Bad At Brands

Bad At Brands

Lots of blogs work very hard to attract the attention of brands, because it increases blog exposure etc, and I’m not completely immune to this behaviour either.   Frankly, I don’t think I’m very good at it though.

I was recently offered the chance to write a post including the word mortgage – the only drawback being that I wasn’t supposed to swear in the post or put the subject in a bad light.

So, this evening, I dutifully sat down and wrote a post, and then sent it for approval.  Ten minutes after sending it I realised I’d included the word ‘B*stard’ and ‘terrified of banks.’

Five minutes after that I sent a revised version replacing the word ‘Bastards’ with the word ‘Barstewards’ and the phrase ‘wary of banks’ as opposed to ‘terrified of banks.  I still think I’ve blown it. I also apologised quite a bit in the email.

Oops.  Is honesty really the best policy?


3 responses to “Bad At Brands

  1. I’m sure your readers appreciate your honesty!

  2. You are funny. Though I am imagining what the story was in your post to include bar-stewards 😉

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