‘Cabbageiobia’ Veg Induced Psychosis.


– Veg Induced Psychosis. 

Today has been quite a relaxed day if you discount the manic cooking bit.  I went out for lunch with my parents and went for a walk in the sunshine by a river.  Both kids were in school, although Darlek tried her hardest not to be.  She had a ‘very bad sore throat’ this morning and cried about it, and then she demolished her Weetabix without a second thought.  I guess she’s not at death’s door just yet, so I was a moo cow and sent her to school without a second thought.

I have to admit my veg bag has been a fixation over the last couple of days.  I’m getting another delivery on Friday so have quite a few things to use up.  So far I’ve made cauliflower soup which went in the freezer – carrot, potato and cumin soup – we’ve eaten cabbage for three days in a row (can you get cabbage poisoning?) – root mash to go with sausages and….last but not least cornish pasties.  Horace calls these ‘Cornish Nasties’ by force of habit.  Mine weren’t nasty though, they were nice.  The main problem today was that I prepped everything and then realised we have a rolling pin thief in the house, so I rolled the pastry with a half drunk, re-corked bottle of red wine I found at the top of the cupboard.  It didn’t work very well and I was concerned that we’d end up with beef and veg boignoinoin (what is the french term for food with red wine? Boingnoing?) cornish nasties.  I have filling left over so will make another load of nasties tomorrow.  In preparation I am drinking the left over wine as I type.  Please note I’m not searching for the rolling pin, can’t be arsed.  Anyway, this is more fun.

I’m very keen to do this home-cooking thing, but I do still intend on having a life.  I may make curry with a jar and some mushrooms tomorrow.  That sounds easy enough.  I have a mountain of mushrooms building up now.  I so wish I hadn’t gone and got shopping just before I remembered to pick up the veg bag.  That was a rookie mistake and a half.  I have three, THREE cabbages to deal with.  I did panic until someone suggested blanching and freezing them.  My kids aren’t that keen on cabbage and I will have to make more elaborate puddings in order to blackmail them into eating more of the stuff. At least they’ll have tons of healthy iron in their blood, or they might just become allergic to the stuff, or phobic of it or something.

Darlek:  *screams loudly* ‘There’s a cabbage in the bath!  I’m scared!  Mum, throw it out of the window pleeeeeeaaase.  What do you mean shove a glass over it?’

Or maybe not.


One response to “‘Cabbageiobia’ Veg Induced Psychosis.

  1. wrighttimesblog

    Hahahaha Another funny post. I can picture it all.

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