Inspirational Interior Decorating

Inspirational Interior Decorating

Everyone seems to be doing blog posts about interior decorating at the moment.  I’m feeling rather left out to be honest.  So, here goes.  We’re dead stylish at our house, everything has that special pzazz (or whatever the word is), it’s all colour co-ordinated, up to date, functional, fashionable and we’re the envy of our friends and relatives.  Random people even come up to me in the street and say, ‘We LOVE your house! Can we please come and sit in your living room just to stare at the furniture?’  I feel awful, but I have to say no.  They’d mucky our immaculate cream shag pile carpet with their shoes.  Can’t be having that now, can we?

I’m pleased to say our son seems to be following in our footsteps.  His eye for detail, his impeccable taste, his stupendous artistic skills are already emerging, even at the age of four. When we were elsewhere (probably making bespoke furniture in our minimalistic zen style back garden) he drew this work of art on our living room wall.  Fantastic isn’t it.  Modern art at its finest.



We’ve called it ‘Bottom’ and when we move we plan to carefully peel off the wallpaper, frame it and sell it at Sotherbys for a million or two.

This is not a sponsored post.  Nobody would sponsor my son to draw a picture of a bum on our living room walls.  Spoilsports.


6 responses to “Inspirational Interior Decorating

  1. Love it. Zak has taken to interior design as well we have his master piece beautifully show cased on our wall .

  2. Helen O'Keeffe

    Haha, It must be a boy thing this interior decoration fixation. We have series of works throughout the house entitled “Spiders”

  3. Funny that, my son has taken to ‘improving’ my home as well!x

  4. might have known, was coming across here looking for a serious post…..but no I was not disappointed your lovely writing style comes through as usual

  5. I might have to show case my boys talents! Lol. Can I sponsor you? I can give you “sofa wishes” by this I mean some dust, probs fifty pence in copper and five pees, a lost button and high chance of a freddo wrapper. My boys adore the time capsule principle… Bung all t’junk out a sight, mother will not know.. Boys I’ve found it, thanks!

  6. A fine work of art if ever I saw one. Wll done to your some. Very talented.

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