I am a Blogger Not a Blagger

I am a Blogger Not a Blagger

*Rant Alert

I don’t go around with my eyes closed, I’ve noticed quite a few times that some businesses think that bloggers spend all their time ‘blagging’ for products –  as if all we’re interested in is free stuff.  Can I just state once and for all that this annoys me beyond belief.  I know many other bloggers, including myself, who care passionately about the things they write about and review.  It’s not all about selling our souls for a complimentary pack of wet wipes and a free meal.

Some bloggers (myself included) approach businesses that we see online that are promoting what seem to be fabulous products.    Or they approach us, it works both ways.  If they are interested in the publicity, we provide detailed reviews of that product with quality photographs, informative and intelligent text, links and we splash their details all over our social networks too.  I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so my review blogs take approximately two hours to write, that doesn’t include the time it takes me to set up and take decent photographs.  That’s the minimum time, then there’s the extra time it takes to actually test out the product and promote it online.

I offer quality advertising, an honest opinion that I hope my readers appreciate and I care about what I do and what I write about.  I genuinely do think that if you have a great product I can help people find out about you.  In fact I’m more than happy to do so if it’s a product that I think will enrich people’s lives, including my own.   So if you say you’re happy for me to write a blog for you, don’t you dare get all sniffy on me when I ask for a free sample.   The least you can do is say no thank you, rather than just ignoring me.  One free sample is equivalent payment for my time, my effort and my skills.  If you even sell one of your products on the back of my review, you’ve made your money back immediately.  I’m not being unreasonable and I’m not blagging!

We’re not a rich family, we struggle the same as everyone else, there are hardly any jobs in this area and the few that are available don’t fit around looking after two small children.  I use the skills I have to help make ends meet, and this includes blogging and reviewing.  When I contact people and say I’m available for work, I’m not standing there with my hand out begging, I’m offering you an opportunity.  If you’re not interested, fair enough. Just don’t treat me like I’m a scrounger.

Cage = Rattled.


12 responses to “I am a Blogger Not a Blagger

  1. Well said, it takes me ages to do review posts and you can’t do a decent review without trying the product

  2. Very true, very true.

    Oh dear, who has upset you? x

  3. It’s really frustrating how little value some PRs put on other people’s time. I wonder if THEY would work for free?

  4. Kay… I love you! Well written, and brilliant.

  5. yeah yeah, I know I don’t blog anymore. But i’ve had PR people ask me to do posts/reviews/whatever as a favour (eg just post a youtube video etc) – which I did without even a thank you. In fact, I sometimes got ignored when I did the post and told them about it. Oh, I don’t miss those days too much 😉

  6. well said ….. i had a company approach me and i did everything they asked and they never ever got back to me ….. so i did all the work for nothing i dont mind but its rude

  7. Interesting post! As a blogging outreach team we work on both sides of the fence – blogging and working to promote our clients. It can be frustrating (as a blogger) to be treated this way, particularly when so much is asked of you and then you’re ‘dropped’ out of no where. As you say, it’s not easy to review a product or service without having tried it first.

  8. Someone else just commented, but my spam folder ate it. I can’t even remember your name so sorry! Please feel free to comment again. In reply to all of your comments, thanks so much. I know there’s two sides to every story and I’m not claiming it’s always bloggers who are wronged, but just on this one issue, I feel we are so underrated. I do sometimes take a while to review things but they are always completed (Dylon, your products are still sat on the side, but it is a work in progress!) and Cyclebeads I could not complete your review and have tried to pay you for the product but you won’t reply to my tweets or my emails. And License to PR, you sent me a book, but no complement slip with it, and I only realised the book was from you 6 months later and by that time the pages were falling out so I didn’t think it wise to blog it. That is my catalogue of blogging woes, I’m not perfect. And I have a penguin costume to auction (Jelly Jo, I’ve not forgotten) and some comp prizes to send out. But……please note, they are all on my to do list and will be done. I work hard at what I do and care so much about what goes on this blog. Please promoters, don’t treat us like second class citizens, we deserve a little more.

  9. That was waffly, basically I know I’m not perfect either.

  10. Very well said Kay . It takes our time to promote a post etc . Who has upset you ? Xx

  11. wrighttimesblog

    Very well said Kay. Good for you. Tell them how you feel. They should appreciate what you are doing and the time you take out of your life to do these things for them.

  12. yes have had this discussion before. I for one will ask for a sample of a product if it appeals to me, I can use it and hopefully enhance my life with it, and then tell the world about it. I dont see it as blagging I see it as cheap advertising.
    If a company approaches me and I accept their product/service to review you will get an honest review about it, and I dont like it or am unhappy in anyway then I will also tell the world, but thats the risk a company takes for asking me to do something. Did a negative overall review yesterday, were some positive bits in it, but when a company launches a new product and asks me to review it I will not not lie about it as they wont the truth to help them iron out the glitches so that paying customers do not get a bad service, and that is what I offer. Paying for that has to be better than pacifying irate customers.

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