My New Obsession! Hama Beads!

My New Obsession!  Hama Beads!

Oh my, oh my!  I think I may be addicted to Hama Beads and so is everyone else at this house. I doubt there is a cure.

(This is not a sponsored post by the way).

We had a Hama Beads pack given to us at Christmas and the other day Darlek decided to have a go with it.  Well, let me just say it’s been ‘Hama-Time’ ever since ….Hammer-Time…….Geddit?).  Apologies, I couldn’t resist fitting that in somewhere.  *sings daft 80’s song whilst wearing really massive baggy pants*

They’re very simple really, you get small plastic beads of various colours that you place on a pegboard in whatever pattern or design you like.  Once the pattern is completed you simply place some ironing paper over the beads (still on the pegboard) and then iron them until they melt together.  Once it has cooled down you carefully peel the paper away from the beads and then tip the beads, which have now fused together, off the pegboard.

My very first attempt. It’s a tree! I told you I was a hippy at heart!

Normally I’d take detailed photos of the whole shennanigans for the blog, but this isn’t a sponsored blog and I’m feeling lazy.  Sorry, it’s a Saturday night, you know how it is.  Honestly, it’s very easy though!  Just don’t let the kids near the iron!  I have suffered for my art and I’d hate for the kids to do the same – I’m currently bearing a very stylish dark red, burnt stripe on my wrist where I accidentally burnt myself whilst ironing one of their creations.  I can’t stress that enough, let your kids make the stuff, but DO NOT let them think they can do the bit with a hot iron.  No, nay, never, NO!

Here’s a few of what we’ve come up with.  I have to admit I think I’ve fallen in love with these beads, possibly even more than the kids have.  I’m desperately trying to think of useful things that can be done with my creations, it’s like cross stitch without the crosses and the stitching.  I used to love cross stitch, but lost patience because they took so long.  This sort of thing can be done relatively quickly and satisfies my short attention span nicely.

A London bus and a Union Jack! I can’t lay claim to these coaster designs unfortunately. If you click on the image they’ll take you to the blogger site that they originated from.

Lips and the famous Yellow Submarine!

Then my love of nature and all things birdy came together and made these!

I suspect one is a Jay, another is an American Robin and I have no clue about the others, sorry. They do look better from a distance, honest.

Then it just got ridiculous and I made one of these.  If you don’t know what it is, I strongly suggest you go and watch Star Wars.

‘Beep-beep-squeek’ *repeat several times* If you’d like to see the original design, please click on the image to go to the blog site. Cool innit!

I sat there on Thursday night in our front room, whist Horace disected his computer, making R2D2 out of Hama Beads.  I remember thinking to myself ‘Is this normal?’ and genuinely worried about myself.  I’m sure normal people sit and watch the XFactor of an evening, but not me.  I’m off making robots out of small plastic beads.   Dunno what I’ll do with it now, maybe I’ll stick it to my forehead or something.  What can you do with these things?!  Help!

I think you can maybe stick them to hair clips (obviously not R2D2), turn them into fridge magnets or possibly stick them to walls?  I do need some kind of use for them to justify my obsession.  I’ve noticed a few people with them on Etsy, but I do wonder if they have ever sold any or if they’re just sat there taking up tinternet room.

The kids have made some ace designs too.  This is a kite as seen by a four year old!  I might just go and get his sight checked…

Personally I think it looks like a multi-coloured flamingo?

Darlek made this, and I think it’s brilliant, the purple bits are meant to look like two crowns resting on a Union Jack.  Very clever!

I think the Olympics may have had more of an effect on my kids than I realised.

Finally, I actually went out and bought this.  These are tiny Hama Beads complete with bird designs to copy.  They are definitely more grown up orientated and are very fiddly.  I dare you to sneeze whilst trying to put one of these beads on the board…

That is a 10p piece, and my second attempt. My first attempt was ruined because I accidentally shook the peg board and it all fell in bits. I do not advise trying this with a glass of sherry, it does not improve co-ordination.

I’m not going to be cocky and say this is easy either, there are about three or four shades of red and it’s very difficult to sort through the beads to find the right one unless you’re under a very bright natural coloured light.  This took me about an hour and a half  whilst watching TV the other night.  It is also slightly wrong and even though I have counted, and recounted the squares I can’t work out why.  If you love cross stitch, this is very similar.  It will drive you bananas, but it does look very effective once done (although I haven’t finished it quite yet) and it is very therapeutic.  It reminds me of doing jigsaws.  Rather pointless, but fun nonetheless.

If you would like a kids Hama Bead set you can find them HERE on the Craft Merrily site for about £6 in various designs and if you’re looking for something a little more mind-bending you can attempt the tiny Hama Bead bird kit HERE for just under £8.

Just as a note: Midi Hama beads are not suitable for children under 36 months.  

These beads were not sent to me as part of a review and I did not recieve any payment or cash in a sealed brown envelope either (I should be so lucky!).  My opinions are my own because they wouldn’t be ‘my opinions’ if they weren’t my own opinions anyway, would they?

5 responses to “My New Obsession! Hama Beads!

  1. I’ve never seen those tinnie tiny beads before, that’s unbelievably hard. I knock to the others whilst the kids *cough* make them. LOVE the R2 D2 very cool!

  2. Oh that takes me back….Shelley was addicted to these. I was always seeing them in the hoover! when she let me help with anything other than the ironing I found it very relaxing, bit like knitting or cross-stitch, where you have to follow a pattern or count rows etc

  3. This would totally be my obsession too if I bought some. Great creative designs x

  4. These look very interesting but I’m truly rubbish at anyting crafty and really should make more of an effort!

  5. My friend Kirsty put together another review for me with her two kids, who are great friends of my own 4 girls. Kirsty is no stranger to Hama beads (not that I force my friends to buy them or anything!) but her kids enjoyed getting the love back. They particularly enjoyed trying out the press pendants in the Red Midi Hama Bead Activity Kit .

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