

Well, what do you think? And more importantly, what will you do? Can I suggest that you send me a penguin?  Please?  Pretty please with fish on the top?


Penguin Amnesty Gallery Part 3!

Penguin Amnesty Gallery Part 3!

I’ve had even more penguins sent over as part of my PostPals Charity blog review  in conjunction with Appliances Online and their lurvely Hotpoint American Fridge Freezer.

You could genuinely say this project of mine has snowballed!

Post Pals - Putting a Smile on Childrens Faces

If you’d like to see the Gallery Part 1 it is HERE, and if you’d like to have a look at the Gallery part 2, it is HERE!  Both have been regularly updated and you might find a few more additions there if you go and have a beaky.

Now…..I have to admit as I’ve been storing these penguins for a while, the kids have located my stash and they raided it one day, so it all got a bit chaotic for a bit.  As a result, if I’ve missed including your penguin, or if I’ve mislabeled any of them and have attributed them to the wrong donater, please, please do let me know.  Due to the success of this project I’ve really had my hands full with them all.

There’s also been two bereavements in the extended family in the last month and I’ve had rather a nasty Ulcerative Colitis flare, so that’s my excuse for my lack of organisation.  I never realised that funerals could be like buses, there’s none for 10 years and then two turn up in a matter of weeks. *sad smile* The penguins have been rather miserable recently too.  I’ve given them more tuna to cheer them up and they’re perking up nicely though you’ll be pleased to hear.

Anyway, here we go!  Some more additions to the penguin family!

Dudley Zoo sent a Penguin Adoption pack, a chocolate penguin and two tickets for a day out at the zoo too!

Dudley Zoo have been incredibly generous, this pack is chocka with badges, a chocolate penguin, an adoption pack, leaflets and as mentioned above, day passes.  I’m so grateful for their involvement, thank you Dudley Zoo!  (pls note that rhymes, I like that a lot)

Aw….Have you seen Patricia the Penguin leaning affectionately on Sausage’s monkey lunch bag? I think she likes monkeys a lot. The hand towel is so cute too!

Zooey Toornent sent Patrick and Tooloola. They’re very organised penguins and have told me off because my shelves are a disaster. I am thoroughly ashamed.  Both of them have threatened to re-organise things, I might let them, I can’t be arsed anyway.  Cheers Zoe!

Now this Penguin is special. Not only is he musical (note the microphone), he is also bright green, very squishy and glows in the dark. He claims to originate from the seas just off shore of Fukishima. I believe him.  Another donation from Zooey Toornent!

Babooskha the Eskimo penguin was donated by the ‘Play Merrily’ Toy Shop and is extremely imaginative. I keep finding her in the washing machine shouting ‘I’m in a spaceship!’ and ‘Blast off to Antarctica!’ Is this normal? I don’t think it is? I worry about my flippery mates you know.

The Play Merrily Toy Shop can be seen HERE and they a lovely range of toys, thanks for sending Babooshka!  Would you mind telling her to get out of the washing machine though please?  It’s bad enough with the penguins hogging the bathroom.

These are the gatecrashers! They are not penguins and the teddies at the back are wearing dark sunglasses, in fact they look a little shifty if you ask me. I told them ‘Your name’s not on the list, you can’t come in!’ but they barged past me anyway! The cheek!

Lucy Zelazowski donated this huge pile of toys, (they’re actually very lovely teddies and I appreciate them loads, as will a poorly child from PostPals).  It’s so sweet of you, cheers midears!

Dennis the Penguin and his mate Monty the Monkey are both fitness freaks. They dutifully sit on the bikes in the front room, swaying from side to side as if balancing at high speeds, ALL THE TIME. Monty ‘Oooks!’ a lot and Dennis goes ‘Nook!’ a lot too, it’s very distracting in here when I’m trying to type you know.

The Balloon Baboon shop sent us these two, and my kids absolutely adore them!  They have said they will also send a penguin to a Post Pals child too, here’s a flipper full of applause for them! *Flip-Flap-FlipFlipFlip-Flapper*  Slap your flippers purlease!  Their truly original and exceptionally cute site can be found HERE.

