Are you ready for your role as a wedding guest?

Are you ready for your role as a wedding guest?

Weddings can often prove to be an expensive business, with budgets running way over and stress levels rising in the lead up to the big day. However, it might not just be the bride and groom that are hit financially as guests too will often want to look at their best.

Matching bridesmaid dresses can sometimes prove to be a dilemma, as if certain females among the group have a naturally larger bust-size or have had breast enhancement then the style may not suit them if the other ladies are more petite.

Recent research conducted by Kaleidoscope indicated that Britons are unafraid of splashing out when it comes to attending nuptials, with the average expenditure apparently being £440 per person.

If found that 70 per cent of females spend less on their accommodation than they do their outfit, which might suggest it isn’t just the lady tying the knot that wants to look at their very best on the wedding snaps.

So if you have been on the receiving end of an invitation what are some simple ways to get the right look?

Don’t upstage the bride

An obvious rule is not to upstage the bride with what you wear, so – naturally – white is often best avoided. Why not try one of the many bold colours that are available to you instead? It’s also wise not to show too much flesh, regardless of how warm you’re expecting it to be on the day.

Keep accessories, make-up and hair simple

This partially ties in to the latter point, as well as ensuring you don’t attract attention for the wrong sorts of reasons. Remember, simple styles are often more effective.

Find out the dress code

Not every wedding asks their guests to dress up in black tie and ball gowns, but if one you’re attending does and you turn up in something casual then you might feel a little out of place. The same applies both ways of course, so always double-check if you’re unsure.

Hit the sales

If you have a number of events lined up then why not see how far you can stretch your cash with what you buy before spending big? Look online, as well as on the high street to see if there are any special offers or sales and if all else fails consider how you might be able to re-use the items again in future.

 (This is a guest post, I have still lost my mojo.  Sorry.)  (Anyone seen it anywhere?) *looks hopeful*

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