Spring Cleaning!

Clear Out

I think I’ve got the bug, and I think I’ve got it bad.  Not the cleaning thing exactly, but the clearing out thing.  My husband and I are terrible hoarders, he hoards old knackered computers and I squirrel away bits of material, old birthday cards and anything remotely sparkly.  It all gets a bit out of hand sometimes.  This is where Freecycle comes in and companies such as Music Magpie (they even give you cash for clothes you wouldn’t be seen dead in).  They’re both great opportunities for a clear out.

That reminds me,  I’ve been so sick of having things hanging around I bunged an old TV/DVD player of ours on Freecycle’s mailing list the other day.  We had no use for it and I got sick of tripping over it in our spare room, so I decided to get rid.  It still worked so I thought someone might appreciate it.   The person who replied and asked for this also asked me if there was anything I was looking for, which I thought was very kind.  I emailed my reply saying that anything bead related or jewellery crafting kind of thing would be nice, but it didn’t matter really.  When he picked up the TV he left us with a rock tumbler, complete with grit, stones, glue, all sort of stuff, probably worth a fortune when it was originally bought.  Wonderful.  I can now tumble rocks to my heart’s content.  The only problem is I’ve actually increased my own personal hoard even if I’ve got rid of something else. Oops.

I try very hard to keep our house clutter free.  Honest I do.  The problem is we’re all as bad as each other.  Even the kids suffer from it.  We went for a walk the other day, a lovely sunny day spent walking by a river.  I do not know why, but Sausage decided to bring home a boulder – well I’d certainly class it as a boulder.  It’s about the size of two bricks, river worn and gnarly and is apparently ‘interesting’.  This boulder is now dumped in our hallway and I fell over it the other day.  I can’t bring myself to get rid of it because it was admired, lugged all the way home and it does actually remind me of a lovely day by a river.  It is, unfortunately, far too big to stuff in our rock tumbler, I’d need a boulder tumbler for that.  So yep, we’re beyond hope I think.

I’m still trying though, as I type I’m scouring the room thinking ‘Do I really need that?’  I really need to clear out our house, there’d be less to tidy if I did and that’d be a huge bonus.  If only we lived in a minimalist house, that’d be so easy.  It would, however, be boring as hell. Maybe I don’t mind having random stuff all over the place after all.

This is a sponsored, meandering, waffly post.  Thank you for your patience.


5 responses to “Spring Cleaning!

  1. oooh a rock tumbler, I’ve always dreamed of owning one of those! You lucky thing! As for Sausage’s stone, don’t you realise you now own a beautiful and unique door stop?

  2. I am so glad it is not just me who hoards! I need a bigger house. The boulder would make a lovely feature in the garden or by the front door

  3. I also envy your wonderful rock tumbler – but don’t try putting that boulder in there!
    Alison has hit the nail on the head – we all need a bigger house! The reason rich people aren’t considered problem hoarders is that they have more places to put things in their enormous homes.
    I think this every time I see that sad Britain’s Biggest Hoarders programme on TV…
    Carry on decluttering!

  4. that was very nice of him, I know we have ha bottles of wine or boxes of choclates dropped off before now for things.
    Hoading – the bug bear of my life- we had stuff in bos=xes at the farm, ( not an issue place was huuuuuggggeeee that were brought here 4 yrs ago and stuffed in the oft…..they have been unstuffed from this loft ready for the loft in the new house……get bloody rid for goodness sake….grrrrrr ….aaahhhhh thats better.

  5. Landon Townsend

    I started looking at tumblers and decided on stainless steel. Everyone does it differently since everyone has different ideas/priorities. Mine was all about economics. I don’t reload in high volume so I got a two barrel rock tumbler from harbor freight for $38 on sale. I ordered 5 lbs of stainless steel media for $27 delivered and some soap and lemishine for $3. (The Thumblers Tumbler is worth the money if you are going to be reloading in high volume). As long as I don’t wash the stainless steel pins down the drain I don’t have to worry about getting more cleaning media so my only additional cost will be soap, lemishine and someday another tumbler, if I use this one enough to wear it out.

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