Some of the older penguins are teaching the younger ones to read. These little books help a lot. (Thanks Zoe again!) x

I think it’s important that the penguins learn about their heritage and where they came from. They currently live in a house in the north-west of the UK, eating fish from cans – I’ve been concerned that they’d forget their roots. This book helps to remind them of where they came from!

The above book and the ones featured below all came from The Book Club.  The penguins here have read them cover to cover and have their seal of approval (which is very impressive, they’re not easily pleased you know!)  All of them will be passed on to Post Pals kids.  Thanks Charlie!  Their website can be found HERE!

Who would have thought there were Penguin Fairies?! It’s all news to me!

There’s even Spy Penguins! I’m well impressed!

Curious penguins are not new to me though. I’ve found so many of them wandering around the house investigating the fridge, the cupboards, the bathroom, even my filing drawers!  I think they’ve naturally beaky.

I still have quite a few more to add, so if yours isn’t updated as yet, please be patient.  And if I’ve mislabelled any of them, honestly do tell me, in fact I’d be so grateful if you would.  I’d hate to think I didn’t appreciate any of your donations.  InkyPrints, and Jenny Orpwood, I’ll add yours as soon as I can.

Because of recent events I’ve just not managed to get the vlog done, although I can show you this picture.  Sis and I have been working on converting the kitchen across the road into a Penguinarium (whatever one of them is).  It involved a lot (and I mean a LOT) of polystyrene balls and cut out snowflakes.

Can I just say, tiny polystyrene balls stick to absolutely everything, hair, hands, freezers, penguins. They were a little more effective than even I wanted them to be. We will never, ever, be able to clear the house of them!

We’ve been worried about the neibours ringing the Men in White Coats.  Sis suggested that they probably think we’re having a weird kind of nervous breakdown and are having conversations along these lines:

Man: ‘Do you know that woman over there is grating huge lumps of polystyrene?’

Woman: ‘Really?!!!’

Man: ‘Yes, really.   With a garden fork and a cheesegrater.’

Woman: *stares in disbelief through net curtains*

Man: ‘They’re also lining up stuffed penguins on the doorstep’

Woman: *locks door*

I’m not sure if we’ll be friends with the new neibours or not, I suspect they’ll avoid us like the plague.

As a final note, I think (details to be finalised) I have found an amazing courier who will help with fundraising and postage.  I’ll update with more solid information when it’s all been finalised.  I am ecstatic!

P.P.P.P…. Post a Penguin!!!

P.P.P.P…..Post a Penguin!!!

(and there’s even P.P.P.P……Prizes at the bottom of the P.P.P.P…Page)

One of the unwritten rules of blogging, tweeting and emailing is apparently not to use too many exclamation marks.  Can you believe it!!!????!!!!!

Anyway, fekkit.  This week my colitis has been utterly pants, and although I’m on vast doses of Asacol, Azathioprine, Citalopram (cos this goddam illness makes me miserable), iron tablets and Predisnolone – my condition is again flaring.  So I’ve felt rather downbeat for the last week, and in consequence I’ve felt rather unenthusiastic about  most things, apart from sleeping.  I’m VERY enthusiastic about sleeping.

This has meant I’ve felt unable to write, tweet or generally be ‘Wahey!’ about anything.  Today though, I decided enough was enough, and vowed to get back on the horse (penguin if you prefer) and blog.  So here I am, and I’m going to use a load of !!!!!!!!!’s to make myself sound my usual self.  They always say (whoever ‘they’ are), if you make an effort to ‘be’ a certain way, it can actually make you feel that way.  So I’m !!!!!’ing my way back into positivity!!!!!! *boing*

(I know you can’t ride penguins before you look blankly at me, it just seemed a fitting turn of phrase considering, and beside I’d like to try and ride one of those really big emperor penguins, I reckon they might be big and beefy enough to cope with a sort of piggy back)

I put off the Penguin Amnesty vlog this weekend, because I have at least five penguins belly flopping their way over here, and I didn’t want them to miss out – but this does have to be done, so P-Day is this Saturday, come what may!

