A Quick Question

A Quick Question

** Update at 7pm.  Today we’ve had  £120 worth of tickets bought for these kids, that’s 4 kids who will be having  the time of their lives tomorrow!   Still trying and hoping for more though.  Quick!  Only got until tomorrow!**

**Update at 7.30pm The total has risen to £155, so that’s 5 and a bit tickets to Chessington World of Adventures.  How amazing are you lot!!!!**

**Update at 8pm Whoopdedoo! We’re up to £170 now, if we can manage just another £10 more we’ll have 6 tickets!  Come on!!!!**

**Update at 10pm. I can’t believe it, we have raised enough for eight children to go tomorrow! That’s £240, I’ve been asking for help on Facebook as well as Twitter and I’m just astounded at people’s generosity.  I think I might be speechless/wordless, and that doesn’t happen very often.  After the children have been on the trip, I’ve been given permission to post photographs, so you can all see what you’ve donated towards.  Thank you so much x 100000. :O)

**Update at 10.30pm. It just gets better and better!  Someone has just donated £10 so they can have ice-cream on their day out.  Awww… So that makes it £250.  Wow!

I saw a status on Facebook this morning that I just couldn’t ignore, I can’t personally help as we’re struggling ourselves, but I was wondering if anyone else would be able to do anything?  I am willing to offer something in return, please read on!


Every year PostPals has an annual party for all the children they support, and in previous years they’ve all gone for a trip out to Chessington on the same weekend, with tickets donated from a company.  This year the company has not been able to donate tickets so some families can’t afford to take their children.  For some of these kids , this will quite literally be the last time they will ever have this opportunity again.

These are photographs of some of the children that PostPals support, I’m not sure who is in need of tickets, but these are just a reminder of the great work PostPals does and who they support.  If you want to find out a bit more about this charity please click here: POST PALS 

FlagThey are looking for 4 disabled childrens’ tickets and 7 under 12 childrens’ tickets.  All are priced at approximately £30 a ticket, but the disabled ones allow an adult carer free also.  The problem is, it is this Saturday, as in tomorrow so it’s really short notice.  I know it’s really pushing it, but….

In return for a donation, I will happily write you a blog post advertising your lovely business / blog / products, or I’ll include pictures of your dog, favourite mug…..anything.  I’ll write about any subject of your choice even.  I’ll put anything on here (as long a it’s not lewd!)  if you make a donation so these kids can have a fun day out.  I’ll splash these blog posts across my social networks too.  Please help!

If you do want to help, please contact me on kay@rubbermonkeys.co.uk or comment on this blog post with a Twitter ID (not your email address, you’ll get spammed to death)  and I’ll get all the details so you can donate to PostPals.  If you can do anything to help, these kids will be so grateful.

It’s a Friday, get that Friday feeling by doing something lovely for someone else. x  Please.

(I’m offering 300 words on any subject of your choice and two photographs, can’t be bad!)

4 responses to “A Quick Question

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  2. woohoo, well done Kaye.

  3. PostPals is such a great cause. What can be more important than making a child smile.

  4. see this is why it does not matter what colour/style your hair grows back, you are just an amazing caring beautiful person. Well done, I am proud to know you.

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