Revenge is Sweet

Revenge is Sweet.

Actual transcript of conversation.

Me shouting upstairs: Have you finished your bath? 

Horace: ‘Yes, I’m just drying myself very slowly with a tea-towel.’ (Horace is 6ft4 so I imagine this is taking a very long time.  There are no clean towels in the house)

Me: Says nothing, but sniggers quietly.

Horace: ‘I dunno why you’re laughing, I have no clean socks, underpants or trousers for tomorrow.  But don’t worry, I can wander around in just my T’shirt instead all day…….(pause for dramatic effect)…and my swimming shorts I suppose.’

Me: Uncontrollable sniggering.

At this point, Horace ambles downstairs in a pair of summer shorts with no top on.  I am hanging out washing on the clothes rack over the stairs throughout this conversation.

I shouldn’t laugh, I should hang my head in shame.   But I won’t.  I’ll just do an extra load tomorrow.  Perhaps I’ll forget to wash the bath towels and just do a massive tea-towel wash instead.

This could be revenge for the snoring.  Tread carefully menfolk, ‘Ve hav vays of making you irritated’  (insert german interrogator accent).


4 responses to “Revenge is Sweet

  1. te he… mine set fire to the car whilst out in the desert (a long story and I wasn’t there), insurance wouldn’t allow him to claim. The repair bill was big, so big he won’t tell me how much it actually was so I decided I could have a new digital SLR camera for Crimbo and bought it myself before informing him that is what he was getting me! Revenge is indeed sweet guys…

  2. It’s the subtle stuff that does the most damage :>)

  3. oh you horrible horrible woman you….I like it….and Im sure he knows where the dirty towels are and how to put them in a washing machine

  4. Hope you enjoyed your camera Susie! It’s not really evil revenge, it’s just evening things up a little isn’t it ;o)

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