How Do You Spell Daffodil?

How Do You Spell Daffodil?


Just had to record a lovely 10 minutes spent laughing like a loon with my daughter.

Darlek: ‘Mum, how do you spell Daffodil?’

Feeling bored of being asked questions, I replied ‘F…..L…..O……G’

Darlek dutifully tries to fit the letters  ‘FLOG’ into her crossword.

She looks at me in disbelief and says ‘Flog? I can’t believe I just copied that out.’

Both of us collapse into giggles.

I tell her they’re actually called ‘Daffadilaflogs’ and struggle to keep a straight face.

Darlek grins at me and replies ‘Mum, don’t be an idiot’

I then inform her that a ‘Daffodilaflog is kind of like a dinosaur, similar to a Diplodocus.’

In my mind I have visions of a very camp dinosaur waltzing through a field of daffodils.

At this point Darlek realises she’s not going to get any sense out of her mum and proceeds to lie on the sofa upside down with her head hanging over the edge, and giggles loads.  I join in and it’s all very silly, but much more interesting than just spelling Daffodil properly.

Only a snippet of a moment in time, and a pointless one at that, but it was fun.  Happiness happens at the funniest of times.  Daffodil can also be spelt ‘Daffodilosilly’.  You learn something new every day.



One response to “How Do You Spell Daffodil?

  1. Awwh
    Great to see you blogging again

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