I’m well aware that I have committed myself to this, and as I’ve said all along, I’ve got a fabulous fridge freezer from Appliances Online so if it costs me a fair whack to post these penguins on then so be it, I’ve still had a fabulous stroke of luck and feel it is my personal duty via karma to pass that on.  It seems almost wrong to ask for more support considering how massively generous you lovely people have already been, but if you’ve enjoyed the gallery, if you’ve enjoyed reading the terrible jokes on Twitter, if you’ve wanted to donate a penguin but couldn’t find one – please would you consider donating a couple of squid/quid (either will do, the penguins eat squid too) towards posting these delightful, penguins on to some lovely, very poorly kids at PostPals.

Anyone who donates will have their names added to the cards that will be included with the penguins that are posted to these children.  In a nutshell, (penguin egg), I’ll be posting packages that all include the names of the people who donated the penguins and the names of the people who donate towards postage too. And you’ll get a mention on this gorgeous blog of mine too.

Soooo……deep breath.  If you are interested, or if you’ve expressed an interest you can donate HERE: this is PostPal’s charity giving account and it will go towards ridding me of these adorable, but sometimes slightly domineering penguins. (they still won’t get out of the bath!!!!!!!!)

The minimum donation on that site is £5 which I think is maybe a little bit much for some people so if you’d like to donate less than that you can donate via my own PayPal address.  I am not about to go on an exotic holiday to the Antarctic with my newfound Penguin friends, so you can trust me. It’s more than my life’s worth to rip anyone off so you have no need to worry about such things. I intend to blog and hang around for many years to come, so I’m not going to commit penguin fraud with your donations.  ‘Flipper on heart’ that is the truth.

My email address and PayPal address is kay@rubbermonkeys.co.uk.  Go on, spam me to the moon and back you spammers you! (including an email address on a public website is akin to a spammers dream come true apparently)

Anyone who has donated a penguin or a squid or a quid will be put into a draw to win one of these too by the way.

Here’s Josephine the ultra-stylish, hip and trendy penguin modelling the prizes that you could win if you donate to the Penguin Amnesty!

A set of Penguin wine charms!

A Penguin bracelet! This would look beautiful on any flipper!

A hand painted, signed Penguin keyring from the very talented child artist, Dylan Ward (featured by Noel Edmonds)

Many thanks to Dylan Ward and his mum for donating these to the Penguin Amnesty.  Aren’t they gorgeous!

Just make sure you comment on this blog or email me to say when you have donated so that I can keep track of how much you’ve given and who you are, so I can make sure you’re credited for your generosity on here.

I don’t mind if you donate 10p, anything at all is so much appreciated. Nobody is exactly flush these days with business, life, being as it is.  But I do know that everyone has a heart….. and that, if everyone who reads this can who thinks ‘I wish I could help’  could make even a teeny tiny donation, it would make such a difference.  It’s not hard to make a donation online and me and the Post Pals kids would appreciate it so much.  So many of them have a terrible time, if we can help to brighten their dark days, I think that’s something worth doing.

So, what are you waiting for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???!!!!

(see, excessive punctuation yet again, do I sound ‘boingy’ enough for you yet?  Funnily enough, even just writing this post and using lots of !!!!!’s  has actually made me feel less upset about the state of my health/arse/stomach already)

The Penguin Amnesty Gallery Part 2!

The Penguin Amnesty

Gallery Part 2!

I just cannot believe how successful this blog review campaign has been!  Thanks to Appliances Online and their fabulous fridge freezer for their inspiration and thanks to everyone who has donated so far!

Spot the Penguin! I’ll be doing a straight review (without penguins) later this week. The penguin vlog will follow shortly afterwards so if you want your penguin featured, be quick!

