MoneySupermarket’s Big Night In!

MoneySupermarket’s Big Night In!

MoneySupermarket recently ran a campaign recently where they gave bloggers £50 to have a Big Night In.  I have to say I jumped at the chance.  I have Little Night’s in far too often, so I thought this would be a nice change.

This year I’m ashamed to say I didn’t manage to do anything for my dad on Father’s Day.  As far as I can remember we were over at our In Laws and although I rang home and had a chat with my dad, I did feel a bit rubbish about the whole thing.  I love my dad and I’d hate for him to think that he’s not appreciated.  What does this have to do with anything you may ask?  Well, I turned this into a MoneySupermarket’s Father’s Day Big Night In. Sorted.

I decided we’d have a ‘Games Night’ and a meal.  Being the lazy moo that I am, I decided on a chinese takeaway.  My dad isn’t a fan of chinese food, so I decided to make a special meal for him.

This lot cost just under £10 from Aldi.

This lot cost just under £10 from Aldi.

My parents arrived at about 6pm and we began perusing the chinese takeaway menu.  I always find them so bewildering (and I’ve never been brave enough to ask what ‘Char Sui’ actually is.

Pretty flower on the menu.  Thought it warranted a photo :O)

Pretty flower on the menu. I thought it warranted a photo.  The geek in me wants to know what kind of flower it is.  A Lotus flower I presume?

After much to-ing and fro-ing we made our menu choices and I badgered Horace into ringing up and ordering.  I got on with cooking Dad’s meal then.  I’d be awful in a restaurant – I asked him if he wanted his steak ‘Burnt or Rare,’ as my culinary skills are a bit dodgy if I’m truthful.  He said ‘Medium’ I think, so I put it under the grill for too long and forgot about it. Doh!  Luckily, in the midst of a game of dominos, I rescued it.  ‘Steak-a-la-very-lightly-burnt’

Belated Happy Father's Day , Dad! x

Belated Happy Father’s Day , Dad! x

We had a huge pile of games to choose from.  The kids got rather over-enthusiastic about it all and brought half of their toy boxes downstairs too.


Dominoes was fun, Darlek got the hang of it very quickly and so did Sausage.  The only problem was that Sausage was determined that the point of the game was to end up with the most dots on your dominoes and no amount of reasoning could persuade him otherwise.


Next was ‘Go’, which is a game I have to admit I detest.  I’m terrible at it as it involves proper strategies and fings and I have to use this tiny brain of mine.  Plus Horace always wins when I play this game and I’m a sore loser.    Darlek battled against Horace and to be honest, I’m not sure who won as the takeaway arrived and we were all very distracted by the opening of tupperware tubs and the passing of plates.


Mum and Dad tried prawn toast for the very first time, both agreed that the toast didn't have any prawns in and were a bit puzzled I think.

Mum and Dad tried prawn toast for the very first time, both agreed that the toast didn’t have any prawns in and were a bit puzzled I think.

We had a quick game of Jenga where everyone cheated all the time, and then we settled on Junior Monopoly.  Sausage got this for his birthday and I have to say, it’s absolutely brilliant.  You use $1 notes for everything and the highest number you need to keep track of is $4, perfect for kids who can’t count so well.  Instead of buying properties you buy Party spaces, and the rent is simply the amount you paid for it.  It’s loads of fun and very easy to play.  It’s just as competitive though, all hell broke loose when I tried to suggest that my Get Out of Jail Free card was worth $1.

IMG_0201We do love our food, our family motto has always been that we ‘Live to Eat, not Eat to Live’ so in the whole spirit of excess, we devoured a trifle too.  Here’s Darlek decorating it, very artistically too, I’m sure you’ll agree!

...squiggle and .....swirl....and pschhhhhh....and curls.  Darlek had a whale of a time with this.

…squiggle and …..swirl….and pschhhhhh….and curls. Darlek had a whale of a time with this.

All in all, we had a really lovely belated Father’s Day, thanks to MoneySupermarket and their blogging challenge.

The kids want to know when we’re going to have another games night, it really was a huge success and we all enjoyed spending time together.  My only grumble is that we have two missing domino pieces now.  I think the sofa might have eaten them.  Perhaps it was envious of us all stuffing our faces and thought it’d have a snack too.

Oh and Dad, I love you loads.  I hope you enjoyed your belated Father’s Day.  x


5 responses to “MoneySupermarket’s Big Night In!

  1. lovely blog post & nice to *meet* your family, hope you find the missing dominos! 🙂

  2. Awww fab post 🙂 I totally PMSL @ Burnt or Rare 😀 xx

  3. burnt sounds good to me but yes I laughed at that as well. looks like a nice night in was had. the dominoes will turn up the day after you chuck out the other 26 cos they are no good with 2 missing.

  4. Definitely choose rare over burnt haha !

    Sounds like a great night in. I’m going to do something similar after picking up some sweets online

    – Gareth

  5. Looks like you all had a great time. Nicely written. Entertaining.

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