A Work In Progress

A Work In Progress.

Does anyone have a phone number or contact details for one of those house renovation type programmes?  Preferably that one with that Sarah Beany woman because I like her?  She also has kids so would understand the stresses and strains of trying to hammer lumps out of stonework, whilst your youngest stands there shouting ‘Mummy, I’ve pooed myself!’

It was all such a good idea 18 months ago.  Horace and I decided we’d renovate the house over the road, because it has a generous sized garden and ‘potential.’  The plan is that we do that house up, move in and then rent the one that we’re currently in.  The reality is that we’re rubbish at DIY and it’s all a bit much, although we remain hopeful, approximately.

We really wanted the garden so that the ‘grown ups’ could play in it.

In order to buy the other house we took out a small mortgages and used vast amounts of our savings.   Since then we’ve spent money on two beautiful velux windows in the attic, and have invested time and effort turning the house into a skeleton version of its former self.  We’ve had to do this because the previous owners bastardised (I think I can use this word here?) the house because they were annoying and wanted to make life difficult for us.  It certainly seems like that sometimes.  Why oh why did they decide to put ‘orrible stonework on absolutely every available surface and put plaster fake beams everywhere.  I think they were trying to turn a typical 1940’s terrace into a castle on the inside maybe?

So much of the living room was covered in this awful stonework, we’ve painstakingly removed all of it and its been piled it all in the garden.  I think the previous occupants wanted a cottage effect, but I think it just made it look like a crap castle.

I never thought it would be easy, I never fooled myself into believing I’d suddenly become a DIY expert either, but I certainly never thought I’d be quite so wary of the bank.  We’re not in debt or anything, Horace’s job is secure, it’s all fine, but you know when you just get a shiver of panic every now and then?

The bare bones of the house!

My gran died recently and someone enquired about renting her property.  The woman has two young children, recently suffered a nervous breakdown and both herself and her husband were  recently made redundant.  Their house is now being reposessed and it’s all looking a bit grim for them to be frank.  Have you ever heard the phrase ‘There by the grace of god, go I’.  I really felt for them.

So where are my thoughts taking me?  We’ve recently decided we need to extend the mortgage a little further so we can extend the kitchen.  If you look at this picture it doesn’t look so bad does it?  When you consider that that photo probably shows half of the kitchen, you get an idea of the size.  It’s teeny weeny, shoe box sized and if I want to cook Christmas dinner in there I’ll have to buy a small turkey, put it that way.

Big fridge freezer, teeny kitchen!

But, both Horace and I have decided that this is the only way to go, regardless.  We’re decided  to ‘bite the bullet’ or ‘grab the hammer’ or whatever phrase you like, and we’re going for it.  We’ve been sensible and haven’t overreached ourselves so far, we can cope with the budget, Horace has a good reliable job, I’m not worried that we’ll end up on the street.  Really I’m not.

Sensible financial decisions are the only way to go in these current times, we’re not going to end up in the situation that family ended up in.  I have confidence in our future plans, however far-reaching and difficult they sometimes seem.  We may be learning as we go as regards renovation, but in my mind’s eye I can see a beautifully decorated house, comfy sofas, an ample kitchen and a garden festooned with flowers.  Maybe the flowers will actually be weeds, but what the hell, the weeds will be pretty.  I like Himalayan Balsam, Daisys and Dandelions.  It’s still a great idea and we’re not going to be beaten by the recession or our lack of DIY skills.

Dreams can still become reality, they just need working at, carefully, with consideration and with an optimistic spirit.  Here’s to posting a blog about our gorgeous new home some time next year!


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