The Boston Marathon Bombing

The Good Outnumber You

And We Always Will.

Like everyone else who heard the news yesterday, I was shocked, upset, traumatised by the news of the bombing at the Boston Marathon.  How could anyone do that to innocent bystanders?  An 8 year old boy died, the exact same age as my daughter, along with another 2 victims.  There were over a 100 people injured, many lost limbs and the emotional trauma of the terrible event will have affected literally thousands.  I’m not going to attempt to write about this in any detail, because it is just beyond me.  I shall just ask you to read this article in the Huffington Post if you will, it says everything I think already, so very eloquently.

It is written by a comedian and writer called Patton Oswalt.

Here’s the link: ‘The Good Will Outnumber You And We Always Will.’

There is hope for humanity, there always is.  We just have to look for it.

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