Keeping On, Keeping On….

Keeping On, Keeping On…

That’s a phrase my mum always uses, basically it means that in life you just have to keep on doing what you normally keep on doing, because there’s nothing else to do.

That doesn’t mean you have to follow a specific rut in life, it just means that every day you have to wake up, maybe stretch a little and breath in the challenge of a new day – whatever those challenges might be.  You keep on, keeping on and doing what you do.

So, by way of an explanation, that’s what I’m doing.  I’m having problems with my Ulcerated Colitis again, but I’m keeping on keeping on.  Today I’m thoroughly spaced out on Co-Codamol, so apologies if I’m not being very clear.  I just wanted to apologise for not posting so often, I’ve just been rather fed up and as if all my energy has drained out from my toes.

Night before last I narrowly avoided being admitted to hospital again, because of complications with my stupid ass.  I’m still at home though, and am trying to religiously take all the meds and wait for them to kick in.  If they don’t kick in soon I’ll admit myself to A & E and tell them to amputate my ass, as my ass is a nuisance, or a ‘nuisass.’  I’m literally terrified of going to the loo it hurts that much and I’m almost scared to eat because I know nature always takes its course.

I fecking hate this disease for making me feel like this, and I so want to be bright and bubbly for you all and make you laugh and smile a bit, but I just can’t at the moment. Sorry. But, I’ll keep on keeping on, and although I’m not well at the moment, I will be shortly.  Promise.



5 responses to “Keeping On, Keeping On….

  1. You don’t need to be bright and bubbly for me, I like you however you are. Hugs.

  2. That’s lovely of you, thanks. xx

  3. I wish there was something I could do to help – something to take the pain away, something practical like doing the school run, cook a meal for you or even just sit and chat, but I’m 200 miles away so none of that is practical. I’m not a talking person, I’m a practical one and it makes it so frustrating when I’m so far away. All I can do is send you my warment and healthiest vibes and hope your bum picks some of them up. And if OH comes into the room now and asks what I’m thinking about and I answer “Kay’s bum” then I’ll blame you.

  4. Ah Kay, it must make you feel low at times. Big cyber hugs from me x

  5. I dont blame you for being fed up and pissed off, IBS is bad enough to live with and your complaint is worse than that. ((((hugs)))) to you.

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