Postman Pat is a Kidnapper

‘Postman Pat is a Kidnapper’

I thought after my last post, you’d all have beggared off to read something more tasteful.  I still haven’t checked my blog subscription stats as I’m scared there’ll just be this big gaping hole where all the names used to be.  But I gained a new follower today so hello to ‘momofuc.’  So I guess there’s still a few gluttons for punishment as the saying goes.  *waves to the faithful*  Thank you. x

Anyway, important news in the Brink of Bedlam household.  Postman Pat is a kidnapper.  Oh yes he is!  Horace found the kids’ Postman Pat, toy red van yesterday at the bottom of the toy box……and in it were approximately 6 lego men.  All must have been kept captive in there for at least a couple of months.  It looked like Pat had been collecting all the members of the YMCA  hit song.

There was a builder, an army guy and other characters.  One was headless I think. Postman Pat is sicker than you’d ever have imagined.   I shall never watch that cartoon ever again without a knowing smirk.

Postman Pat, you’re a baaaad man.

P.S I always get quite a few random hits from Google when I post about Postman Pat.  I guess there must be a lot of fans out there.  If you like this post, please read some of my others meanderings rather than disappearing off into the ether again.  I do toy reviews, pls click on the ‘Reviews’ tab and see where it takes you.  The one where the Sylvannian Bunnies get strip searched by customs is quite a good one. 


2 responses to “Postman Pat is a Kidnapper

  1. Good to hear you sounding a bit better – hope that means you’re feeling it too. Sent you a tweet with a link that just reminded me so much of you – you’ll see why I hope!

  2. nice to have you back in the land of the bloggers. and as usual a post that shows your insanity at its best, just as we love you

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