Lost ‘Mojo’ – Reward for Return

Lost ‘Mojo’ – Reward for Return.

Last seen about 3 weeks ago.

Colourful (mostly kingfisher blue with flashes of red).  Possibly in camouflage colours at the moment though.

Answers to the name of ‘Mojo.’  Shouting ‘Mojo!’ at it will probably not work though as it is an obstinate beast.  You’ll probably be best just grabbing it and shoving it in a cardboard box.

It is a very devious little animal so you will have to be careful to tape the lid down on the box or it will escape, again.

Probably wandering in the North somewhere, or it may have gone ‘West.’  (I do hope not!)

You might hear it from a distance if you listen carefully.  The call could be described as sounding like ‘Chocolate!’ or ‘Cake!’ or even ‘Gimmeacuppateeeeaaa!’

I do love my Mojo very much, and miss it greatly.  I don’t know if it was stolen by the Mojo Thieves, if it escaped when I was distracted or if it just got bored of me and wandered off – either way I desperately want it back.

Reward for return – probably a stuffed penguin. No questions asked.  Any information as to its whereabouts gratefully received.

Please feel free to print out this blog post, laminate it and stick it to lamposts.

Thank you.  Kay (a very distraught former Mojo owner)


7 responses to “Lost ‘Mojo’ – Reward for Return

  1. If you google Mojo, all sorts of companies or awards come up. The dictionary definition is a spell or amulet. Which seems strange to me because I know exactly what you mean by mojo and just wanted to cement my understanding with words but apparently they don’t exist. So how have we lost it? I am with you on this one, my mojo is teasing me at the moment, having managed maybe (I hope) a couple of okay posts this week after weeks (months) of stumbling along with nothing. Depression and its long lingering after effects even in good periods has a lot to answer for I suspect. Despite how you may be feeling internally, your posts are still full of humour and intelligence and are a delight to read. Write whatever you want, we’ll still be reading.

  2. I still think ‘penny chew’ whenever I hear the word mojo. The milk ones were awesome.

  3. your mojo might be hiding out somewhere with mine, similar call, but actually mine’s been missing a bit (lot) longer – of course it might’ve been stalking and found another (possibly more) that could be tempted into going into hiding with it – if this is the case then please accept my apologies. If mine shows up, I’ll ask it about yours and I’ll let you know….
    You posted though, and sometimes that is just enough to tempt them into a return, so maybe just keep writing and it’ll return all of its own accord.

  4. Are you sure you don’t mean mojito? You could always try it as a short term solution til the real one comes back!

  5. Thats maybe what was in one of the boxes hubby packed, had written on it….do not open….monster will eat you….Bob and I didnt look inside just in case. Its up the loft in the new house if you want to have a look see if it is yours

  6. I hope you find your Mojo really soon Kay. I passed something a bit like it on the M6 the other day, but I blinked then it was gone. Two days later I saw it wandering round with the penguins at blackpool zoo, I can’t be sure but I think that’s where you’ll find it. Good luck xx

  7. Sorry but I can’t see the word mojo without thinking of Jack Dee and this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GCSdDcsdlfE

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