The Penguin Amnesty Video Blog – Pingurella!

The Penguin Amnesty Video Blog – Pingurella!

Post Pals - Putting a Smile on Childrens Faces

Your famous penguins and I in my very own parody of Cinderella!  I wrote it myself, performed it myself and made an idiot of myself too! It’s all for a good cause though so I don’t mind if you snigger at me.  All the penguins and penguin merchandise in the background will all be sent to Post Pals kids, and the campaign lasts right through to the end of December so you can still send me penguins.

In fact, PLEASE SEND ME MORE PENGUINS!  My sponsor, Parcels For Delivery, and I will ensure that all your penguins reach these kids perfectly packaged and very excited by the journey.  They’re already shouting ‘Nook-Nook!’ and climbing in cardboard boxes, they can’t wait to meet their new owners!

Just comment, message me on Twitter, email me on or shout at me and I’ll tell you how you can send Penguins if you’re interested.  The Penguin Amnesty Gallery will continue to be updated so you’ll be credited for your generosity! Here’s the gallery showing the items that have been donated so far (there’s more to be uploaded too!)

If you can’t send a penguin please consider donating to PostPals or  just maybe join in with the great work PostPals does 365 days a year.  They co-ordinate post that is sent to very poorly children and their siblings and it is entirely run on voluntary donations and the kindness of people just like you.

If anyone recognises the book I’ve blu-tacked the script in, I will be absolutely amazed.  In fact I’ll award you 10000 Penguin Points (which you can try redeeming for tins of tuna if you like *although you won’t get very far, trust me!*)

The campaign was triggered by a bright idea I had because I was sent a really lovely review item – an American Fridge Freezer sent by Appliances Online and it snowballed into the charity campaign as you see it here!  Many thanks to Yossi and Amy and the Appliances Online crew!

If this is your first time on the blog, here’s a bit more information about the PostPals charity campaign, inspired by Appliances Online and their review item. Please click HERE if you’d like to find out more!  Thank you :O)  Double click the vlog page to make it full screen, you want to watch it in all its penguiney glory don’t you?!

Right, here we go!  I expect audience participation! Get your flippers ready!


5 responses to “The Penguin Amnesty Video Blog – Pingurella!

  1. Love it – especially the very last line. Brilliant!

  2. BRILLIANT!!!!! love, love, love it!! Well done Kay xxx

  3. right I want the penguin points cos it looks like this book
    and my husband is slightly worried about what sort of nutter we had under our roof last month.
    Brilliant. love it, and you should be very proud of yourself.

  4. As if you found the book!!!!!!! Yep, that’s the one. It was one of my favourites when I was about Darlek’s age. You have been awarded the penguin points and feel free to argue with cashiers at supermarkets when you try to redeem 30 tins of tuna with a print out of this blog, it’ll be fun! Now I get to post them off to PostPals kids. That’s the nice bit :O)

  5. Can I please donate my penguin points to your charity, and you can use them to give an extra feed to the penguins before they get wrapped up, and its not me that has to clean the sh*t off them when they get to the other end.

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