Wigging It!

Wigging It!

Todays blog topic is wigs and wigging it.  ‘Wigging it’ is my new turn of phrase, it means ‘to wear and wander around in a wig.’   You see, that’s what I did today.  Today I Wigged It.  Yup.


Anyone who knows me, knows I’ve had issues with my hair.  My ulcerative colitis is managed by medication, some of which has knackered my hair over time.  I think I noticed it far more than other people did, but it still really bothered me.  My shoulder length blonde hair gradually thinned, slid out from the roots when I washed it, became limp and lifeless and I absolutely hated it.  So I cut it all off in a ‘Britney Spears’ hissy fit stylee.  To be honest, I just wanted a new start.

I’m still on the same meds and will probably be on them for the rest of my life, so I may as well resign myself to having moderately crap hair for the rest of my life.  Soooo, when I saw that Wonderland Wigs were looking for reviewers I jumped at the chance.  It’s not that I think my hair is so terrible it needs hiding, it’s just short – but I miss having long locks of hair swishing around my shoulders and actually feeling feminine.

After much perusing of wigs and lusting after blue hair (which I love, but which would make me look like a loon), I chose one. Here’s how it all went.  This is me pre-wig:

It doesn't look really horrific or anything, but I just feel a if I look 'boyish' rather than feminine.

It doesn’t look really horrific or anything, but I just feel a if I look ‘boyish’ rather than feminine. (I had just had a shower, so that’s why it’s so fetchingly stuck to my scalp)

And this is me, post-wig:

IMG_0117I have decided to call this wig ‘Bob’, when it sits on the table just sitting patiently waiting to be worn, I swear it looks like a small furry animal.  The wig is actually called ‘Catherine’ on the website and is very similar to Kate Middleton’s hair do apparently.

Let me get this straight, I am not a beauty blogger.  Never have been and never will be – I couldn’t tell you the difference between a £2 lipstick and £20 lipstick.  Beauty is not my thing, but practicality is. And I have to say this wig is actually practical and wearable too.  In fact, I wore it on the school run.  I’ve heard it said that ‘you should do something that scares you every day’, I’m not sure if this includes wearing wigs in public places or not, but I thought I’d try it anyway.  This is how it went:

It was 3pm and time to pick the kids up so I took a deep breath, flicked my new luscious long fake hair behind my shoulder, pushed my glasses up my nose (not literally, they wouldn’t quite fit if I did that), straightened my back and slowly stepped out of the front door.  It was scary and the world and my wig, felt very big.  Not to be dissuasuaded, I walked down the hill with the wind in my hair, feeling very exposed, which is strange considering how much hair cover I actually had.

The back of the wig.  I love the curls and the waves.

The back of the wig. I love the curls and the waves.

Walking into the school yard was about the scariest thing I think I’ve done in years.  Even when I shaved all my hair off and was completely bald I felt more confident.  I think it’s something to do with a fear of pretending to be something I’m not. Am I really the type of person who has beautiful hair?  Insecurity is an absolute pain in the arse.  Then again, being shameless is an absolute bonus, and one outweighed the other….so I stood in the school yard and thought ‘Buggerit, stare if you like, I don’t care.’

Darlek turned white and said ‘Mum, get it off!’ and refused to walk with me, although she later admitted that she was getting used to it and that it actually didn’t look so bad.  My son said ‘Mum, you’re wearing a wig! I’m going to go and tell Declan that you’re wearing a wig!’ and ran off.  So I erm, think it went well?  I had to go and talk to Darlek’s teacher at one point and rather than pretend everything was normal and that I’d suddenly grown copious amounts of brown curly hair overnight, I just bit the bullet and said ‘Whaddya think?’ or maybe it was ‘I don’t look a complete tit do I?’, something like that anyway.  I know I put her on the spot, but she did say that it was different, that if she didn’t know me, she wouldn’t have known it was a wig and was generally nice about it.

My sister literally giggled for about 2 minutes none-stop between trying to make polite conversation about the weather and if the wig stayed on my head ok or not.  Thankfully, she did also say that it was probably because she’d never seen me with long dark hair before, so it just looked strange to her.


