Boris and the Horn.

Boris and the Horn.

Boris ‘has got the horn’ quite literally. Pets at Home are stocking buffalo horns for dogs to chew on. I didn’t have the heart to ask about what happened to the rest of the buffalo for fear of finding out something truly horrendous. He likes it I think. He also ‘has the horn’ for his toy lion which is getting increasingly embarrassing. I sat in a pool of sunlight drinking a cup of tea and reading a book this afternoon, it was thoroughly relaxing – apart from when Boris started rolling around on the floor and humping the poor thing. I lost my page because I was giggling too much to concentrate. It’s so undignified. We’ve christened it his “Love Lion” now. It must be an awfully confused lion, he swings between savaging the poor thing to making sweeeet love to it. We may have pups of a very unusual kind in the house sometime soon.
For new readers, Boris is our dog, not my husband or anything.  Horace does not have any inclinations of that sort for stuffed lions.  At least he’s never told me of any.

2 responses to “Boris and the Horn.

  1. Having a Boris the Dog myself, this certainly rang a bell. Ours is now 2 and (mostly) past the humping stage, but I remember (not that fondly) having to rescue pillows from his amorous grasp! The only words of comfort I can offer are that he’ll grow out of it! 🙂

  2. This post reminded me that I’m still humming that beautiful Marc Cohn song from a month ago–it was new to me then.

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