The Balloon Baboon!

This is a sponsored post for the most wonderfully named and gallantly generous Balloon Baboon!  They recently donated a very cute bright red cheeky balloon baboon (funnily enough) and a balloon penguin to my Penguin Amnesty blogging campaign in aid of PostPals and they’ll be sending a Penguin balloon directly to a Post Pals child too.  Having seen these balloons I can assure you’re they’re as cute as their company name.  Here they are in residence in my front room!

They’re keep fit fanatics and spend most of their time balancing on the bike in the front room shouting ‘Whooooosh!’  They’ve told me they’re practising for the Penguinlympics.

Let me tell you, I’ve tried making balloon animals and creations and it’s not easy to make anything more complicated than a snake!  I got a book and a kit once, but unfortunately they missed out the talent bit.  I turned myself inside out trying to blow up the balloons, made them squeak lots and if I was lucky I managed to tie a knot at the end.  Eventually I decided it was more fun to just blow them up and let them go so they blew loud raspberry noises and rocketed around the room.  My kids were sadly disappointed.  (awww….)

A far easier way to find quality inflatable balloons is to come and have a look at this site, I’ve been amazed to see what they have on offer.  Call me a soppy romantic, but these were my favourite:

These are so sweet! How could anyone not go all gooey over a bunch of flowers like these!

You see, they don’t just make sausage dogs for kids parties!  I think this one is amazing too…I’ve gone all patriotic after watching the Olympics and the Paralympics you see.

Proudly ‘Made in Britain!’

I’ve been to many parties in my time, and I’ve never seen anyone make balloon creations quite as well as the Balloon Baboon does.  I’m wondering if this is a self portrait….

Imagine a couple of these at a jungle themed birthday party!

The penguin and the cute as a button baboon I was sent lasted for just under two weeks, before they deflated, which is great value for money.  If you bought a real bunch of flowers for a similar amount I’m not convinced they’d last as long – and these crafted balloons have so much more ‘fun-factor.’  We adored them and I’ll certainly consider buying from in the future.  They’re really original and from having dealt directly with them I can vouch for their friendly attitude, professional packaging and speedy delivery.

I was surprised at how well our penguin and the baboon survived in the post.  The penguin arrived with a base filled with water so it stood upright and it was really well snuggled into its box, so it really did look as if it had just been made.

I seriously think seeing is believing when it comes to these balloons.  If you visit their website they are currently offering free mini samples and they’ll send you an extra little present if you pay for delivery (£3).  Please click HERE if you’d like to have a look at this offer. Be quick!

If you can’t reach someone to give them a cuddle, post them a ‘Loving Bear’ instead.

Please do have a wander around the Balloon Baboon’s website and marvel at what they can do.  I’m in awe of their talents and if you want a really unique, memorable present, I don’t think you can go far wrong with these.  Love them, love them, love them!  (I’m sorry, I’m gushing terribly, but they are adorable)


One response to “The Balloon Baboon!

  1. well here you go, make a balloon model for “I made this”. we did it once but had more laughs as the balloons shot across the kitchen, deflated or popped than we did making the models, I did a blog on it long time ago

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