Babyhuddle Competition!

Babyhuddle Competition!  

Win £300 towards your dream list 

When you become a parent, there are stacks of things you might need to buy – somewhere for baby to sleep, clothes to keep them warm, and lots and lots of cleaning products, for starters!

But what else would you put on your dream shopping list for a new baby?

Here’s your chance to tell Babyhuddle, by creating your own dream shopping list for baby – and thanks to Babyhuddle, if your list is chosen, you could win £300 towards the items on your shopping list. That’s not all – if you share this competition with your readers, you AND one of your readers could both win £100 towards a dream shopping list. How cool is that?

Babyhuddle is the UK’s first baby social commerce site, where parents share their top recommendations on what products to get, when to get them and how to use them. By participating in this competition you are helping new and existing parents learn from your experience, which is really awesome.

How it Works

To enter the competition, just visit the Babyhuddle website to create a profile, including uploading a picture of yourself

Use the Babyhuddle ‘make a list’ feature to create a dream list of products you wish you owned, including at least 7 products with a total value of £300 or more. For each product, tell us briefly why you’d love that product. Remember to give your list a name, like ‘toddlers essentials’ or ‘dream nursery’ – the more creative, the better!

Please tag your list ‘dream list’ to ensure your competition entry is recorded.

 Here’s the list I made if you’d like to have a look at an example list!  Very easy to do and a huge prize at stake too:  “Bedroom Decor and Bedding” on Babyhuddle

One response to “Babyhuddle Competition!

  1. I have entered – great comp and I could spend a fortune!!

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