Do One Thing for Tamsyn!

Do One Thing for Tamsyn!

Being a parent is an incredible, demanding and rewarding experience. It’s also one which keeps us very busy and, at times, cocooned to what is happening out there in the ‘real world’. At Babyhuddle we feel proud to be part of this awesome community of parents and we try to support it in every shape or form.

Not so long ago we came across an incredible woman called Tamsyn Wood. She is a mum of four children whose husband suffered a severe brain injury, leaving him blind and severely disabled; she is also a mum who has had her welfare benefits stopped and is now struggling to provide the best for her family.

As a parent blogger she sent out an SOS on her blog calling out for help. The community heard her cries. Parent bloggers from around the world came to her assistance, and as a result Tamsyn was interviewed by BBC Oxford . This led her local council to immediately reinstate her benefits.

What happened was amazing. We witnessed the strength of our fellow parent bloggers when they grouped as one to protect their own. When Tamysn posted about her dire situation, our comrades were ready to fight in her battle. One lone voice became the voice of many; power surged throughout the blogosphere and the sound of bloggers marching matched the sound of their fury. We witnessed the anger, disbelief and- eventually- determination of this community.

We are not super heroes though. We are parents. We are bloggers. We are a community. This is what we do best. We feel the pain of other parents because we know that it was only a matter of pure luck that it wasn’t us instead. We hope that luck will ensure it won’t be us next time. And if it is? Well, then we have the strength of the community behind us, don’t we?

This was an incredible moment for the entire parent blogging community and we at Babyhuddle want to put our full weight behind it and keep that ball rolling. All staff at Babyhuddle are parents themselves and we felt that this was too important to ignore- we simply had to act. Our vision and ethics guide us to be a platform for parents to support one another, whether it is in recommending products or by coming to the aid of a member of our community such as Tamsyn.

So we met at Tamsyn’s home to video interview her to ensure that her message isn’t forgotten, that this initial rush to help her doesn’t diminish. We wanted to provide a focus to channel all of this good will, all of this empathy and heart felt desire to do something, by launching the Do One Thing for Tamsyn campaign. If you’ve felt touched by her story and want to reach out to her and her family you can do the following:

  • Share this post on Facebook and Twitter and use the #do1thing4tamsyn and #makingwaves hashtags on Twitter
  • Share or tweet Making Waves for Alex’s website
  • Share Tamsyn’s story by blogging about it and embedding the video
  • Buy a Making Waves for Alex t-shirt and post a picture of you wearing it
  • Write a review on Babyhuddle of your favourite product[1] and we will donate £2.50 to Making Waves for Alex
  • Imagine the difference we can make if we all just do one thing for Tamsyn.

Since this initial post, Tamsyn has received the devastating news that Alex’s rehabilitation funding is to be CUT. If this is not rectified Alex will be transferred to a care home. PLEASE continue to share this post so that we can reverse this decision!

Please don’t forget that Babyhuddle is donating £2.50 for every product review written on the site to raise money for Alex. Now, more than ever your review could make a real difference to the future of Alex’s family. Your review could help bring Alex home… so please go to Babyhuddle, choose a product and write a review now!

[1] Product review needs to be 80 words long and include the “Tamsyn” tag


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