Budweiser and Farming (Bit random, but there you go)


British Farmers Join Forces with Budweiser

Farmers from 23 farms across the United Kingdom are about to embark on a new program with AB InBev UK, the brewers of Budweiser.

These farmers will be working with AB InBev, to reduce their environmental footprint whilst growing the barley required to brew the famous brand.

The scheme is set to begin in January of 2015 and all involved will become a part of AB InBev’s SmartBarley℠ project.

This project gives farmers the power to measure their own barley production against other similar scale farms around the world.

The aims of the program are to increase productivity whilst reducing environmental impact.

Although nearly 2,000 farms around the world are already using the tool, this will be the first time that UK farmers have joined the SmartBarley℠ Initiative.

Jennifer Anton, the Marketing Manager for Budweiser said: “It is important to work with our supply chain to protect the environment”.

It seems that Jennifer is all too aware of the crucial role the company holds in protecting the environment and claims it is not a responsibility that AB InBev takes lightly.

John Rogers of AB InBev has spoken of his excitement of working together with UK farmers to achieve their shared goals of improved productivity, profitability and natural resource efficiency.


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