Extrapolations on the Art of Effective Blogging – or not?!

Extrapolations on the Art of Effective Blogging – or not?!

I read a blog post the other day about the best way to write blogs, a hints and tips sort of thing, it said things like ‘sentences should only be a maximum of 30 words.  Maybe I’ve mucked this post up already.     (locks)

Apparently I shouldn’t use too many descriptive adjectives.  Oooh!  By the way, I must tell you about these delicious biscuits I made yesterday with the kids?  They were lush!  I used lashings of golden, half melted butter mixed with oodles of oatmeal, a dash of bicarb of soda, a snowstorm of flour (most of it went all over our already scruffy kitchen) and free range gloopy eggs.  We ate them all in one overstuffed evening.  (keys) Descriptive enough for you?  Oops, broke another rule.

Simplicity is the key too, the language should not detract from what is being conveyed.  Let’s try the biscuit episode again.  I made biscuits the other day, there were a few ingredients.  The kitchen was messy.  We ate all of the biscuits.  I’m going to have to stop there.  I’m bored.  Guess I can’t do simplicity either.  *yawns* (door)

Headlines should be snappy!  Darn and blast it!  I’m doomed, doooooomed I say!

People prefer short blog posts too according to this bloggers bible thingumajig I read.  I suppose it doesn’t matter what I write now because you’ll all have got bored and will now be browsing Facebook and checking whether or not your mate has found his dog or not or something.

Style and content should be consistent too. Well….so far my blogs have been made up of recipes (sane and insane), charity escapades, musings on rain, science fiction book reviews, arguments with people about Easter Eggs and the occasional bit of waffle about toys.  (locksmith) I’ve never known what style is or where to get it from, that goes for fashion and for how exactly to write. Oops again.

Yay for numbered or bulleted points! *Kay snarls quietly

1) I don’t like numbers, they don’t like me either. (door handle)

2) I don’t like bullets.  I think guns should be banned.

Linking to other relevant posts, articles etc, is good.  I like that.  I can do that. Pls click on this link.

Littering a post with keywords is advised too.  I tried. I think I might have failed.

A final note on the aforementioned article – it said that I should use the least amount of words to get across what I think because you, as the reader, want to know what I think cos I’m a ‘Uman Bean’ not a corporation or a brand.  Here goes.



10 responses to “Extrapolations on the Art of Effective Blogging – or not?!

  1. Love it – we’re introducing a “Tone of Voice” at work to standardise communication – use active, rather than passive language. The acronym SCRAP is useful – situation, complication, resolution, action, politeness. As I said however, doing a course or following instructions does not make someone an expert or capable of writing something that people want to read; unlike your blog, so round, hairy, spherical objects! xx

  2. Oh dear, I may be a failure too!

    As a relatively newblogger I keep reading these hints and tips things too, but, surely it’s more important that we engage with our readers if we’re lucky enough to have any?

    I can’t stick to one subject either. I have Woof Wednesdays that are always centred on a dog story but other than that my site’s pretty much a free-for-all! Oops.

    I like your blog, don’t go changing! 🙂 x

    p.s. No, I won’t be buying Stella new boots!

  3. Fantastic! Yup, ignore all the rules and you’re far more interesting. Please don’t ever not be you! xx

  4. It helps if a blog contains wit and humour. And there, Kay, you succeed…

  5. Brilliant Kay. What would life be like if all blogs wrote in simple sentences and words of one syllable, like Janet and John books for grown ups? i’ll tell you what life would be like – it would be a life without blogs because everybody would have thought blogs were all the same pa\tronising garbage and given up reading them years ago!

    Here’s to wordiness, humour and variety!

  6. Kay, this made me genuinely laugh out loud!

    I’ve just been looking at the problogger website, reading about all the shoulds and shouldn’ts, got bored and was inspired to come and read your blog instead (haven’t dropped by for a while). Thought I would read a successful blog to remind myself how it’s done …
    … and this was the post I read!

    So … the golden rule is there are no rules 🙂

  7. well written and made me laugh as usual, stuff the rules where the sun dont shine

  8. Love this!! Very funny.
    Haven’t found your blog before now but am going to meet you at the conference tomorrow. See you then,

  9. I am so glad I am not the only one that is doomed 🙂

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