Helicopter Mission Complete!

Helicopter Mission Complete!

You know what, I get stage fright when I come to write on this blog sometimes.  I sit here wondering why on earth you’re subscribed to this, why do you read it, what can I write that will interest you?  And then I get scared and go make a cup of tea and brows LOL Cats instead.  I keep reminding myself that I’m writing this blog for me, for my memory cupboard, as a record of the trials, tribulations and tantrums of parenthood.  So if I lose readers because I’m boring, offensive or tedious, then so be it.

Today I am going to write about a helicopter, not just any old helicopter, a special, bright yellow helicopter that makes whirring noises and flashes a red light.  If you don’t like helicopters, then stop reading here.  This is today’s topic, please make yourself comfortable, or not.  As you like.

'Helicopter!' Not the one I'm writing about because I couldn't find that one, but it is a helicopter nontheless

‘Helicopter!’ Not the one I’m writing about because I couldn’t find that one, but it is another one of my son’s helicopters nonetheless.  Call it a visual aid or something.

We were trying to properly toilet train Sausage for ages, he kept having accidents and it all went a bit poo/pear shaped for a while.  So, I decided he needed some motivation.  Every time we walked past a certain shop in our home town I’d point to the toys in the window and say ‘Once you stop having accidents, you can have whatever toy you like from there.’  This isn’t as generous as it sounds, as the toy cars, planes etc  took up only about a quarter of the window display. The shop is actually a sweet shop combined with a tobacconist so there isn’t a huge range really.  I couldn’t very well offer to buy him fruit flavoured tobacco could I?  So I pointed at the toys and hoped for the best.

Every time we walked past he’d point at the window and ask if we could go in, and up until recently I’ve always said no.  Mainly because I didn’t have any money on me, or the shop was closed to be honest.  But….the other day I decided that enough was enough, no more excuses could be made – he had earned his toy.  Sausage is now well and truly toilet trained and is dry at nights most of the time too.  You have no idea how much of a relief this is.  He is five now and it has been hard work.

Last week we passed the shop and Sausage again pointed at the toys, as he has done for the last year.  I asked him what he would like and he said the helicopter and grinned at me.  We stepped into the shop and it’s funny, I think I was just as excited as he was.  As the shop assistant carried it over to the counter, I felt a tiny tingle of excitement.  Sausage had worked so hard to get that helicopter and he deserved his reward.

We took it out of its packaging and he ran ahead of me down the road towards home, holding it up in the air, spinning the rotors, making the light flash, jabbering on about something and nothing – completely in a world of his own.  I walked behind him with the biggest grin ever and felt like the proudest mum in the world.  I can’t remember if the sun was shining or not, but it felt like it was.

He’s reached a toilet training milestone and my washing machine and I are very relieved.  Phew!  I suppose the next challenge will be along soon enough.  I hope that shop doesn’t run out of helicopters, I have a feeling they may come in very useful.


One response to “Helicopter Mission Complete!

  1. I often wonder what us parents stress over, they always get there in the end, why not just leave them till they are 5 and it will happen over night. Well done Sausage

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