Senior Moments

Senior Moments

So am I a senior then?  Because I think I must be.  Had to share this, if only so I can record the early stages of going stark raving bonkers.  Maybe I can print this out later and hand it to someone medical-like and they can then go ‘Hmmm…..yes, Mrs Wilkinson, we think you may have a problem here’

My darling husband made me a cup of tea, unfortunately it went cold before I could drink it.  So, cup in hand, I went into the kitchen thinking ‘I’ll just bob my cuppa in the microwave and heat it up.’  Nothing wrong with that is there?  But… as I was thinking these very words, I headed towards the washing machine, stared at it, and was genuinely thinking about opening the door.

I have no idea what I was planning on doing, but whatever it was, it was not good.  I came to my senses before the situation escalated horribly.

Is this how it starts?  In a few months time, will I find myself climbing on buses and forgetting where I’m going?  Wearing one welly boot and one sandal because it’s kinda rainy and kinda sunny out there, and I just want to be prepared for all weathers?

Is this middle age?  Is this a senior moment?  Should I beg my doctor for Hormone Replacement Therapy or a brain transplant? I suppose the signs were there when I cooked a salmon in the dishwasher.  Perhaps I’ll find myself absentmindedly shoving steak and chips in the washing machine and putting on a hot wash some time very soon.


P.S Someone has very kindly pointed out that stress and sleep deprivation can cause this sort of behaviour and that they heard about someone who put cat litter in their washing machine drawer.  I am VERY relieved I’m not on my own with this sort of thing.  Still think it’s a bit odd though…


5 responses to “Senior Moments

  1. I don’t have a washing machine, or electricity for that matter, but have found myself going up stairs and when getting there wondering why I was there,,, but then I remember an old song from my younger days ‘momentary lapse of reason’ and understand.

  2. its having other things on your mind. I many a time get to a room, kitchen, bedroom whatever and then stand and think…..ok why am I here….came for something…..and leave again without it.
    I have even started calling the grandchildren by the childrens names.

  3. Maybe hormonal Kay.

    I know how scary it is because a couple of years ago at school, I left a classroom where I had been teaching small groups, stood outside the door and couldn’t remember whether I needed to go left or right to go to my destination. Had been working there for 5 years so it wasn’t as if I didn’t know my way around. it did scare me!

  4. Join the club huni, I’m forever forgetting things and doing stupid stuff! lol! You’re not alone!

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