Be Kind To Your Mattress

This may sound odd, but I’ve been very busy working on my most ambitious chainmaille project ever, and I’ll post pics soon to justify my absence.  It’s not quite armour but nearly ;o)  Anyway, summat about beds.  I have never been to anyone’s house where they’ve left the plastic sheets on the furniture, but I guess I just don’t know the right kind of people, *chuckles*.

Be Kind To Your Mattress

jumping on bed.

There are some things in life worth skimping on, and other things that just aren’t. If you’ve ever missed out on a decent night’s sleep, you’ll probably agree that beds (especially mattresses) fall into the latter category. It only took me a single night in a terrible hotel to come to the conclusion that, in terms of beds, you get what you pay for. Not that that means they have to be hugely expensive; I’ve recently been looking at the Bedstar website for inspiration, and while a decent mattress doesn’t have to break the bank, there’s plenty you can do to prolong the life of your existing bed – assuming it’s in good condition in the first place.


Moisture is the enemy of bedding and mattresses, and unfortunately for allergy sufferers (and people who are not too keen on sharing a bed with creepy crawlies) it’s also the friend of  dust mites. People are moist – it’s a proven fact. One good way to minimise unpleasantness is to pull back all the bedding and let the air get to it for a while, first thing in the morning. It’s a good idea to protect your mattress by using a washable cover; you can also buy mite-proof zip-up covers for mattresses and bedding.


Mattress turning is a bit of a chore (especially if you’re trying to turn a double on your own) but it’s well worth doing once in a while – say, four times a year. Don’t forget to swap it over side to side as well as end over end. It’ll keep the mattress more comfortable for longer, and as one of the most valuable large pieces of furniture we’re are likely to buy, we want to protect our investment!



We’ve all been to someone’s house and noticed that they’ve kept the plastic covers on the furniture. It’s not a great look, and it’s a very bad idea for mattresses in particular, which need to breathe. Look on the side of most mattresses and you’ll notice built-in vents – they’re there for a reason!

No Bouncing

If your kids are of a certain age, good luck with this next tip; don’t let them jump up and down on the bed! Explain to them how the lifespan of their mattresses will be impaired by this potentially dangerous activity, and watch as their young faces understand and accept your wisdom. Then leave the room and listen to the bouncing noises.


Finally, if you’re putting a mattress in storage, never roll it up and never put it at the bottom of a pile of heavy stuff. You’d be better off chucking it out and saving the storage fees!

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this post is in collaboration with Olivia Prat


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  1. Oh help, think I need to take my glasses back, and I did go to You Know Who! I read this as be kind to your mistress, and thought to myself what an odd blog – h e l p needed here please!

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