Blummin Batteries!

Blummin Batteries!


This is a ranty post.  I advise you to stick your fingers in your ears whilst reading this to drown out the shouty tone I’m using right now.

Is it just me that finds them a bit annoying?  I thought we’d solved the problem by buying a ton of AA rechargeable batteries and a charger.  This would have been great, but because I’m a idiot I tried to recharge two non-rechargeable batteries and blew up or melted (I’m not sure which) two of the charging points.  Clever eh!  So, now we can only charge two batteries at a time, and when you have remote controlled cars that eat the things for breakfast, the system breaks down somewhat.  You simply can’t charge enough of them, fast enough.

Half broken rechargeable battery charger thingy.  My fault entirely.

Half broken rechargeable battery charger thingy. My fault entirely.

And…*takes deep breath* my biggest bug bear.  My mouse!  (seems to be an animal theme going on here).  My computer mouse that is.  It runs out of batteries all the time and it doesn’t just go kerput, it ‘plays’ at packing in for a while first.  So there I am, sat there, staring hopefully at the little flashy light on the bottom of the mouse, begging it to stay on so I can click on that very important YouTube video about silly cats.  Sometimes this ‘staring-very-intently’ approach works and my mouse resumes working for another 20 minutes or so, and sometimes it doesn’t.  Either way, it always seems to happen when I’m in the middle of something.  Beast.  Bad mousey.

Remote controlled cars rarely work at our house.  (and yes, this has mucky wheels and is on my sofa. Grrrr....)

Remote controlled cars rarely work at our house. (and yes, this has mucky wheels and is on my sofa. Grrrr….)

Games console controllers drive me a little mad too.  They always seem to run out of batteries in the middle of when I’m cooking tea.  It’s great, I’m mid chopping, slicing and burning tea and am then harangued by two annoyed kids who can’t finish their Lego Batman level.  Obviously Lego Batman is very important and they expect me to abandon tea instantly and go root around for batteries.  T’is annoying.  Surely Lego Batman is a SuperHero and can’t be beaten by a lack of fully charged AA batteries?  That’s a pretty rubbish SuperHero if you ask me.

Anyway, gotta finish this blog post.  My mouse is running out of cheese…erm charge and I need to go find some fresh batteries.  Honest.  (Well, it’s an appropriate way to finish a blog post of this kind dontcha think?)  At least rechargeable batteries don’t just end up in the bin and in landfill.  We may spend half of our lives searching for and re-charging them, but they’re environmentally speaking, a damn good idea.

This is a sponsored post although all thoughts are my own.


2 responses to “Blummin Batteries!

  1. Thank you so much for trying that experiment with charging non-rechargeable batteries. I often wondered what would happen! I’m such a coward that I refused to try charging the ailing rechargeable phone batteries in a different charger, just in case. I’m afraid I do mostly use Duracell – but I DO use rechargeables in my mouse. Dontcha just love the fact that it warns you with a red light? Most things don’t give any warning…

  2. I wish I’d never tried the experiment with non-rechargeable batteries. My husband will never let me forget that particular bit of idiocy. :O)

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