Dirty Protests!

Dirty Protests!

This is me throwing my hands in the air and asking for help from anyone who can offer advice re dealing with dirty protests, ie mucking up (and I mean really ‘mucking up’ bedrooms and beds.

It started with Sausage having an accident in his bed, so I moved him out for the night into the spare bed in Darlek’s room.  Then I washed the duvet in the bath, sorted the mattress out, turned it over and put him back in it.  This happened again (not really his fault, I forgot to put a nappy on) so again he was put back in Darlek’s room for a couple of nights.  Again I washed the duvet etc.  Waterproof sheets can only cope with so much mess and it was necessary.

Then he had an accident in the spare bed, so I had to wash the sleeping bag and the thin mattress and he slept top to toe in his sister’s bed while I sorted that.  The other duvet wasn’t dry at that point.

After this we had a bust up one bedtime and he ended up crying and screaming and being obnoxious.  I left him in Darlek’s room to calm down as that was where he was sleeping, whilst sat on the stairs I peeped in through the door and spotted him purposefully taking his nappy off and weeing on his bed.  He was banned from the iPad for a week and wasn’t allowed to choose what he wanted to watch on the TV.

Then I found a puddle of wet stuff on my ‘puter chair (twice) and he eventually admitted it was him.  And there were further incidents where I found wet patches on his bedroom floor where he claimed to have spilt a drink (which he definitely hadn’t done).  On top of this, as if it wasn’t enough, I have also found a waterproof wash basket with wee washing around at the bottom of it.  There’s been far too many incidents to mention them all, and I am at the absolute end of my tether with it all.

To top it all off, last night the little monster had an argument with his dad at bedtime – he always gets really mardy when he’s tired.  He demanded 5 bedtime songs, but as it was late Horace said he could have 3 instead (plus his usual bed time stories) so he went mad and shouted and screamed and yelled.  Horace did not give into this and said he would only read his stories and let him have his songs if he calmed down.  Sausage refused and I heard him shout over and over again ‘I hate you Daddy!’  We ignored him and eventually he calmed down, whereupon Horace let him have his songs and his bed time story and he went to sleep.

This morning he woke up and I think he had revenge on the brain.  His duvet is covered in wee and poo, he has smeared it on his cabin bed, he has weed on the floor.  It stinks in there.  I had to shower him before he went to school and simply told him that we would discuss the consequences of this horrendous behaviour this evening as I think it needs some careful consideration.  Twice we have removed iPad privileges for a week, he’s had toys taken off him because of it, TV viewing has been restricted.  I don’t know what to do next.

What I do know is that the duvet is beyond repair.  I shall bin that today, I suspect the mattress will have to go the same way too very soon.   The carpet pongs, I will have to scrub everything somehow.  I’m tempted to take all of his toys out of his bedroom until his behaviour improves. I don’t want to offer rewards for not behaving like this because he’ll start thinking that if he misbehaves he’ll be offered nice things.

Help!  He’s 4 years old and has just started school.  I’m not sure if this is what has unsettled him, then again some elements of this behaviour were going on before he started school, it’s just got worse.  I’m disgusted, upset and very angry although I try not to show this to him.  I’ve told him he makes me sad, that I’m disappointed, and he just smiles at me with a very evil smirk.  I asked him why he did this sort of thing the other day, and he just sidled up to me and whispered ‘Cos I wanted to…’  I’m considering putting him in a tent outside in the back yard to sleep.



6 responses to “Dirty Protests!

  1. It is a tough one, Chloe turns into a sleep terrorist if we fall out at bed time. Know what you mean about not wanting to reward him for not doing it, I would be tempted to take all of his stuff out of his bedroom, explaining that is not how we behave, it is dirty and dangerous and your toys do not want to be in the room incase they get wee and poo on them, if you can show the toys that you will not do that then they might want to come back, but if you carry on they might want to go and live at someone else’s house. Also that while accidents happen and that is fine doing it on purpose is not OK. What works best with mine is not talking, so if he does it again just lift him out wash him, strip the room etc in silence – totally freaks them out lol Good luck though not easy xx

  2. I think I’ll remove the toys from his room and do as you’ve suggested. I just can’t think of anything else that will get the message across. Thanks for the suggestion. I love the phrase ‘Sleep Terrorist’ it says it all really. When he was a toddler he used to get annoyed that he couldn’t get out of his room cos of his safety gate and used to systematically grab anything he could carry and lob it over the safety gate and down the stairs if he could manage it. There used to be mountains of toys on the landing. He’s always been a proper stroppy thing!

  3. I really don’t know what to suggest, that’s a really unpleasant experience all round. He can’t be enjoying it either, making your own room smell nasty? Hugs all round for the extra washing too.

  4. Peeing and pooing is one of the few things a small child has total control over and it can be a difficult battle to win. I wonder now he has started school does he feel he has fewer choices about things. Giving him choices about what to wear at home/what he wants to eat might help him feel there are other things he can control. Could he be punishing you for sending him to school or something? The important thing is to not seem upset, simply clean up – if necessary use completely waterproof bedding (not comfortable so it makes a point) and remove anything that cannot easily be washed from his room. Then watch him like a hawk when he is in other rooms! I’ll let you know if anything else occurs to me.

  5. Have a look at the ERIC website – there may be something on there that can help! http://www.eric.org.uk/ (Sorry if this post appears twice – the first time I posted it disappeared into the ether)

  6. Oh my, I just don’t know what to write, this sounds like a nightmare for everybody, but especially you 😦 I think perhaps the shock tactic, of stripping his room might have to be a solution, surely he’ll get bored of it then. If he’s not having any accidents at school, maybe that would be the best course of action..

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