Well, where to start…..

My husband suggested I write ‘Hello my name’s Bob and I eat fishfingers’ but I’m ignoring him.

I am a happily married 30-something mother to two kids – a cheeky 6 year old girl and a rambunctious 3 year old boy.  For their privacy I’ve decided to call them Darlek and Sausage, my gorgeous girl and beautiful boy respectively.  Don’t ask me why, it’s a long complicated winding road of an explanation.  Let’s just say it’s something to do with Dr Who and my son’s obsession with eating meat (I swear he was a lion in a former life!)  My husband, on his request, is known as Horace.  I have no idea why although I think it might be something to do with a frog and a computer game from donkey’s years ago.

As for me, I have a quirky sense of humour and like to look for the sparkle in the ordinary day to day slog. This, I hope, is reflected in my blogging and my so called ‘wry observations’ on life.  My passions in life are my family and nature. I love nothing more than climbing a huge hill and taking in a fantastic view, with my, more often than not, reluctant family in tow.

As for blog content, the name ‘Brink of Bedlam’ and the tagline ‘Balancing Precariously on the Edge’ are very telling.  This blog is probably about as chaotic as my life to be absolutely  honest. Domestic goddess I am not, in fact ‘Domestic Disasteress’ would be more appropriate.  I write about my life in general, the ups, the downs, the wobbly bits, the twists, turns and the getting lost bits.  It’s all here and you’re very welcome to have a read and join our family on our journey as we muck up the map reading.

Ocassionally I post reviews of children’s books and toys, or services & online shops I’m particularly impressed with , every now and then I’ll do a ridiculous vlog (video blog if you’re curious) – all in all I write as the mood takes me.  I dabble with cookery, and have a lot of enthusiasm and nil culinary talent, but that doesn’t stop me.

My fabulous ongoing blog sponsors are TP Toys, Muddy Puddle Clothing, Healthy Supplies,  Top That PublishingToyJeanius and I regularly post for UKMumsTv.  This gives me a chance to say thank you to them for believing in me and my blog meanderings.

I’m @Chaoskay on Twitter if you’d like to contact me about reviews, events or products or if you just want a daft conversation about the weather.

It goes without saying that the Brink of Bedlam blog comes with a virtual comfy sofa, a roaring fire, a glass of wine and a packet of chocolate biscuits that never run out.  Make yourself comfortable!  Always happy to make new friends!

Not quite a comfy sofa, but it'll do! :O) If you put a cushion down to stop your bum freezing you'll be fine!


25 responses to “About

  1. Yay!! What can I say, i hope that this will be full of twattern and sausages

  2. Testing testing, sausages??

  3. I can subscribe by ticking the box below…

  4. I look forward to reading all about your life & everything that goes on within it 😉

  5. Hey hun 🙂

    Was trying to think of the easiest way to contact you so hopefully this is ok 🙂

    I’ve awards you a stylish blogger award come and pick it up from


    Sarah xx (@Selene1611)

  6. Hiya! What’s your twitterid, I’m probably blind, but I can’t find it?

  7. Hi

    We’re running a competition to a win a CyberMummy 2011 ticket which you might be interested in. Please visit http://www.holidayparks4u.co.uk/about/cybermummy-2011-competition/ for more information on how to enter.


    • I’d rather be sponsored by a company that wishes to invest in my blog and my talents, than work with a company that is simply taking advantage of broke mummy bloggers. Lots of free advertising for you methinks! No thank you. :O)

  8. Bedlam eh? We have a Bedlam here in North Yorkshire! Nice to meet you.

  9. Hi Lady Bedlam!
    It’s Philip here from Cybercom; we’re a digital agency based in Dublin, Ireland. I’ve been reading your blog and think you’d be a perfect partner to review and feature a range of upcoming skincare products – ideally suited to busy mums – which we’ll be handling. If you’re interested in collaborating and earning a few rewards, please get in touch by mailing philip (dot) byrne (at) cybercom (dot) ie. I look forward to hearing from you!



  10. Signed up!

    K x aka @F_etak

  11. Hi Kay,
    Lovely to meet you on Saturday. Thanks for helping me with my bags!! Keep in touch.
    NNHM xx

    • Natasha Posted on Thank you for sharing your story. I’m sorry you are in pain, it’s very very diuifcflt. Try to stay positive and move forward. Peace and blessings, Natasha

  12. Just found you via Healthy Supplies and the words Wellgate Fish caught my eye……Please check out JoanneLikesFood on Face Book – I think we might be neighbours!

  13. What a great blog- I too love the idea that “life is like a box of chocolates” (altho I keep eating them :S)
    Happy blogging 😀

  14. anonymousalto

    I have a penguin book I could send you for Post Pals, would you like it?

  15. Such a wonderful life and a beautiful blog!

  16. Keep up the great work Kay. So glad I got back to reading your blog.

  17. Hello there,

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