The New E-Cig On The Block

Bet you’ve never heard of these then!  They’re brand new on the UK E-Cig market, so you’re getting a unique review of a unique product here.  I was really pleased to be offered the chance to review them and sampled the E-Cigar, the Starter Kit, and the Disposables.  All were vaped and much appreciated.    Here’s a peek at some of the products they have for sale, many are on offer so if you’re interested in trying them be quick so you can take advantage of the deals.

Instant Use Disposables

Instant Use Disposables

I thought these were excellent value for money and they lasted well too.  I bought an E-Lite from a newsagents a while ago and it wasn’t a patch on the these.  A lot of disposables you can buy from shops are the equivalent of 30 cigarettes, these are worth 50 of ’em, so I know which I’d prefer to vape.  These taste like proper tobacco and you get a decent amount of vape from them.

Rechargeable Starter Kit

The packet was the real selling point for me, it flips open like a real packet of cigarettes, and black is a nice classic colour of course.  These aren’t too heavy in your hand and screw together and charge without any hassle.  Again, I liked the taste, which is always a good thing.  The throat hit is nice too, you feel like you’re  getting a proper nicotine fix and an enjoyable vape.

The E-Cigar

The E-Cigar

Let me tell you straight, I have NEVER smoked a cigar in my life so I have no comparisons to make.  My husband however has, and he assures me that it does taste like a real cigar and liked it.  Personally I thought it tasted of slightly sweet mouldy carpet, apparently that’s meant to be a good thing.  A huge plus point with this is that it seems to have a fabulous battery, duracel bunny kinda thing.  I’ve been testing the battery life on all of these products and let me tell you, this E-Cigar battery in particular refuses to die.  I gave up in the end because there’s only so much mouldy carpet a girl can vape without going a funny colour.  I did not vape this in public by the way, I would have felt like a complete tit, being a woman an’ all.  I’m all for equal equality and wearing trousers and swearing etc, but I’m not up for smoking a massive cigar whilst doing my shopping.  People would ‘talk’.

The Slim!

The Slim!

These are actually really different.  I’d not seen them until this review, they’re very small, very discreet and very light.  I also like the colour, because I’m shallow like that. Plus, and this is a big plus, check the price!  To my shame, I have sampled those dirt cheap E-cigs for a a quid that you can buy at discount stores and they are the absolute pits.  If you want to try E-cigs, but really don’t want to spend a lot of money, please don’t try them, try these!  I hate to think how many people have been put off by those awful things.

The Allure

The Allure

I guess what they’re trying to imply is that the Allure is alluring. It’s certainly an interesting shape, sleek, dressed in black and looks like a mascara – that makes it alluring surely? 10/10 for advertising at the very least.

The summary……well…..I feel a bit bad for saying this, but I do prefer my E-liquids rather than using refills and cartomisers.  Personally I like being able to choose the different flavours and chopping and changing when I feel like it. But there are different flavoured e-cigs available from Vapeze, and there is no doubt that the quality is good, the service is impeccable and it’s excellent value for money.   It all depends on what you like really.

Vapeze have a Facebook page and are currently running an E-Cig competition for a starter kit if you’d like to bob over there.  The link is HERE.  Please say I sent you.  The odds are brilliant at the moment as this is a new company that has just landed in the UK, and they are currently keen to build up new Facebook friends.

If you’d like to browse their website, you can find them here: Vapeze Website

Many thanks to Vapeze for allowing me to review for them.  I’m particularly grateful for the E-Cigar because it was just hilarious to sit and pretend to be Hannibal from the A-Team every now and then.


One response to “Vapeze

  1. I had to laugh at you saying you didnt smoke it in public as you didnt want to look a complete tit. Hahahahahahaha.
    I much prefer using liquids. Far more variation in flavours plus to me it seems to last longer.

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