Oh dear.

Oh dear. 

Well, this is fun. My hemorrhoids have been killing me so I put some random cream on I found in the cupboard, thinking it was a variation on Anusol. Put tons on. I’ve just remembered it’s Rectalgesic or summat and I’m only supposed to use it very sparingly as it gives you massive headaches and makes your head fall off I think. So, I have effectively overdosed on bum ointment. If I end up in hospital with this I will NEVER live this down.

If you don’t hear from me again, please pass on my hats to my daughter.  I need to give her something to remember me by.


6 responses to “Oh dear.

  1. Oh Kay only you!

    Just don’t go and over dose on 4Head trying to cure the headache.

    Hope your ok xx

  2. You should have used anal-gesics…..
    Hope it doesn’t hurt too bad x

  3. After a quick google I think I’m ok, I’ve lost the goddam instructions my GP gave me. I used tons of the stuff earlier on today too. I seem to remember something about not getting the ointment on your hands too much as it can soak in through your skin that way too. I’m such an idiot. I’m fine, my head hurts a little, but that’s about it. Can you imagine me going toA & E and admitting I’d overdosed on bum ointment? Not good. Not good at all.

  4. good job it wasent winter green ointment, wahoo.

  5. sorry I had to laugh, I no I shouldnt. *Elaine puts on her serious face* oh dearie e Kay than is terrible, hope your head does not fall off, but would be great if your bum did….

  6. So glad you didnt rub deep heat on by accident.

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