Telling the Time with Orchard Toys.

Telling the Time with

Orchard Toys!

Hands up!  Who tried to tell the time with a Dandelion clock when they were little?  I know I did.  I also know it puzzled me lots, because even as a tot I realised that it couldn’t possibly be 15 O’clock and what if there were Dandelion seeds that refused to be blown away?  Did it count if you had to remove them by hand and lob them in the air?  Basically, although fun, it was a truly daft way to tell the time.

Dandelion clocks are broken! (although they are incredibly pretty….)

I didn’t actually learn how to tell the time until I was about 9 I think, which is quite late really.  It’s numbers you see, they hate me, always have, always will do.  I’m allergic to them, period.

If I’d had this game from Orchard Toys at the time I do wonder if it would have been easier to pick up the basics though.  What do you think?

This is the aptly named ‘Tell the Time’ game which is tagged on the packaging as a ‘Learn the time lotto.’

Nice shiny , colourful packaging, a good solid box that won’t break as soon as you empty the contents out, always a plus point!

I always love the ‘unboxing’ of new games and seeing what’s actually inside all the posh packaging.  In here I found:

Tons of cute pop out, activity cards complete with the time written in digital and shown on a clock face, also including a brief description of the picture shown.   There are also four much larger cards with a selection of the activity cards on them.

This is how to play the game!

You could summarise all this as ‘Bingo with pictures whilst telling the time.’

I hate reading the rules of games, there I’ve admitted it.  I often find games confusing and get easily mixed up, yes even with games designed for kids.  It’s quite embarrassing really.  This one is ok though, in fact it’s quite brilliant in its simplicity.  The kids got their heads around the game in a matter of minutes and loved it, as did I.

I loved the way it catered for children of different ages and abilities.  Sausage can’t tell the time and is no way even near to doing so, but he could still match the pictures until his board was full and he could shout ‘Time Out!’  Darlek on the other hand worked harder on matching the times and found a whole new level to the game.  So even though I have two children of different ages and abilities, they both threw themselves into ‘Telling The Time!’

Basically summarised, you simply take turns choosing the cards from a pile and whoever fills their card first, wins.  Easy as pie, and everyone loves pie, right?

I wish I had a picture of a huge pice of pie to insert here, sadly although I like pie, I’m rubbish at making it.  Maybe I should use a ‘Cake’ picture instead, or maybe that would be over egging the pudding as they say.  Anyway, I’m sick of doing all the work.  You do something!

**(Imagine a picture of a really huge piece of very appetising pie, the filling is up to you)**

Moving on.

‘You lose, you lose, YOU LOSE!’ ‘I’m the winner! Ner Ner Ner-NER!’ Sausage cheated, I sulked.

We had about 5 re-matches before tea. I ‘lost’ mostly because Sausage stropped if I won. Bad me.

Reasons why I think this is a great game:

1) This game encourages turn taking.

2) It helps to learn how to tell the time (obviously!) digitally and on a clock face.

3) Different age ranges can play happily together.

3) It’s brilliant for learning about basic numbers (eg. How many more pictures do you need to win?’

4) It’s fun and involves shouting, which is always a plus point for kids.

A very  slight drawback:

1) If you lost a card you’d have to draw your own replacement on a piece of cardboard.  I do find games that have lots of pieces are difficult to keep together.  But… as I mentioned before, the box is quite sturdy.  Not like those rubbish jigsaws you get where all the pieces slide out of ripped corners.

2) My kids cheated a lot and took cards out of turn.  Not much you can do about that though.  *tuts*

If you’d like your own copy of this you can find it at Orchard Toys on their website HERE and it is only £7.50 which I think is a very fair price considering how much fun we’ve found the game to be.

P.S Spot the deliberate mistake.  I did it to make a point. I tell you, I hate numbers, so I purposefully don’t humour them.  I hope it annoys them as much as they annoy me.

‘What Time is it Mr Penguin?!’ Or is it Mr Wolf? I’m confused now. *scratches head*

You can also buy a very cool Penguin clock (I had to fit a penguin mention somewhere didn’t I!) to go with this game.  If you’d like a penguin of your very own, that tells the time as well as being cute, it’s only £4.50 and you can find it HERE!


4 responses to “Telling the Time with Orchard Toys.

  1. Thank you for this, it did make me laugh. I still can’t read a digital clock properly – my husband can just look at it and know that 20:00 is 8pm, but I have to minus 12 in my head and then work it out.

  2. Thanks so much for this really comprehensive, funny review that had me chuckling! But good news though, if you lose a card or the puppy chews it up, you don’t have to make your own replacement! Just email us on, tell us which piece is missing, from any game (not jigsaws I’m afraid) and we will send you the missing piece. You can’t ask for more than that, now can you?

  3. it doesnt involve turn taking if you let them take out of turn..tut tut bad mummy pmsl
    Why is it the youngest child in a family (no matter how old they get) sulks and stropps if you dont let them win but oldest child has to learn they must loose very young to allow this to happen?
    why can kids not play a game without shouting? Bob is the same.
    I will be autumnal, my pie is apple and blackberry, and I love the post and especially your dandelion clock.

  4. Another great game from Orchard Toys.

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