This is why I do what I do.

This is why I do what I do.


This morning I was tidying Darlek’s room and I found a note.  It was just strewn on the floor along with a load of other bits of paper.   It’s a bit hard to read, so I’ll translate.  It says ‘To Mum, to mum, you are so kind and helpful, you brighten up my day every second I spend with you I treasure.’  There is a bit crossed out and a half  sentence that doesn’t go anywhere so I’ve left that bit out.

Make no mistake, I sat on her floor, surrounded by a mass of toys and clothes that needed putting away….and I cried.  A second or so ago I’d been muttering under my breath about how annoyed I was about all the mess.

This is why I cook, clean, worry, save, strive…..for love.  This scrawled, misspelt, abandoned, untidy little bit of paper makes everything worthwhile.   It’s nice to be reminded of that sometimes.


9 responses to “This is why I do what I do.

  1. Indeed. It’s a keeper.

  2. blimey, made me well up too!

  3. I’m not a mum and it made me well up too! Gorgeous. It’s all worth it.

  4. That is properly heart-melting!

  5. that is lovely, extra helping of pudding tonight maybe….yes they pay you back a hundred fold for everything you do for them but a wee reminder like this is nice.

  6. I hope you’re going to keep that secret somewhere and take it out when you feel fed up – if anything’s going to lift your spirits, that little note will.

  7. Ah that would be in my memory box straight away! After a little sob of course! x

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