Christmas in Scribbly Summary

Christmas in Scribbly Summary.

This is another version of ‘Christmas in Sparkly Summary.’    Pls double click on the image if you think it will make it easier to read.  My handwriting is appalling.


In case of Indeciperable Handwriting please use magnifying glass, or just look puzzled in my direction. Either or, is fine :O)


3 responses to “Christmas in Scribbly Summary

  1. Fantastic scribble, I hope it cheered you up as much as it did me! Ugh on being ill over xmas though 😦 I’ve had the never-ending cough which is bearable at least, but after 4 months a bit wearing… Can’t complain 😉 xx

  2. Oh dear, it always happens at Christmas, doesn’t it? We had norovirus last year and swine flu two years before that! This year it was just the rain, rain, rain that made us all miserable. Hope you are all now feeling better for the New Year 🙂

  3. We’re all a lot better now thankfully. I just want a re-run of Xmas now :O) Will have to make up for it next year I think. I think everyone has to have one Xmas never to be forgotten, and hopefully never to be repeated. It’s funny to look back on in a way. I hope you all fared a little better! :O) x

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