All these penguins just keep on flip-flopping and slippery-sliding their way over here!  It’s wonderful to see just how generous people are and how thoughtful they are too.  I’ve run out of room on the first The Penguin Amnesty Gallery so I’ve had to start a separate post.  If you’d like to view the first gallery, please do waddle your merry way over there and have a nosey (or a beaky) at how many there are now, and see how they’re settling into their temporary home before they’re posted on to the Post Pals charity. I must say I still can’t get into the bath, or use the sink because of Peter and his mates, I must remember to try and tempt them out of there with tins of salmon or something. The first Penguin Amnesty gallery is HERE  There are penguins playing footie, directing cars, playing in the bath, flower arranging….

Anyway!  Here’s more penguin pics!  I bet you can smell the fish from here!  Phoooey!  Hold your nose if it all gets a bit much.

You’ve heard of that old favourite ‘Chicken-in-a-Basket?’ Well here’s ‘Penguins-in-a-Basket!’ We shan’t be eating these though. That would be wrong, wrong, wrong!

Pinky and Perky, the knitted penguins, were sent by Elaine Kidd; she very kindly sent two of them in case one of them got lonely.  They have made friends with Percival in the middle who was donated by Margaret and Anna.  They are getting on quite swimmingly, perhaps too swimmingly…  They’re all bathroom pests!  Somebody save me from a fate worse than stinky!

Top That Publishing sent some gorgeous Penguin themed children’s books, they are so cute and will be very much loved by the Post Pals children.  Here they are!

Mummy Barrow from the Mummy Barrow blog sent gorgeous little penguin book about being brave, and some chocolate ducks which look like penguins if you stare at them at the right angle and imagine that they’re black and white.

I thought this book was particularly appropriate for Post Pals.

The Prezzy Box have donated a Penguin Adoption pack for a little penguin fan.  Many thanks to them for being joining in with the Penguin Amnesty!

Imagine having your very own adopted penguin! Some little girl or boy will love having a penguin in the family!

And finally (for this update at least) – this is my favourite photo of the evening.  I have put a penguin in space!  Douglas Adams didn’t feature many penguins in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, so I’ve remedied that.  The universe needs more penguins in space.  I think they’d like it.  Patrick the Penguin does anyway.

See, he lurves it! He’s floating around in space exactly the same way a brick doesn’t.

Over the last week I’ve had a ton of penguins arrive on the doorstep looking lost and bewildered.  I think they were a tad worried about where they’d ended up.  One in particular, sent by Liz Burton from the Me and My Shadow blog and Vita from The Goriami Family blog, was in a parcel that said ‘To the Penguin Catcher!’  Let me tell you, she was one nervous penguin!  Poor thing thought we were going to cook her!  She calmed down eventually after some reassurance and a tin of tuna at least.  Here she is!

‘Pimelda’ likes shoes! In the morning I get up, I put my socks on, I dash around looking for footwear, and what do I find?!! A penguin snoozing in my pumps! They’re a damn nuisance I tell you!  Nearly trod on this one the other day.

Next we have Persphone!  She likes to give out the orders around here, and it’s not just the penguins she harasses either.  Look at this!

Yes we have a plush moose head on the wall! Persephone the Penguin is very perplexed by this, and thinks that it this is simply a moose that has run into the wall too fast and that the rest of its body is stuck next door. She doesn’t ‘Nook-Nook!’ or ‘Sqwark!’ she sits on top of the poor thing and shouts ‘Back up a bit!’ and ‘Reverse NOW!’ all the time. The moose refuses to move and she’s just stuck up there on her pointless penguin mission.  Poor love, she has the best of intentions I’m sure.

Many thanks to Dylan Ward and his mum for sending this very determined, (even if slightly misguided) penguin.  Please do have a look at his website called Dylans Wonders, this lad really is crazy about penguins and has a heart of gold  too, he’s literally raised thousands for charity and is an inspiration really.

Who in their right mind teaches penguins how to play the keyboard! Elaine, I’m not happy you know. 3am, I’m just dropping off to sleep……and then they’re off again playing ‘Tiddle-Om-Pom-Pom’ and shouting ‘Fish!!!’ in the scale of C. Driving us potty they are! Night after night! I thought the kids were bad, but they’re nothing compared to Pyche and Pugsley.

