Something Else.

Something Else. 



You still there?

You’re a patient one aren’t you.  I’ve been gone for a bit haven’t I.  Well you see, life gets in the way sometimes and in typical me-fashion, I’ve been distracted.  It’s the sparkly things that …..

‘Oooh!  What’s that over there?’  ‘Do I see a sparkly thing?’

*disappears for another month*

I’m very sorry for being a slacker.  You know when you don’t see someone for a long time and it’s a bit awkward trying to start a conversation again?  That’s me.  I just got a bit disillusioned with writing and this blogging malarkey, so I decided to make crafty stuff for a bit.  It’s been very hard to come back to this, but I’m here.  Writing is like breathing for me, I can’t survive without doing it for too long.   So, if you’re still willing to listen, I’m still willing to write.   Even if you’re not, I’ll probably just do it anyway.


I made this, even the chain and the swirly bits! This is one of the sparkly things that filled the writing gap for a while.

My kids are getting older too, Darlek is nearly 9 and Sausage is 5.  They deserve their privacy now.  Their friends are starting to amble around the tinternet.   It’s maybe time to stop.  This limits my material to be honest.  I’ve had to reconsider things a little.  Maybe I should write about other things now.  Like puddings or summat, god help me.  I’m terrible at cooking.  Perhaps not.

I get most of my ‘hits’ from people accidentally landing on this blog whilst searching for images of Postman Pat believe it or not.  If I wrote new plot lines for Pat, and uploaded thirty odd images of Jess the Cat and friends every day I’d have a mega successful blog with lots of traffic. It’d be crap though.

We have a new kitty, maybe I should start 'The Kitty Chronicles.'

We have a new kitty, maybe I should start ‘The Kitty Chronicles.’

I'm not having any more kids because, although I love 'em, they drive me a bit nuts.  So, here's my new furry baby.  We'll be picking him up next week.  What do you think of 'The Doggy Diaries'?

I’m not having any more kids because, although I love ’em, they drive me a bit nuts. So, here’s my new furry baby. We’ll be picking him up next week. What do you think of ‘The Doggy Diaries’?  Yay?  Nay?  His mates can’t use the internet so they won’t be able to tease him when I write about how he threw up after eating a two week old dead seagull.

So…well….I’ve not exactly lost my mojo, I’m just in the process of finding a new one.  I’m going to have to do ‘Something Else.’

Either way, I’m back.  Hello keyboard, old friend.  I have missed you.


5 responses to “Something Else.

  1. Welcome back! And hello from my fluffy new addition to my family, Freya woof. It’s her first night home and she’s snuck into Jen’s bed.
    I woke Jen to run the idea past him, he seems ok with sharing a bed. I’m not sure I am ok with it yet.

    That’s a beautiful bracelet, I have to say. Kitty chronicles…. Dare you, change the name. 😀

  2. Welcome back!
    I’m sure you will think of something to write about – and I’ll carry on following your blog for anything sparkly or fluffy or funny.
    Like your “Postman Pat”, I find my best hits come from “penguins” and lately “spiders”, with the false widow spider invasion…
    All the best 🙂

  3. Big yay to doggy diaries, can’t wait to see more of your new furry baby. I like the cat but dogs rule! 😉

    If you fancy writing more creatively to keep your blogging mojo going I’ve started joining in with a couple of links, one only wants 100 words so plenty of time for sparkly things too!

    Good to see you back x

  4. We’ve missed you too! Glad you’re back. Not certain about doggy stuff but love your bracelet so do keep up the commentary on sparkly things. I am sure you’ll find something to inspire you soon.
    S x

  5. I’ve been on a blogging break too and I’m spending more time reading, crafting and spending time with my kids.I’e embargoed myself until Monday as I’m itching to get back to writing again.Welcome back 🙂

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