Fundraising Success for Post Pals!

FundRaising Success for Post Pals!

Post Pals - Putting a Smile on Childrens Faces

Go on, you know you want to!

A while ago I posted a blog about Post Pals, and how they were trying to fund a day out at Chessington World of Adventures for some of the families.  Here’s the update!

It was the weekend of the Post Pals’ 10 year birthday celebration, ten years of making children smile!  Something they are rightly proud of.  In previous years they’d hosted an all expenses paid (well funded by the charity) weekend party, including a day of activities, fun and treats for any of the Post Pals kids that could attend – and they also arranged for the children to spend a day at Chessington, thanks to free tickets provided by a business.

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!  Happy Birthday dear Post Pals!  Happy Birthday to Yooooou!!!!!!  (Please clap wildly)

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Post Pals! Happy Birthday to Yooooou!!!!!! (Please clap wildly)

Unfortunately this year, although the party was due to go ahead with its usual gusto, the tickets weren’t forthcoming.  The business was unable to provide the free tickets and the cost of sending these children to Chessington was just too much for most families to afford. This was a huge shame as many of the children are very poorly and it might have been, quite literally, their last chance to go along for this amazing day out. So… I decided I’d try to help out.

In true Kay fashion, I blogged about it.  I mean, what use is a blog if you can’t ‘do’ something with it.  It was a Friday, the Post Pals celebration was on the Saturday and the day out at Chessington was supposed to be on the Sunday, so it was Urgent with a capital U.  I tweeted, offered to blog for people, Facebooked myself silly and was a complete pest for 24 hours in total.  Because my friends are amazing, or maybe because they were willing to hand over donations just to get me to shut up……..we raised enough for all 8 tickets, plus £10 extra for ice-creams.  Each ticket cost £30 so the grand total was £250.  Wow.

Finlay, Olivia and Jake enjoying the sunshine!

Finlay, Olivia and Jack enjoying the sunshine at Chessington World of Adventures!

I could not believe how generous people were.  So many people worked so hard to generate these funds so quickly.  People linked to the blog post, re-tweeted the appeal on Twitter, shared it on Facebook, emailed friends and businesses and most importantly, donated too.  All I can say is that you lot are the bees knees, the dogs dangly bits and a force to be reckoned with.  Thank you.


All aboard for fun and frolics!

I’d just like to mention Gringa Dairies, even though they said I didn’t have to.  There were so many people who donated, I’d love to mention them all, but I suspect they’d be a little embarrassed.  Gringa Dairies are a business and so I feel a little more comfortable about naming and proclaiming their wonderfulness.  Apparently they make lurvely mexican cheese in South East London made from organic milk from a farm in Kent.  It sounds lush and all their queso fresco cheese is made by hand with the help of ethical and sustainable methods.  They’re obviously a business with a heart.  Go buy some cheese from them!


Say Cheese! Or go one better, and buy cheeeeese!

Your generosity helped people like Connor have a fabulous day out.

Your generosity helped people like Connor have a fabulous day out.

Life is not all hearts and flowers, it’s tough for many of us.  It’s especially tough for these kids who suffer so much at such a young age.  This is why I was so touched at the response to this, even though people and businesses struggle so much to make ends meet sometimes, you still put your hands in your pockets and gave whatever you could afford and YOU MADE IT HAPPEN!  You made the memories for these kids and you’re the kind of people that make this world a better place.

Connor and Peppa Pig say thank you!  (and oink, probably)

Connor and Peppa Pig say thank you! (and oink, probably)


3 responses to “Fundraising Success for Post Pals!

  1. Its amazing, Postpals is dear to my hear anyway, i do have to say shame on Chessington, i realise there a business, but please, these childrens days stick in there mind for life, and sad to say that some of there lifes will be cut short, real shame Chessington didnt at least give discount, i think its appalling….people dont realise how good they have life……..the suffering these children go through is awful, and something we will never comprehend.

  2. Heart melting, so glad to see all that hard work pay off. Well done Kay.

  3. Wow,heart feels full of joy, these are the moments in life when a small thing you do can mean something really big. Well done Kaye. What a fab day out it looked.

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