Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse

(Not a post for the fainthearted, those in search of craft tips or funny family anecdotes – sorry)

My good friend Alison at the Dragons and Fairy Dust blog is running a creative writing ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ meme.  Halloween’s coming, the nights are drawing in, the zombies are stumbling around in the drizzle, maybe falling in puddles, I dunno!  I just thought it was such an original idea and I love a bit of creative writing so…. here’s something eerie to haunt your thoughts on a chilly, windswept Autumn evening!   If you’d like to join in with this meme, just follow the instructions below.

All you have to do is start with the last paragraph and run with it.  Once you’ve finished writing, ask anyone you can think of if they’d like to add to that post.  The idea is to end up with a collaborative Zombie Apocalypse written by bloggers.

Alison started the story here:  The Dead Don’t Stay Dead.

This is her last paragraph:

As we drove off into the unknown I hoped we would survive. I had no idea what would be round the next corner or if we would find a place of safety. The world had become an unknown place with terror lurking around the corner. I hoped our family would make it and maybe join with other survivors to rebuild what we had lost. I could not bear to think of the alternative……………

And here’s how I add to the story:

The rain hit the windscreen, the windscreen wipers thew the drops aside, the rain hit the windscreen again, and again the wipers swiped them away….again and again and again.  I sat in the passenger’s seat, staring blankly ahead, watching the storm as it rolled overhead.  So tired!  I let my eyes close, just for a second, but they were back the very moment I let my guard down. Those horrible things.

Low growls and high pitched wails filled my ears, the stumbling shadows threw themselves at the car windows.  I didn’t realise I was screaming until after it was all over.  Fingers caught in the window as I frantically wound the handle as fast I could, they fell like decaying sausages into the footwell where I stamped on them, still wriggling.

‘Move it!  NOW!’ I yelled at Jack. Glancing sideways, I saw Jack ramming the key into the ignition, shoving the car into gear and stamping on the accelerator, all in one smooth motion… whilst swearing hysterically…sweat dripping down his face.


I felt sick.  We drove through the streets, both of us quiet and stunned, Jack drove just fast enough to keep them from grabbing the car, and just slow enough to anticipate and dodge them.  This wasn’t always easy because these ‘zombies’ had absolutely no traffic sense.  I suppose they don’t need it.  Every now and then one would lurch in front of us, thud onto the bonnet, blood soaked matted hair and holes for eyes an’ all – and we’d swing the car sideways and fling them into the gutter.

It had taken us about an hour to get out of the city, passing abandoned cars, smashed in shop fronts, the zombies with death wishes bombing the car from the pavements. –  the stuff of nightmares.  I don’t think I’ll ever sleep again .

A crash of thunder woke me, it was dark and cold and the rain still plastered the windscreen.

‘You OK?’ Jack asked, taking one hand from the wheel and squeezing my knee.

‘Not really, I guess I’m still scared shitless’ I replied.

‘We’ll just keep going until we stop, nothing else we can do.  There must be somewhere safe.  We’ve just got to find it.  It’ll be fine.’

‘Yep.’ I said, not really believing him and not daring to think about how long the petrol tank would last us.

We drove on through the night. I watched the rain bounce off the bonnet and remembered the people, ex-people…’zombies’ doing exactly the same thing only a few hours ago.

‘Jack…..’ I said, with forced cheerfulness.

‘What’s up?’

‘Put some music on will you?’

Now…..that’s where I end.  Who would like to write the next instalment?  Will someone volunteer, or do I have to pounce on them? ;O)

The above isn’t brilliant I know, but I had fun writing it.  Go on…have a go!

Aha!  We have another installment!  Please visit the Ray Mears Extreme Housewifery blog which is hosted by the lurvely Laura HERE to find out what happens next……


3 responses to “Zombie Apocalypse

  1. Thank you for joining in. I love seeing what happened next but not so sure about the wiggling fingers, ew!

  2. I shant even attempt this one, but can g+1 it for you so somebody else may

  3. If you could g + it that’d be great! I can’t work google + very well so wouldn’t really know how to. Thanks, and thanks for your lovely comments as always. xx :O) You’re very kind.

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