One of the mums just grinned lots and walked past me, she usually says hello, so I’m not sure if she just didn’t quite know what to say.  Anyway, I did it and I think I shall do it again.  I LOVE having long hair again.  I just find it a bit awkward when people who know me, know it’s a wig.  I don’t see why I should be ashamed of wearing one though, people have fake boobs these days and boast about it, why shouldn’t I boast about my lovely long fake hair?

This is what it looks like on the inside of the wig:

I wore a very fine mesh cap under the wig to hold my own hair in place and then put the wig on top of that, keeping it in place with the little hooks at the back that you can see here.

I wore a very fine mesh cap under the wig to hold my own hair in place and then put the wig on top of that, keeping it in place with the little hooks at the back that you can see here.

All in all, I’m so impressed with this wig.  I do think you can tell it’s a wig if you look closely enough, but it’s not immediately obvious at all.  It looks natural and it feels quite natural too – I suspect I’ll only be able to brush it very carefully or maybe just with my fingers because I am just a little concerned about the fibres stretching and going fuzzy?  I do need to check on the aftercare instructions to make sure I keep my new hair in good condition.

I am so grateful to Wonderland Wigs for giving me the chance to review one of their wigs, today I actually felt girly and feminine for the first time in months.  I have so missed my long hair, it’s lovely to have it back, even if it in’t really mine.

If you’d like to have a look at some of the other products they stock, have a look at their website HERE, there’s loads of hair accessories, wigs, 3/4 wigs, hair extensions, false eyelashes….all sorts of things.  They’re also really friendly and if you need advice on the best wig/product for you you can chat to them on the Twitter handle  @WonderlandWigs.

They’ve given me a discount code to pass on too, if you use CHAOS when you checkout you’ll get 10% off the price of any 3/4 wig or full wig.   A full wig is only around £25 on average so it’s only the price of a pair of shoes really, worth a go I say! :O)

I feel like 'me' again. :O)

I feel like ‘me’ again. :O)

Wonderland Wigs sent me a wig to review, no other financial reward was given.

If you wear a wig, I’d love to see what it looks like and how you felt the first time you wore it?  Is it normal to feel this nervous? Please feel free to tweet me @Chaoskay or comment, it would be great to share experiences.


13 responses to “Wigging It!

  1. With or without the wig you look amazing Kay. I kinda think you look like Linda Carter though with the long wavy brown hair. Wonder Women!!

  2. This suits the shape of your face incredibly well – that’s why it looks so real! (This is just as well, because you’ve followed my suggestion to the letter, and if it had looked wrong, I would have got it in the neck…)

  3. Wow! Look at you rocking it lady! Looks fab. I was nervous too but now I don’t care, everyone knows I wear wigs and I love them!

  4. Love it,its an really good wig,so natural looking. Thanks for a real ‘beauty blogger’ review! You nailed it!

  5. I’m an avid wearer of hairpieces but never been brave enough to do a full wig yet – good on you. Sod what anyone else thinks, I reckon it looks fab on you :o)

  6. It looks fab and really suits you. I still think the blue one would look great too 🙂

  7. Oooh it looks fab! Bet it feels nice to swish around with long locks!


  8. You look fab without it, but also lovely with it too. It really suits you x

  9. what a brilliant blogging opportunity, weird things we get offered to review. wow that wig is brilliant, and it really does suit you. I suppose it must take bravery to go out in it the first 3 or 4 times, but after that it will feel normal. They will only talk about you in the playground till something new to gossip about arises.

  10. Where’s the pink wig!! Lol.

    No honestly it looks amazing – I totally wouldn’t have know it was a wig if I had just seen you around 🙂 and you totally rock the short hair as well.

    As for the Darlek moment – my Dad shaved his beard off when I was 20ish didn’t warn me I’d never seen him without one before bar in pictures from when he was about 30 years younger. So there’s me casually waiting for one of my parents to let me in the house when this ‘man’ opens the door – I screamed and grabbed my phone to ring the police as there was an intruder while my Mum and Dad stood there laughing their head off at me… Took me ages to calm down…

  11. You suit both styles actually…. which I’m suitably jealous about lol….

  12. Wow you look brilliant with long dark hair. I bought myself a wig ages ago – a navy blue one as I’d had it dyed that colour when I was at college but it was far to high maintenance for me now. I haven’t got the hang of putting it on yet though so it may be a while before I wear it in public.

  13. You look fine without the wig in my opinion, but with it, you look stunning. Big well done to you for having the courage to wear it . Good on you

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