I’m Going to Meet a Celebrity!

I’m going to meet a celebrity!

I don’t think I can publish the details of this event just yet, but I’ll blog about it later if I’m allowed to.  Forget Katy Price, Justin Beiber or Hacker the Dog, I’m going to go see someone far more important!  This is not a sponsored event and I shall not be given free tea, biscuits and a goodybag full of random items in return for blogging about this. It’s just I’m very lucky to find out about this and to be invited to attend.

I’m so excited I could squeal.  In fact I’m going to anyway.

‘Squeeeeeaaaaaallll!! ‘  

Guess the celebrity…..  go on, you know you want to.  I shall be taking one of his books with me to sign too.  I’m such a geek, but ‘frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn!’  My only clue is that it’s a ‘he’ and that he’s very well known in the world of natural history.  Watch this space…

I hope to take a couple of photographs and to ask bizarre questions about the lifecycle of the hummingbird or koalas or summat.  Just cos I’m a nuisance like that.

I’m very excited.  Can you tell?


10 responses to “I’m Going to Meet a Celebrity!

  1. Lucky you! 🙂

    Um… Steve Backshall? Maybe I watch too much CBBC!

  2. Nope, nearly though….

  3. oooohhhh very nice, remember I knew you before you were rich and famous and living in a big posh house with a nanny and servants.

  4. I’m thinking Chris Packham?

  5. Oh my god, is it David Attenborough?

  6. Alyss, I’m saying nuffink…..
    Good guesses everyone, but I’m not revealing all just yet!

  7. I’m with Alyss and my money is on David Attenborough….

  8. It’s been nine days.. come on, spill!!

  9. Well, I’ve left you dangling long enough….it’s David Attenborough! Hopefully I’m off to an event in early December where he’s going to be. I’m going to take a copy of Life On Air and see if I can get it signed. Honestly I’m so excited, I think I’ve watched almost every natural history programme he’s ever recorded. Cannot, CANNOT wait! Want to go NOW! :O)

  10. Amazing – he opened our new Dinosaur gallery last year, awesome dude.

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