Home, Sweet Home!

Home Sweet Home!

Rather a quick post as I’m high as a kite on morphine after the operation.  I only just got back.   Probably shouldn’t be spaced out and in charge of a keyboard, might be dangerous! I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for their lovely messages and their kindness.

When I walked in the door I found this waiting for me:



My parents bought me a rubber ring to sit on, rich tea biscuits, shortbread, marshmallows, two bottles of wine, a mega packet of crisps and a beautiful bunch of tulips.  Horace’s parents made me a really sweet chocolate easter cake complete with chocolate bunny and mini eggs.  Last but not least I won ParcelHero’s Easter competition which consists of 423 (precisely!) easter eggs, and they arrived today too.  I feel spoilt rotten and very blessed today.  I’ve had phone calls and messages of support and I’m so touched.  Thanks Muriel for calling that was so sweet of you!

The easter bunny has been very busy laying eggs! Don't ask me how that works because biologically speaking, i don't have a clue.

The easter bunny has been very busy laying eggs! Don’t ask me how that works because biologically speaking, i don’t have a clue.

Right, I’m off to watch crap telly and feel floatylight.  I’m not looking forward to the heavy painkillers wearing off, but it’s gonna happen some time.

The nurses and the surgeon today, all looked after me so well today.  NHS you are simply wonderful.  Thank you.

When I get drunk I always do the ‘I love you, you’re my best friend’ thing.  So this is me slurring ‘I love you, you’re my best friends!’ at you all in a daft kind of way, even though I’ve not met a lot of you, I feel like I know you regardless. You’re all such stars and brighten my life in more ways than you know. x

* I’m writing this bit of  the post a couple of hours after publishing the original one that got emailed out. This post is what I call ‘Drogging’ rather than ‘Blogging’.  Basically it’s drugged up blogging.  Please feel free to snigger.


13 responses to “Home, Sweet Home!

  1. Take care of yourself lovely xx

  2. londonbirdlucy

    Welcome home!!! Definitely well deserved x x x Sending hearts and kisses. Put your feet and relax

  3. Hope your feeling better very soon glad you are home xx

  4. Hope you’re feeling much better soon 😀 feet up, relax, enjoy, xx

  5. Glad you’re home and eggstremely high! Just look after yourself and take things easy. Don’t try to do too much too soon xx

  6. Have been thinking about you all day. Take it easy, hope things aren’t too tough for you when all the good stuff wears off! xxx

  7. I was thinking of you today. I’m glad you’re home safely and hope you’re on the mend soon. Enjoy those hundreds of Easter eggs! Xxx

  8. What lovely treats to come home to! Take care lovely.xx

  9. The only way is up! Happy Easter to you and your great family 🙂


  11. Hooray for lovely friends and family. I hope you recover in the blink of an eye. Eat one of the eggs for me, once again I did not win an Easter egg comp lol

  12. Get well soon! and well done on winning all those eggs! xx

  13. dont know how I missed all these posts, I subscribe to you by email. They didnt keep you very long did they? not be long till you can eat all this lovely food with no ill effects.

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