Fun Storage Ideas To Help Organise Your Home!

I was chatting the other day on Twitter when someone approached me and asked if I’d like to feature a guest blog about storage solutions in the home.   Now I’m no fool, I know there’s a link at the bottom of this (not a sponsored post though) which will no doubt improve their google ranking etc etc, but I thought I’d post this anyway, as it does actually include some handy hints on storage, all of which I’ve read and thought ‘I really must actually do some of these things!’  – so it’s quite genuinely practical, so I decided to post it anyway.  Hope you find them helpful too.

P.S I had my first day at work today, so I’m officially brain dead.  It’s nice to let someone else do the writing for a change.  ;O)  (I’m being a lazy blogger today, back on duty tomorrow I promise!)

Fun Storage ideas To Help Organise Your Home!

Bathroom Bliss

A wine rack mounted to the wall makes an interesting-looking storage solution for those small and fiddly bottles we keep in the bathroom.  Bear in mind that anything mounted to a tiled surface will need a special drill bit to avoid cracked tiles.  Another top tip for the bathroom is an ‘instant bathroom shelf.’  It’s a stylish chrome rack or shelf that slots behind the towel rail and sits on top.   No drilling required.

It’s a Wrap

Wrapping paper can be an utter pain to store, being as it is long and unwieldy, and also delicate and prone to unraveling, getting scuffed and bent out of shape. The ubiquitous and budget-friendly plastic bag holders from Ikea make ideal wrapping paper storage, and they look a lot nicer filled with wrapping paper than a motley collection of crumpled carrier bags.

Drawer Inspiration from your Suitcase.

There’s a wealth of drawer-sized, useful space behind your stairs.  Depending on your needs and budget, you could get one, two or many steps converted into drawers, increasing your storage space and wowing any visitors who catch you opening and closing them. You can either make the drawers ‘hide’ so they just look like an ordinary staircase, or choose multiple colours to turn your staircase into a design feature.

Bring the Outside In.

A garden trellis attached to an interior wall makes a feature of your storage.  Simply use screw-in hooks and hang items such as clothing and accessories, or saucepans and kitchen utensils.  Similarly, semicircle hanging basket planters mounted to walls make great storage for toys, and bring an element of fun that will help encourage kids to actually put their toys away!

Shoe Shoe Be Do

Shoeboxes and boot boxes are often very sturdy, but they look tatty and mismatched when piled up and used as storage.  To make better use of these handy boxes, simply cover them with a nice non-seasonal wrapping paper in a vintage print.  Glue the whole otuside of the box to ensure the paper doesn’t get ripped and scuffed.

You Can Can Can.

A metal ‘magnet pinboard’ can be transformed into handy storage with the help of tin cans and magnets.  Simply save your tin cans and use a couple of large magnets to attach them securely in a row along the board, making them ideal for stationery, kitchen utensils, make up items or anything else you need to keep handy.  They’re also great attached to kitchen splashbacks.

David Ingram is a blogger, design enthusiast and self confessed neat freak.  By day he works for Hunters Estate Agent in Manchester, by night he is a bit more cool and tweets, designs and generally tries to make people smile on the internet.


3 responses to “Fun Storage Ideas To Help Organise Your Home!

  1. Ooh some genuinely nice and practical advice here, thanks x

  2. There are some useful storage ideas here – look good and are inexpensive too! Well worth being a lazy blogger – and the link given 🙂

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