Planning a Holiday!

This year we WILL go on holiday and it WILL be a success.  No more sitting in soggy tents in Scotland for a week with the rain pounding the canvas.  Oh no!  I want sunshine, I want dry clothes, I want kids activities (well, the kids do at least) and Horace and I want a break.  I don’t want much do I?

It’s so hard to find somewhere that’s affordable though, with all the facilities that you need for active young children.  I’m not sure where to start.  It’s that time  of year when everyone starts looking around for something and the travel agents start sharpening their claws.

‘You want a holiday outside of term time?  Oh that’ll be three times the usual price Mrs Wilkinson.’

‘Oh erm….thanks.  Does that include kids activities, breakfast and a free limo?’


I’m not jaded or anything.  So, these are…

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