Come Walk With Kay!

Come Walk With Kay!

You’ve had Come Dine With Kay, how about Come Walk With Kay?

So, off we go!  Ah, hello!  Nice to see you, glad you could come.  Mind you, I think the shorts, T’shirt and sandals are a bit of an odd combo.  It’s not the Bahamas you know.

Grab a stick and join in. The aim is to knock the stick out of the other person’s hand. You are not allowed to whack anyone around the knees, even if it is fun.  Stop it! Now there’s being enthusiastic, and there’s being downright vicious, maybe I shouldn’t have invited you after all.  *stern face*

The kids decide they know where they’re going and eventually bomb off in the wrong direction.  Would you mind chasing after them to get them to come back? I’m afraid I can’t be arsed.

It’s a laugh sliding down on the concrete supports under the bridge. Have a go! So, you’re stuck? I’m not climbing up there to get you. Just close your eyes and let go…. (it’s not actually as steep as it looks, I mucked about with the camera angles)

Opening locks is harder work than you’d think.  You’ve got muscles, you go help them.  Again, I can’t be arsed.  I am not lazy, well, not much anyway.

Yep, I see your birding skills have improved over the years. They are indeed ‘Goosies.’ Bill Oddie would be very impressed.

I don’t care what you say, you DID NOT just see a Mud-Skipper.

Thanks for helping with the blog, I appreciate you taking the time to submit a photograph……..but this is fake. No-one believes you saw a MudSkipper, let alone that you took a photo of one. Give it up.  Stop sniggering.

Nice bridge innit. You’re cold? Well, I’ll lend you my scarf if you like, but next time dress like a lancashire lass rather than a beach babe will you? *digs you in the ribs playfully*

‘Biggun and Littleun’ speeding ahead. We’ll catch up once we get out of this mud won’t we. *slithers around a bit*  Can we link arms? If I fall over I’m taking you down too.

An orchid? Nah. I think it’s a Drakesbill Flowerpuss.

I think it’s nice that anglers decorate telephone wires with early Xmas decs too.  Very pretty.

‘See that puddle? That’s your varicose veins that is.’ *evil grin*

‘Ready….Aim and fffff……….fart’ In all honesty, this actually happened.  What made it even funnier was that he said ‘Pardon me’ really sheepishly afterwards.

Now I’m going to get all soppy. This is the exact spot where I finally found the courage to ask Horace if he’d go out with me all those years ago. Sounds romantic doesn’t it. It was at about 7 in the morning after an all night new year’s eve party. We tried to snog half way home, but Horace said he was worried he’d be sick in my mouth because he’d drunk too much cider. I know, I know, it’s a bit ‘ew’ – but it’s real life rather than sugar coated crappy romance, and it still makes me laugh to think about that to this day. (We managed a snog later and he didn’t throw up so things did improve)

You’re a wuss! You can’t be tired. Sit there too long and you’ll freeze to death. Come on, we’re nearly back to the car.

Go on then, we’ll give you a lift home. Get mud on the back of the chair and Horace will go ape-sh*t at you though…..




5 responses to “Come Walk With Kay!

  1. Fab post, I think a walk with you and your family would be very entertaining.

  2. Lovely blog – was The Harry you asked out the mud skipper or your OH *smirking*

  3. another well written post. Was it not Horaces job to ask you out? and ewwww far too much information thank you. and I just love his wellies

  4. Wow! Lovely walk. Flower looked like Red Campion…

  5. Looks fab! The lock brings back memories of my trip on the canals, blooming hard work they are.

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