Elaine from the Fun-As-A-Gran blog sent these two, and I wish she’d not trained them ‘musically’ before she sent them over.  Couldn’t you have trained them to wash up or make dinner or do something useful!  For goodness sake! *rolls eyes*

Liz Burton also sent a very cute penguin book, a penguin bookmark and a Happy Feet Two DVD! Thank you!

This penguin calls himself Romeo, he’s a little charmer. The rose was nicked from our garden after one of his moonlit waddles, I think he’s after Persephone to be honest, he keeps grabbing the rose in his beak and waving it at her. So romantic!

Zoe Toornent sent us Romeo, and the two other penguins shown below.  Thanks Zoe!  We love them and a PostPals child will love them too!

Petrone and Pentacle felt a scared (I’ll tell you why in a minute) so they found Snowy the Polar Bear to take care of them. He’s says he’ll teach them to ice-skate but they’re not keen on being seen at the ice-rink with a Polar bear in a dress.

If you’re of a sensitive disposition you might want to skip this next photo.  Although the majority of the penguins are very good natured, we have had ‘incidents’ such as this:

These three ganged up on poor Parnassus and shouted ‘Put yer flippers up! They said he had a daft name and threatened him with a Star Trek gun, luckily it was only set to ‘Stun’ so he was unhurt although rather shaken. Penguin gang warefare is a new phenomenon here and we are considering involving the Penguin Police. This is why the others found it necessary to find a Polar Bear bodyguard for safety, even if he is wearing a tutu.

To be absolutely honest, I think I’ve reached the point where I have an elegant sufficiency of penguins (and I want my bathroom back!) – but if you have already arranged to send a penguin, please feel free to!  I just have to be careful not to overstretch myself, as these do all have to be posted on to Post Pals by me.  With that in mind, if you haven’t been able to find a penguin to send, please consider donating towards postage, it would help a lot.  I have a couple of lovely couriers who have expressed an interest in this project, but I haven’t been able to arrange anything solid or costs or anything just yet as I have an unknown quantity of penguins so far to transport.

If you’d like to have a look at the Penguin Amnesty Gallery Part 1 to see what the other penguins have been up to, please click HERE!

Also, if you’ve sent me a penguin and they haven’t been featured, please do let me know!  The Royal Whale / Royal Mail I should say (I’ve got fish on the brain) isn’t always quite as reliable as it should be sometimes, although they’ve done me proud so far I think.

I’m hoping to do the Penguin Amnesty vlog next weekend and am praying for snow rather than rain as it would be soooo much more appropriate and it would be a nice change to drizzle to be honest.

Anyone who donates penguins or postage will be credited for their kindness on here, and the penguins, Post Pals and I will love ya forever too!  Can’t beat that!
Post Pals - Putting a Smile on Childrens Faces

Appliances Online! The Inspiration for the Penguin Amnesty!

Appliances Online!  The Inspiration for the Penguin Amnesty!

Please click HERE to see how many penguins have been donated and what they’ve all been up to!  The house is full of ’em!  All of them are being donated to the Post Pals charity after this blog/vlog review has been completed. I’ve been amazed by how generous people have been .  Here’s a flipper full of applause for the lot of you!
Post Pals - Putting a Smile on Childrens Faces

I know I’ve gone on about penguins rather a lot recently, and this is why!  Finally I am announcing the blog review product that inspired it all!

…………………..please click your beaks in an excited fashion……………………..

Here it is!  

APPLIANCES ONLINE sent this Silver Hotpoint MSZ900NDF American Freestanding Fridge Freezer over to the Brink of Bedlam household to review and I simply couldn’t believe my luck and good fortune.  I think it’s only fair to pass on the good karma and do something for someone else, so erm…penguins.  It does make sense honest!

So, I’m doing one straight vlog review without penguins, and then another daft one with penguins.  I hope you’ll watch both.  The penguins are very fussy and will give you their honest opinion, as will I.

The Penguins and the kids love it! Especially the ice-maker ;O)